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  1. If I were La Tech I’d go Indy’. They have the balls to do it & to be successful doing it.
  2. I remember reading the NT Daily when David Moore was it sports editor. I liked his work.
  3. Did that post from my laptop while at Starbucks. Have no idea how that format popped up. 🤔
  4. In Wren I Trust on this. Anyone else that’s been on the Mean Green scene for too long I wouldn’t trust on hiring a maintenance person. You learn much about this place if you’ve been around awhile & you pay attention to what bad hiring habits have done to the school.
  5. Let me be perfectly clear (an old "usually" crooked politician's line) but I've never blamed Tre Siggers for coming up with the idea of transferring. For his sitting in his Mean Green Village dorm room one fine day suddenly saying: "WALA!" I've always wanted to play for a school that has some very giving alums." If tampering is illegal (& why would it be in today's NCAA who gave us NIL) but I'd bet my next Wedding DJ gig check that that's exactly what happened to Tre Siggers of whom I was a fan--still am truth be told. UNT would never pursue the legal aspects of this alleged tampering because of the 2 HFC's friendship. (Hell! They've even gone on family vacations together is my understanding). Today's moral standards & ethics are so different today from those of we Baby Boomer's era & I'm just having a harder time as hell getting used to them. Guess I better start though, eh? I could almost be an SMU fan if not for some of their past shenanagannery. (Heck! I saw them beat OU in the 1968 Astro-Bluebonnet bowl). And if SMU seeks another league because they think the rest of us have cooties--so be it. Mama Tried: My Mama always taught me to not be judgmental no matter toward who. I am a UNT fan, though. See some of you at Apogee tomorrow at 3 PM & if you're not there (& could be) not one more damn peep about SMU's or anyone else’s attendance. Never toss the first stone if you live in a glass house. GMG!
  6. Just having some fun, Phil. What’s your problem with that? This is all leisure & recreation with me—nothing more, nothing less. 🦅
  7. GMG logic: “Well now, Hayden Fry’s last win as UNT HFC was on a frosty night at Fouts Field with a win against the Memphis Tigers &.......UTSA beat Memphis several weeks ago so the Mean Green & Road Runners should actually be the ones next in line to join Big 12 Light, right?🙄 Drink a 6 pack, light up a doobie, read one of my longer epistles & then read the rest of this board because if you do I swear you’ll want to run out on Stemmons Freeway during morning traffic. 😆o o 🦅❇️🦅 I’ll be at Apogee Stadium this Saturday to celebrate our (still) amazingly bright future in the AAC. I will not let a few of you to 💔break my spirit, either, since that seems to be the mission of a few of you. Join me & others from GMG who’ve also said they’ll be at Apogee, too. You’ll be glad you did. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES! WE HAVE REASON TO! Come on now Cougar Red, DentonStang, SMULEOPOLD & HOG DOG—GIVE ME SOME RED!🩸
  8. If USM had UNT’s location I firmly believe they would be in a P5 conference today. Back in the 70’s they were averaging 35,000 a game. I’d been following their program when SUMG back then told me about a Fall 1975 Southern Living magazine which had an annual college football preview of Deep South schools. Southern Living in that edition featured Southern Miss when Bobby Collins was HFC. That edition had a 2 page color centerfold of Roberts Stadium with Bobby Collins standing in front of it. The USM coach talked about how they had been getting leftover recruits which Ole Miss & Mississippi State didn’t want. He stressed how they were slowly changing that M.O. with their facilities—sound familiar? When RV first came to UNT he told me at his first ever gathering that the USM Golden Eagles were trying to pattern their program after the Fry-era Mean Green football program. Fry was scheduling schools most present G5 schools could only dream of playing in the 70’s. No school of our pedigree back then (that I can recall) ever scheduled Darrell K. Royal’s UT Longhorns except UNT. Fry merely picked up a phone, spoke to DKR & “wala” he scheduled 4 games with the Horns. (Other UT/UNT games would come later). I empathize for USM because I always thought they deserved better. They paid their dues to do better as early as the 1970’s. What’s happening in all this NCAA conference re-alignment sucks for some schools & you know which ones. UNT got lucky with the AAC—hope we show ourselves to be worthy. •••Being at Apogee this Saturday at 3:00 pm would be a helluva good start. 🦅
  9. Great job as always, guys, & wow—a celebrity guest! See y’all at Apogee this Saturday. ❇️🦅❇️ GMG!
  10. 👍👍 Actually, y’all did have a good crowd vs UNT last month during a heat spell & w/o the 450 piece Green (covid) Brigade (along with their parents, uncles, aunts & 4’th cousins). 🙄 I suffered in the heat the week before in our own season opener & had plans to be at Ford, but— I 🐓 chickened out. (Now I need to think up something mean to say so I don’t get excommunicated from Harry’s board).🙃
  11. What was said? Anyone listen in? The “Musers”, ie, George Dunham & Junior Miller, both proud UNT grads from the Bill Mercer School of Broadcasting at North Texas😊 were talking how hot were the seats of the TCU & UNT HFC’s. Is that somehow on a podcast? Any quotes? ______________________ •••Showed this before, but this is a pic I took of (UNT student) Craig Way & his professor (Bill Mercer) at a UNT Homecoming game in the Fall of 1985. 🗣Craig has been radio voice of the Texas Longhorns for decades & Mercer (in his 90’s) lives somewhere in New England.
  12. OK, Matt, I turn 71 next month so I’ve lost a few steps? 🙄🧔🏼😊
  13. Many years ago I posted that UNT should try to follow the Boise State model. Of course, who at North Texas ever listens? They always had the brighter idea. With that, I defer to our record since Boise State & North Texas both left the Big West Conference at the same time. Records-wise, one school went north—the other went very, very South. (Our cumulative record with Boise State still stands at 4 wins for each school, though). Still...Boise kept losing HFC’s after short stays in Idaho but kept replacing those with coach’s who still mostly kept the Broncos in Top 25 polls. It was uncanny with how they kept doing that. Then the Broncos beat OU in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl & the rest is history. All this happening while UNT thought they had the brighter idea. Again, I defer to our W/L records during all this time. Still...In Wren Most of Us Trust. Honestly, I’m still sick that this is not working out for SL the way many of us thought it would; especially after he had those 2 “9” win seasons in a row & Bowl appearances. I’m sure he will land OK in the NCAA if he still wants to continue coaching. 🦅
  14. Whoever it is I still want Phil Bennett here for this December’s recruiting cycle & as the Defensive Coordinator another year or 2 or 3. I’m leary of hiring anyone w/o HFC’ing experience thats not at the AAC level. GMG!
  15. I was one of 10,700 fans who showed up in the fabulous Super Pit for a “Run Sonny Run” edition of SMU basketball. It was an exciting game heard with fans roaring their approval in the Super Pit. An SMU fraternity showed en mass with some of them sitting in the aisles. I can still see “AD” Hayden Fry taking spirit banners down at floor level since they were not allowed. UNT won the game this night.
  16. Spot on, GrandGreen! I was as pissed when a losing SMU football program that had “10” under .500 W/L seasons in a row was asked to join CUSA in 2004 to begin play in 2005. Its called jealousy. 🤠
  17. “Wow” on the rendering of Super Pit 2.0. When I was a UNT student less than a thousand NT students at the Super Pit for any game you’d think they must have had a major test to study for. Are you sure about a couple of hundred UNT students per game with Grant McCasland running the show? 🦅
  18. I’ve wondered about that with Skip Holtz for years. I think I know why DD didn’t get P5 offers even after 4 UNT New Orleans Bowl appearances in a row & with the North Texas Mean Green beating future Big 12 member the Cincinnati Bearcats in one of them. La Tech Bulldog fans are constantly wanting to run Holtz off from Ruston & if they are ever successful in doing that I will send him a map on how to get to Denton. 🦅
  19. Sorry, but I’ve always believed West Virginia & Texas to be strange bedfellows. When I think of WV I think of a spineless senator & the total sadness of a plane crash that killed some mighty fine people. (I knew the girlfriend of one of the Marshall players killed). I do wish Marshall the best of luck, but to be honest most of the CUSA-East schools to many of us were faceless, generic programs as I’m sure most of CUSA-West was to them. This divorce will be good for all.
  20. The NCAA is not known to sanction a new conference that sprang out of nowhere it starts from scratch.
  21. You are exactly correct with all you’ve posted. We had too many bureaucrats at UNT with not one clue about running an NCAA football program, especially during a time we should have been shaking & baking in our D1-AA era in the 80’s.
  22. 😆 Your a good sport, correcamino, but I still prefer Popeyes. 🐓 Congrats on the Top 25 ranking.
  23. AAC Commissioner Aresco has a serious background in media & I think he even had ESPN ties.
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