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  1. At least they're getting paid to suffer through this 🤣
  2. If you have an antenna then you should be able to get it on channel 47-1 on OTA TV.
  4. Yes... continue to run up the middle... It has obviously been so successful
  5. What in the hell did we do all week to prepare for this game?
  6. Glad this game is on Stadium and I didn't waste money to see this in person.
  7. Yes shovel pass, I am I don't even know how many beers deep after trying to watch todays game 🤣
  8. While it didn't work out, I also thought the shuffle pass was a good call there.
  9. I think the defense gave a valiant effort all the way through. Obviously the execution wasn't always there but they looked like they had more heart than the offense.
  10. I always thought I'd be saying this about the defense but never the offense. The tables have definitely turned.
  11. Offense acting like they have all day smh
  12. Well I'm sure as hell not putting it on the defense
  13. Where in the hell was Ruder throwing that ball?!
  14. Sadly it's been game over. Seth Littrell's teams never make come back once they're behind.
  15. I'd really like to not see us run the ball when we are getting man coverage
  16. Do we not have any other centers on the team?
  17. Sadly the defense can only do so much. In fact, they are doing more than enough to win us this game imo. The offense needs to get it together.
  18. What the hell are these refs doing? Are they waiting for permission on whether they can flag SMU or not?
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