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  1. Yeah I watched a little bit of this and just laughed when they said that North Texas is a good defensive team "for what they are". I can't blame them though, I'd be salty too.
  2. The defense has been playing outstanding,we just need to clean up the mistakes on the offensive side
  3. Respectfully, I don't give a **** about Pete or Kevin's NCAA Final Four.. get the widget off the screen during play!
  4. I think it would feel a lot less crap if we were actually hitting the shots
  5. Might also be in the running for most missed wide open 3s
  6. I feel like we have looked poor/unprepared against the press all year.. why is this still an issue?!
  7. I always thought the stand tunes left a bit to be desired so hopefully this area will improve.
  8. I'm not sure what could have possibly happened during the half, but we've lost the score lmao
  9. Finally put the score up on the screen, but for some reason couldn't be bothered to add the game clock...
  10. Announcers mentioning a decent amount of green in the stands!
  11. I thought coach Bennett did a great job getting the team ready to play. Coaches don't throw picks and they don't drop passes that hit them in the hands. I don't think this loss was on the coaches, it was a lack of execution.
  12. This was super disappointing.. When I complained about the radio coverage in DFW, the consensus was "get with the times and use the Varsity app" They need to figure this out if they're going to continue to have crap radio coverage in DFW.
  13. Obviously losing sucks, but this game was competitive. We did not get blown out and the effort was there. I am not embarrassed like in previous years. I am optimistic heading into the American. I'm hopeful we will have better QB play next year and the butterfinger issues our WRs have can be resolved.
  14. Another great pass by Aune, offensive line is creating some nice holes in the run game, feels good! We need the defense to get it together
  15. I wish our defense would make some freaking adjustments.. they did so well in the first half
  16. Great throw by Aune. Wasn't expecting to convert that 3rd and long.
  17. I was, but then it went silent. I thought it was just my computer, are you also having issues?
  18. Very impressed with the defense in the first half. Boise will certainly make adjustments at half and I'm hoping we can do the same.
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