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  1. I have that same problem.. I can't get it to work using Chrome but it works fine with Microsoft Edge.
  2. This is exactly what I needed to know, thank you! Team hotel it is!
  3. Would you really be missing out on anything big by not staying at the team hotel? What do you guys think about staying at the team hotel vs somewhere potentially cheaper?
  4. http://www.beinsports.com/us/college-football/video/north-texas-outlasts-southern-miss-to-keep-bo/374260
  5. https://twitter.com/NTDailySports is live tweeting
  6. Outside of College Station, anytime I have ever tired to order a McGangBang, they just look at me like "what the hell did you just say?"
  7. After going down 0-2 at halftime, it's all tied up 2-2! edit: damn you matt!
  8. http://ponyfans.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=60979
  9. He also said: "Congratulations To Coach Benford In Getting The Job...Should Be Really Good For The Program. We're Ready"
  10. While waiting outside class today, I overheard a girl talking about UNT. I didn't hear the entire conversation, but what I did hear was "I don't know why they tried to teach me the fight song, I'm not learning it, I don't care. I don't really care about UNT, I just want to get my degree and leave"
  11. Well when you quote my entire post and write something else, it would make sense that you're talking to me.. My own personal experience as a student seems pretty relevant to a discussion about student attendance. To me the weather wasn't that bad and wasn't a good reason not to go. To each their own I suppose. As far as the administration goes, could they do more? Of course. It's not like they don't put in any effort at all though. They do a pretty good job of advertising other sporting events at football/basketball games. They have facebook/twitter accounts which are the social networks that the majority of the student body uses and update their statuses all season about our athletics.
  12. I didn't know they were available either but I went anyways prepared to get wet while cheering on my school and watch history be made. Also, I'm also a student (not Mr. Army man) and my mentality wasn't "screw that." I even saw people that didn't want to spend money use trash bags as ponchos. They might have been issues you already addressed, but they're also issues that other students who went had to face as well and they didn't let it stop them.
  13. I went to the gift shop and bought a poncho for $4.95 and enjoyed the hell out of this event with the other students that braved the weather. Penis remained dry the entire game and I'm not sick. It didn't interfere with school work and I'm ready for finals. As far as not being advertised, yes that does suck and it would be nice if they made a bigger deal about athletics. However, you know the games exist and I feel it's just as much our responsibility as students to get our friends to go as it is the responsibility of the university to advertise.
  14. Hate to break it to ya, but it's YOUR team too!
  15. While watching the halftime show for the OU-OkState game, they mentioned that Dunbar was the only running back to rush 300 yards in a game this season. I thought that was pretty awesome to see!
  16. Does anyone know where I can get a green or maybe clear poncho? The only one I have is blue and is clearly unacceptable.
  17. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. We even got complimented by a UT fan after the game while we were standing outside. He thought it was cool that that we all came down for the game and that we never stopped cheering. Idk how loud we actually were, but it felt like we were being heard and was fun anyway. Some observations I had (non-game related:) Really weird looking arena from the outside, but I did really like the orange lighting outside the arena. It would be cool if we had something like that with green. The inside was cool, I liked the lights-out intro and because they have a bigger arena, the scoreboard strip was cool. Hopefully one day we can get the drop down scoreboard in the pit. This was my first in person experience with UT, so maybe it's not always like this.. but I would much rather have the Pit Crew and our basketball band. Not impressed with the band (hooked up through speakers, really?) and didn't really see a big student section. Perhaps there is something to the "tshirt fans" that I always hear about. Maybe it was just this game, but I was disappointed with that aspect (although it was better for us on the bus!)
  18. Got our tickets and we got stuck in section 93.
  19. a couple of people claimed 2 seats each for themselves, but other than that, yes.
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