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  1. They apparently recruited him as a running back. The official roster is http://navysports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl...footbl-mtt.html.
  2. I did not see him on the Naval Academy Roster. Did he attend the Naval Academy Prep School and play there?
  3. I would guess either: (1) Headley from Wyoming (Freshman from Grapevine) or (2) Ponder from Fla. State (Freshman from Colleyville) This is pure speculation.
  4. First game in person was October 30, 1971 vs. Drake. The first time I ever watched NT play was a televised game in Dec. 1970 vs. Tulsa.
  5. http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/story/9956562
  6. The stands are closer to the field, the press box etc. is newer and nicer, and it would be easier to bulldoze than Fouts, but I certainly hope that when we build our new staduim we will do a lot better than that. It was not my intent to focus on the stadium in the above post. I simply think that our campus, our facilities other than Fouts, and our proximity to home make us much more attractive to recruits from Texas than a school in the WAC that is over 1000 miles away.
  7. Maybe he visited Nevada Reno. I spent a week at a seminar on the UN campus a few years ago and I was not very impressed. Their staduim is an erector set facility, and Reno itself, though not that far from Lake Tahoe, has little to offer other than gambling (Vegas it ain't). Not to mention that other than La Tech and NMSU, every other school in the WAC is more than 1000 miles away.
  8. How does Arkansas Pine-Bluff, a 1-AA member of the SWAC, end up as our only competition if he is rated as highly as has been claimed?
  9. Is number 30 Fred Hunter the son of one of our former players?
  10. His son also played at NT, he served on the Board of Regents in the late 70's, and I know back then he did some promotional work for NT. I think it would be worth the effort to seek a donation, but I don't think you could expect anything really big.
  11. UALR lost to Tulsa. I knew of the ULM loss to SMU and it did not take long to discover the UALR loss. I have not checked the rest. Why don't you check all the schedules again and update us on this.
  12. He would be a good fit at TLU.
  13. When Parker came to NT, he recruited Mitch Maher because he had seen him play against his own team. Maher was not heavily recruited and we were 1AA. I trust Dodge's judgement. I do hope we get some commitments from some linemen soon though.
  14. The USM fans mostly drove in on the day of the game. They outnumbered us, but not 3 to 1. The bowl was created to bring tourists in during a slow time in NO. They would rather have 10,000 North Texas fans in hotel rooms and restaurants for 2-3 days than have some Southern Mississippi fan run through the drive thru at Popeyes and buy a game ticket. Could you people stop posting rumors like this on the CUSA board.
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