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  1. UTSA already packed it up and moved on to next week. Seemed really weird how they gave up so early. Today was just our day!
  2. I knew when I typed that, that there would be someone who responded with this exact thing. my point is that they are excited about joining the Sun Belt. Sure we were excited about joining the sun belt over 20 years ago, not 2021. if it makes you feel better though, I can edit my original post to say “can you imagine being excited about joining the Sun Belt in 2023?” It’s no less depressing
  3. Has the Kansas Jayhawks leading OU 10-0 at halftime. Quite shocking
  4. With all due respect (and remember I’m saying “with all due respect”), can you fathom how depressing it must be for the Southern Miss fan base to be excited about joining the Sun Belt in the year 2021?
  5. Kason Martin could. Dude's a competitor. Aune is just going through the motions. Looks like an inept quitter
  6. March Madness baby!! i LOVE it!!!!
  7. This is one of the downsides of the HUNH offense. Can't salt away a win. The old Baylor/Texas Tech problem
  8. Channel 47 is Stadium. stinks that we only have one Stadium game this year when we finally got a local carrier Currently on channel 47 is the replay of last year’s LA Tech game
  9. I'm looking forward to having Kason Martin here in Denton wearing the green! that dude's a gamer and also seems like a really classy guy. He's definitely somebody I can get behind as a leader of my alma mater
  10. who is in charge of the UNT video production team?
  11. Looks the Athletic Department is trying to get students out to the game by giving attendees first shot at the $20 HoD tickets. It's worth a shot and I applaud the effort. I would be interested to know how many purchase tickets and of those who do, how many stay for at least part of the game...
  12. Fellow GMG denizens, While I disagree with him about the HoD bowl ranking, he does state in the story that the "bowl rankings" are based on the combined computer ranking of the two bowl participants. This is why the two semifinals are ranked #1 and #2 (because #1 seed v #4 seed = 5 and #2 seed v #3 seed = 5). It's like golf and the lowest score gets a better ranking. Again, I disagree with the ranking based on my own bias and the pure entertainment value of this game versus other games, but based on his stated criteria it is "accurate". I mean only three teams qualified via APR and two of them are playing each other in the HoD bowl (Army and North Texas). And yes, I do realize that if Army beats Navy this weekend that Army will be qualified the normal way. CBS Sports writers tend to a much better job than the hacks over at ESPN. I'm sure I wasted my breath (and fingers) defending some dude I don't even know, but I just wanted to point out that he did base his rankings on some specific data instead of just hating on us. GMG
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