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  1. I would love for our UNT score board to show game stats instead of player fouls and scores. We have them posted on both ends and don't see why our game stats couldn't be posted. We did for short time a few years back and it change. Wonder who one would make suggestion to get change. Just a thought....
  2. Thanks for update on the point. What time does the parade start at the point on game day? Go Green
  3. I have been watching something in the stands for a few weeks now… It appears, we have papa Greer close to our section and it is very interesting watching him over the last few weeks. The first two weeks, he was all into the game and would stand and cheer and support the mean green, but now we have made a QB change, he is not standing and/or even cheering for us at all (not one time) during 77 points. He only writes down things in a little green note book. I can see this taking place at a junior high game, but not a D-1 game. I witnessed him giving a few choice words to a true mean green fan about what he thought about him hollering at his son during the La Tech game. I understand why Greer has traveled around a bit now and he may be looking to make another move soon only time will tell. I don't know the kid, but the father seems to be a very self centered person.
  4. RV can't stop Tony B at entrance of locker room, because he left at half. Did not see him during second half, but he may have moved to student section.
  5. Welcome to the forums Poindexter :)

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