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  1. We should never pass the ball. Aune can’t throw on a clear day with no breeze let alone a wet ball on a black and white field.
  2. If anyone has club seats they are willing to sell would love to grab a couple!
  3. if anyone has available or can't go I'm a lookin
  4. I have been on the forum for a while but haven't been able to find if there is a ticket exchange for 2017? I was going to see if any Club seats are available for the Lamar game.
  5. We do not normally have the problem answering "where are they located" since it is usually spelled out in the name of the school (see Louisiana Lafeyette, University of Louisiana - Monroe, or any number of the Middle's, Western's, and Southern's) we play. We would sell out TCU and Tech no problem. I would love to see that.
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