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  1. What conference mates have an IPF? I don't recall one at Utsa, Rice or UTEP? So that does make it a game changer for us if that's true. SMU only has plans for one I think. La Tech I couldn't find one.
  2. No, grayshirt means they offered a scholarship but the player delays participation until spring semester of first year - i.e. They skip their first fall of college football. No particpation. Greenshirt is graduate early from HS, participate in spring drills at college, participate in football in first fall of college.
  3. Where in history has a coach ever been fired before fans thought he should be (not counting Jimmy Johnson)?
  4. I love Dirk, but is not playing very well on any kind of regular basis. and yes, I am serious about Cuban. I love Dirk, but is not playing very well on any kind of regular basis. and yes, I am serious about Cuban. He decided to start gambling on a sign a new team every year approach, and the Mavs bar since that time has been - maybe we can make the playoffs. Since the NBA championship, they have not threatened to do anything more than beat a team that was well worse than they were. since the NBA championship and Cubans very failed new strategy, t
  5. This. Rankings are heavily influenced by the quantity as well as the quality.
  6. Went to my first mavericks game this season friday vs Hawks. All I could think was, Mark Cuban has Benford'd the Mavericks. Not sure which I want to watch less, MG basketball or Mavs.
  7. Some game as last time, just without the Army turnovers so far. Hopefully we can get some turnovers, because we have really never stopped them on a regular basis.
  8. More of those mean green fans settling for less, settling for sub par.
  9. If he was an OU football player, ,he would be redshirted for at least a year.
  10. She didn't hit him, she gave a weak push that didn't even move him and a very weak touch after that. He prompted it all by following her in and going straight to her, hovering over her clearly saying something that offended her. You can't tell what happened outside the store, but he instigated everything in the store. Even if this was a guy of the same size, this was unwarranted and deserves severe punishment. If he was a regular student he would be kicked out of school at a minimum. If this was my son, he wouldn't be playing football. The school wouldn't need to even worry about
  11. It says " I don't recall his context being ....". What that means for normal people is, that's not the way I remember it. In other words, I am trying to be polite while I point out that you are twisting people's words around and using them in a way that they didn't intend, - and you know they didn't intend - just like you did with my words.
  12. I don't know about that (message spot on). While everyone probably agrees in general we don't like the everyone gets trophies approach - it's a little exaggerated. The problem in this situation is, he isn't trying to fix society, he is blaming. It sounds to me like he doesn't want to take any responsibility for losing so he is blaming the kids HE was responsible for recruiting and HE has been developing. So, kids fault he lost or did the coach not have as good of a recruiting class, gameplan, etc? That doesn't make him a loser, but blaming the kids and taking no responsibility does.
  13. I kinda disagree. The 4th turnover it was 28-18 and Army had just shoved it down our throats for a TD, got the ball back and drove 65 yards before fumbling around the 12 or so, that was huge and that would have made it 28-25. Instead Wilson broke a big run and we eventually scored. 5th turnover - at 35-18, they quickly drove to our 39, could have cut the lead to 10 but we intercepted. Again huge as we had shown no signs at all of stopping them in 2nd half. They score there and we are in trouble. 6th turnover - after we couldn't do anything at all for about 3 series - Army gets t
  14. This. One aspect that seems to have gotten glossed over in our win - we didn't stop them other than getting turnovers. They had 400 (300 rushing) yards of offense to our 320. They had 37+ mins of possession to our 22+. So, in my opinion our coaching staff didn't really come up with a marvelous plan to stop the option attack. If I am Army I look at that and say we do the same thing and not turn then ball over 7 times, we probably win. We earned the turnovers, but that's not something you can expect again so we better come up with 1) a way to slow down thei
  15. I think we should tone down the "beatable opponent". If we can't force a bunch of turnovers again - not a given at all - then this could be a game we easily lose. I hope we win, we can win, but this is far from a forgone conclusion just because we won the first game.
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