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  1. Miami is bad .... the Jets are bad ..... The Cowboys are not great but bad .??? The loss to the Jets was a weird one... more first downs, more yards, more time of possession and better in most other stats ... but lost. Strange things happen...... Houston once defeated indy with Peyton and only had about 50 yds total .... I witnessed a HS playoff game in which the winner had 2-3 first downs (one earned, the others penalty) and less than 50 yards... the other team (Brownwood) was ranked #1 had 200-300 yds and lost 14-0... as a result of a punt return and a 4 yd drive after a fumble ... .The worst Cowboy game I remember was Dallas 13 -- Minnesota 53... 1970 ... the Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl that year. . They also lost to St. Louis 0-38 that year on Monday Night Football.. QB's -- Staubach and Craig Morton.. .The year is not over. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/dal/1970/gamelog/
  2. They took athletic scholarship money ... give it back or part of it if they refuse to play. .... The real world, if you refuse to work , you don't get paid.
  3. Ft. Worth --Anyone that is walking around a persons house at 2:00 AM with a flashlight shining in windows. should not be surprised if the owner inside is holding a gun ... That cop was an idiot. ... and did not give person inside any warning (1 sec doesn't count) . He did not even say "police". . Dallas --- Thought it was her apartment .??? .. so the furniture was the same and everything looked like her apartment..??? Get real .. Beside there was floor-mat at the door that was obvious (red) and not hers. .... and the door was ajar... That was an obvious clue something was wrong before opening the door... so don't open until sure it is the right apt. . Police do have a tough and dangerous job BUT .. these two cops were idiots. Sounds like they just wanted to shoot someone. . We had a similar situation Midland about 1-2 years ago as the Ft. Worth one .... but .. that time the cop ( not in uniform) was shot.
  4. ----Me pity Trump.???? I have ZERO respect for all the things he has done and said... How do you read that into what I wrote. ?? Plus which party he is a member of has ZERO to do with what I think of him...
  5. Larry McMurtry -- author Last Picture Show, Term of Endearrment, Lonesome Dove, Hud, and many many more... ..Many awards.. https://www.notablebiographies.com/newsmakers2/2006-Le-Ra/McMurtry-Larry.html .Texas author Larry McMurtry is best known as a writer of western novels, many of which are set in the Old West, including the Pulitzer Prizewinning Lonesome Dove. Some of his novels focus on life in small town Texas, like The Last Picture Show , while others focus on relationships, such as Terms of Endearment. McMurtry also adapted several of his books into films and television productions, wrote other original scripts, and occasionally adapted other authors' work. In 2006, he won an Academy Award with long-time writing partner Diana Os-sana, for their adaptation of a short story by E. Annie Proulx into the hit film Brokeback Mountain. Born Larry Jeff McMurtry, June 3, 1936, in Wichita Falls, TX; son of William Jefferson (a rancher) and Hazel Ruth McMurtry; married Josephine Ballard, July 15, 1959 (divorced, August, 1966); children: James Lawrence (a singer). Education: University of North Texas, B.A., 1958; Rice University, M.A., 1960; Read more: https://www.notablebiographies.com/newsmakers2/2006-Le-Ra/McMurtry-Larry.html#ixzz61Len5Q1E
  6. Lay committed suicide ... my lawyer son said as a result people could not really sue his wife or family to get the money he took ... So the family kept the money he had pocketed illegally.. . He knew he had had it and was going to prison and not for a short time either.... Likely like Madoff.. for life... and he was pretty old. .. He would have gone to trial but was DEAD..... suicide. I think Madoff claimed the same ..innocent. ... His son later committed suicide. .Maybe the news did mention he was a Democratic supporter .. but they did not write the headline of this thread. There are crooked supporters in both parties .. and the one in DC never paid a lot of people after his companies went bankrupt (6 or 7) and he pocketed money in those deals. He had to money to pay ... Dan Patrick did the same but on a much smaller scale and even changed his name. It was Daniel Scott Goetz until then.
  7. Ok .. I wondered about that comment .... I have heard that maybe twice ... and never by the major networks or by any late night comedian ...[exclude Fox which I rarely watch has made a lot of bogus claims also including Obama attended a Madrasa [Islamic terrorist school ] The school he attended in Indonesia was a Catholic one .. plus he was living in Hawaii from age 9 on and living with his white grandparents. His real father had abandoned the family at age ?2?. I have not heard that stupid comment about her since he left office. Some people are so gullible they only believe what they want to be true.
  8. You sure didn't hear comedians making fun of him constantly like they do Trump and his tweets and crazy and often untrue comments. . Most times in past they were just funny comments in mainstream media ... Ford Falling down, Carters accent, Bush Sr." points of light" and Bush Jr. pronunciation etc.. Not bitter.. hard-nosed comedy if you want to call it that. .. Not even Nixon was made fun of as much.. If you think so ... you are not listening to them or paying attention very much.. .Yes extremist did say a lot of crazy things about Obama..[ even claiming he was born in Kenya while his mother was a student at Univ. of Hawaii .. how could that happen. ] . but it was not night after of night of comedy stuff about him as is happening now.
  9. Surely you don't believe that nonsense... She had kids. Yes she is a tall and athletic woman .. but so you think all tall women are..?? That is terrible.
  10. Which party? .. Big deal .... supporters in both parties have guys that are rats.... why mention the party.?... Remember Ken Lay [.Enron] provided money and planes to GOP candidates.... and he swindled millions, maybe billions from 1000's of people and looted their retirement accounts and retirement insurance plus cheating investors.. Some had been employed by companies that were purchased or merged with Enron and never actually was an Enron employee.. They had nothing left but social security or what they might have saved. . [Northern Gas is one.. I know some] ... Many were too old to work anymore.... their lives were ruined. --- Remember Tx. Senator, Phil Gramm, GOP ... his wife (Wendy) was on their board of directors. --- I'll bet Fox ?News? never mentioned that.
  11. --- Athletes are already paid somewhat ... they do not pay tuition, housing etc. like most other students have to do ... It does seem a bit unfair for the universities to use the athletes name and picture to make money .... so just ban universities from doing that then.. An interesting comment I heard today was "supporters could tell a recruit that they would buy maybe 1000's of jerseys with their name on it and the profits resulting would be passed on the recruit.....Ie. a way to get them to commit to a certain school. Things are already not on an even basis but this could ruin college athletics (my opinion) .. . It will also cause discontent among the players also ... the QB, RB or WR, might earn a lot of money and the linemen or others might get near nothing even though without them they would be not successful.
  12. --- No President has ever been so made fun of and disrespected as the current guy ....but he deserves it... He calls people bully names like a some elementary kid might do ( Little Rubio, Lying Cruz etc.) .. You can never tell when he is telling the truth because he lies so often ... Most of them can absolutely be proven as lies... None of his THREE wives could trust him.. so why should we. ?? ..... Then there are his wacky comments such as "I have a BIG BRAIN". He does seem to have any common sense when it comes to comments and has insulted about every ethic group and country at some time. His cabinet and staff keeps quitting or getting let go if they dare disagree with him ... more than has ever happened before to a President . This not about which party he is a member of but strictly about HIM. I am not sure impeachment is the right answer since he only has about 14 months in office left (if not re-elected) but he need to go. ... He is making us the joke of the world... and somewhat dangerous with his possible decisions. He also has removed so many pollution and other regulations that need to be in place... ---Why did he not release his taxes as PROMISED... ?? What do they show... dishonesty and maybe how much that tax cut he favored made him or what.??? .. Don't just say he changed his mind --,because he did not provide a reason that he didn't do as promised.. All Major Presidential candidates has done so since 1956 (except him) ...... Just another lie... He needs to be gone.
  13. People in education see that "parent attitude " too often ... Their kid can do no wrong. School, teachers etc. are picking on them.
  14. ---Likely it was about the same considering minimum wage.... My yearly cost at UNT was about $1300-1500 and min wage was about $1.15 = 1400 hrs of work... My sons cost in late 90's was about $13,000 with a min wage of about $5.15 = 2500 hrs... but one worked in computer labs so brought the cost down some. Things really got crazy after 2000 as the state has cut spending to education..... even for public schools which they once supported about 60% but now it is close to 30%. Perry era was no friend to education... I did not do frat but did live in College Inn (new, first year open) which was about $10- $15 more per month than state dorms and really worth it . --- I knew of no one with a student loan ... exception --- a friend at Baylor law school. ( not as state place ) Cost is bad now ... BUT I absolutely oppose free education or tuition... I taught at a community college (Midland ) which had free tuition for recent couty grads... it was not good ... people signed up for class .. then learned it was not HS 2.0 (easy) and quit coming since they had "no money on the table".. -- that did not last long. ..Students needd to have some money involved not free.... but the surrent cost is crazy . . Some students try to "live it up too much" and run up debt.... and ignore they will have to pay for it later... But that is some, not all. I am shocked how much many owe years later. Fortunately my kids got out in mostly the late 90's and owed zero. They earned quite a bit especially when interns and I contributed quite a bit as well.. My wife earned every penny with no parental help, but lived at home two years, 1966 graduate... She graduated in 3 years.... She worked her tail off. -- I doubt that would be possible today. .
  15. ---The state provides less funding to public schools and colleges than it once did .....meanwhile gives businesses tax cuts... This was especially true in the Gov. Perry era. (no fan of him) ... The state once provided over 60% to public schools and now it is about 35% or less. I can't remember exact numbers but my enrollment bill at NTSU or UNT in 1964 was in the area of $100-$150... not counting housing and food or books .. most books cost me about $15 or about $120 in 2019 dollars... (min wage was $1.15 then.).
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