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  1. Kaepernick .... He should have been told then " You did it once, ok." second time you are terminated or at least suspended for several games without pay. ... They have a point BUT on the job including mine .... one does not protest on the worksite... (football fields are job-sites)..... Away from there .... protest all you want. Bosses ( owners, coaches, managers, supervisors) control job-sites and set up standards including dress-code.... I can't wear speedos, not that I want to...or get really political ... or come across as a religious fanatic... . My view of last year was--- the players the first week of it were jerks..... then the President should have kept his mouth shut ... It was not a protest of the Flag or of the military as he claimed but of public and sometimes terrible police treatment... After that ... Players protested HIM after calling them obscene names and more....Then it got out of hand.... If owners had spoken up the first week it happened and said they would suspend people with-out pay (after first week) then it likely would have been over or close to it.... . The problem is they wanted to win so much they did near nothing. I hope some of you younger ones saw 60 min this week .... I saw some bad and unjust things when young but nothing like had gone on earlier.. . I was a kid in the 50's and things were quite different than now...
  2. The problem with those who lie is ... a lot of people believe them ........ and that can causes big problems and even divide us.
  3. ---Baylor just didn't want to admit they had a problem and tried to cover it up and did nothing until they couldn't anymore... they wanted to portray themselves as a very moral religious place.... Don't forget their basketball player that killed a teammate a few years ago .... and Dave Bliss.
  4. Most don't exactly consider him a conservative ....(that is an insult to them) .... what he is is a LIAR.. ---He claims Sandy Hook didn't exist, 9-11 was done by our own government and many insane things. How anyone believes anything he says amazes me.
  5. --- I posted the above and four people voted it down.... how could anyone disagree with that unless they were racists......Do they want to go back to those days.??? I did not even blame anyone for anything going on now....NO ONE. It was awful the way many were treated... I was NOT even discussing immigration but those who were born here and had been here for several generations.... . I don't get it why anything I said would be controversial or offensive except to those who are racists. .
  6. --- Nope it did not start with the current administration .... but it needs to stop... Because it once existed greatly doesn't make it ok now. Some of us are so old [ pre 1960's ] we can remember when certains groups could not attend SWC colleges, eat at many restaurants, stay at many hotels, go to many public schools in their hometowns, or even live in some neighborhoods... I could name a fair-sized town near where I lived as a kid that none even lived in that town or were welcome... There was a Baptist college in my hometown that would not admit them either when I registered as a freshman... how Christian of them... !! I am talking about one group mostly... but it also applied to some others. A lot of people much younger than me really don't understand how things were... reading about it and seeing it is a lot different.
  7. -- How can you trust anyone that lies constantly...?? -- So much for the Christian/Jewish commandment of " not bearing false witness". --- Being in education, it also bothers me that he constantly calls people "bully names" (Little Rubio etc.) like some immature kid. If the President can do it , does that mean every kid in school has permission to do it also without getting in trouble. ??? -- If you think so, then me calling him "Dishonest Donald" will not offend you. .This has nothing to do with which political party he is supposedly a member of ... just HIS character.
  8. ----America need to stop using drugs which support drug gangs and murder and causes most of this illegal immigration.. Conditions in their home land are terrible because of them.. An article in our local paper (AP news) this week stated of those 200 or so at Tornillo ... only 3 of the 200+ are from Mexico. They are from Central America and mostly Guatemala where gangs are terrible. Go after them and it it will greatly decrease. As drug use has increased .. so has the border problem..
  9. Doctors .. wasn't a lie .. some doctors opted out ...none of mine did .. You need to go back and read the FINAL opinions about Benghazi... wasn't what some claimed at the time happened. neither side was exactly correct and in the chaos of protests in EGYPT and LIBYA at the same time .. they (both political parties) got things wrong... ... However more embassy people died during Bush administration than Obama's. He wasn't at fault and neither was Obama.. 18 died during a Yemen terrorist raid during W. Bush administration also 9 in a Saudi Arabian one. ... (again I am not blaming him) ... Read ... I will give you the benefit of not knowing and not just making up facts. ... Those were not the only times or administration bad things have happened to embassy personnel...... I don't make up facts. Lot of countries there not on the list.. that have terrorism people. They too need careful examination but not total exclusion. -- I am sure Fox did not stress those during the Bush era as they the Obama ones... and should not have blamed either President or administration. ..Don't be gullible. .. .My friend lost his son Oct 12, 2002 in Bali, Indonesia (Bush era and on the list) the same night the embassy there was bombed, not killed there but nearby. It is listed but no one was killed at the embassy.. just the other nearby locations. He was an oil company employee. .
  10. --- Part of what I way TRYING to get across is that ... Saudi Arabia provided 16 of 19 terrorists in 9-11 ...not on the list.. The Boston bombing was done by two guys not from any of those countries thus .. not on the list. .... A friend of mine lost his son ( and former Nebraska football player) to a bombing in another country ... an eastern Asian country ... not on the list. .... Nearly all the mass shooting in the USA don't even involve any Islamics but home grown people... Yes we do need to be extra careful with people from the list but with some others also. . ---Sorry to FFR who loves to try to "bully" me... I do know some Medical people from those countries that practice here in Midland (true) their kids are in my wifes' classes and I see them regularly ... I also teach college math classes and sometime have students from some those places who work in the oil industry ... the most notable were two who had fled for their lives after Saddam was overthrown and the rabid Islamics took control of that region.. We had a long conversation after class a couple times about "things". FFR we do have freedom speech in America and on this board... and I can't think of anything I have done to disrespect yo except complain about your trolling of me. Years ago at a couple of football I talked with you some (before this) and no disrespect was shown by either of us. Why do you do this..?? ... Plus I am nothing like you or UNT90 have tried to picture me. ... True, I do not like Trump ... I do not like people who lie a lot and call people "bully" names (Little Rubio, etc. ) . Can't trust those people. As for Bush ... wasn't about him ... he lived close to me in Midland ... just thought his decision in invade Iraq was bad ... and turns out there were no nukes..... again Cheney was lying like crazy about knowing where they were... lying matters and American soldiers died because of that and the situation in the region is now worse.
  11. FFR--- You did it again just UNT90 as constantly did .. I am entitled an opinion or in this case a true statement ... Maybe you do not have any doctors there that are Islamic or Buddhist ... we do, some have kids in my wife's Latin classes. . I KNOW some that travel back to their country once in a while or have relatives visit. ....
  12. --Well that just messed with a lot of medical doctor's lives that we now have. They have families in those situations. This guy doesn't think things through thoroughly..... before he acts or says things. . Besides nearly all these mass shootings do not have people that fit this description either. Maybe we should be much more careful with these groups ... but a ban.??? He is just trying to appeal to certain people. . Interesting ... 16 of the 19 involved in 9-11 were from Saudi Arabia which IS NOT included inthe ban nor would the two men involved in the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    The rules once were TOO restrictive ... now it almost is "what rules"... ??? Colleges will recruit (likely illegally) other people great players. This will help the elite teams greatly and hurt others other than getting some players that are sitting on the bench and not happy about it.. ... The new red shirt rule is way too liberal in my opinion.... it does make some sense for those that need to play end the end of a season due to injuries but 4 games seems too many . College teams tend to huge in size unlike NFL teams so they should have available players. .
  14. --- Just maybe people including television should take a look at SMU crowds before think they have a following or should have any influence.. The "Old Grey Mustang" isn't what it used to be... ( when it was cheating).
  15. --- Not so sure the above title is true .... but they should not just believed because they are female. I had a friend (teacher) that was accused of rape and put in jail because of an ex-student's claim .... a couple of weeks later she confessed ... he had done nothing and was at home as he insisted from the start... She had been with a boyfriend.. --- I know of another situation where a girl went "daddy-shopping" She tried to make herself "available" to a friend of mine but he didn't bite (thank goodness) . She was pregnant and preferred him as a father and husband over the real father. .... this was in the era of no DNA testing.