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  1. Exactly ... plus Nafta was creating jobs in Mexico which helped keep them there.... History show most immigrants leave their country for one of two reasons ... safety or lack of job opportunities. .. The central American ones fleeing for their lives would likely stay in Mexico if they could earn a living there... I suppose people who have never been near the border don't realize some walls or fences have existed for a long time and also don't realize how remote much of the Texas border is and how impossible it is to build an effective one beside a river that is rather large at times with 100's of stream flowing into it. . Besides were we not told by the President that he would make Mexico pay for it ... well they aren't.
  2. He won the national junior college championship at Midland College.
  3. NO IT WON'T....... Go look at even small fences of farms and ranches and see what happens at creeks .. much less rivers. . I have replaced fences at times that were "washed out". --- and they were just strands of "barbed wire"... not those walls with narrow spaces in them. . You live in Midland so maybe you remember the bridge with wide spaces under it at Whitney St. and the draw that is now gone .... Stuff collected on it , blocked it up and houses were flooded... and then it was removed .. and that one was not running over rural land with limbs, dead trees, etc. and also it had wide spaces under that bridge .... not what the border wall has. . That is why no bridge there now. Additional ... the Bridge with much large spaces than the "wall" at I street near Midland College was removed for the same reason . under it was blocked up with debris causing flooding ... It was later replaced with a large dip or low water crossing ... Whitney street bridge was not replaced or made into a low water crossing ... just gone. .
  4. Have you ever looked a a "rural" river and the "stuff" that floats down with it ... ??? Trees, limbs, trash, etc. . Especially ones that are rather large when it rains. -- Let me guess those who think it won't are very urban people that have never lived in small town or the country --
  5. --I think basketball is the most difficult team sport for student/athletes ... football one game per week and on a weekend... basketball is usually more than one game each week ... with travel involved on class days ... and worse, it occurs in both semesters.. Football and baseball occurs in only one semester but baseball does have an excessive amount of games. . You are right most people do not realize how difficult it is for college basketball players to be students.
  6. ---McCasland won the national Junior College championship (as the head Coach) at Midland College several years ago ..... A few years earlier with a different Coach they had made the NJCAA finals and had been well ahead in the semifinals but kept the starters in the game... Near the end of the semi-final game a player (I think Mookie Blaylock, future NBA player) screwed up his foot and was not available for the final and MC lost the final...barely ... No doubt McCasland knows that... It likely is a factor in his decision to not play starters so much when near nothing is at stake. Midland should have won their second and consecutive title [also had Spud Webb the previous year] if he had not been injured . Three players on that defeated team played in the NCAA final two years later .. OU vs. Kansas, including Mookie Blaylock... --------- It is tough to not play your best players but there are risks.
  7. I was WATCHING the "ODU game" on ESPN...
  8. I saw the TV broadcast ... I am pretty sure that is what they said..." If UNT wins.. they would be the conference champ." Maybe it wasn't correct but that is what I heard. ( UNT won it)
  9. ----A wall away from populated or areas with roads is not worth the money .... I notice no one mentioned what to do with the rivers and streams that run into the Rio Grande in those isolated places or what to do with wild animals and cattle that depend on that water. . There is a huge difference in building a wall along a river with streams flowing into it compared with what can be built across the southern border of N.M. and Arizona where no large river exist. Even on the personal level, ranchers build fences much different near creeks than where there are none.. the city-types here just don't seem to "get it".... plus not considering 1000's of wild animals depend on that water to survive. Additional ... Didn't Trump PROMISE to make Mexico pay for it and on their side of the River..??? ( a campaign lie}
  10. I guess I don't get it all then.. Why are they called bonus games then... if they count.? UNT had already been called conf. champs in what I read.
  11. Not really ... they do not count in conference standings... .. Just the same weight as pre-conference games ..
  12. ----A wall make sense in some places especially populated ones or near good roads that people travel . ... but completely ... How STUPID ... It would cut off water supplies for wild animals including deer and cattle and take the ranchers land. Plus there are other ways to get in.. tunnels and over the wall in isolated places, boats across lakes and by ocean. by air .. etc... Besides a lot have crossed legally then didn't return.... There are 100's of streams that run into the Rio Grande ... so dam ALL of them up or what ...and some carry lots of water at times and would take a HUGE area of rather flat land to hold the water.*** ..... This sounds like some CITY-SLICKERS answer that has no understanding of the outdoors or the area along the Rio Grande. ... or of the other ways to get in. . *** IMAGINE THE COST OF THAT .. VERY EXPENSIVE COMPARED TO THE WALL's COST.... don't say fix the wall so water can run through ... have you ever seen the trash [ limbs etc} that float/run down a stream. It would block up or just wash the wall away..
  13. I still think these BONUS games are harmful .. no fan of them .. Who thought this up.??? . Winning the tournament just became more important... ....
  14. --- The mostly likely way to get two bids ( to me) is the regular season champion fails to win the conference tournament... so both are likely to get in... if the regular season team has a good record. . I think the bonus games are worthless.
  15. Rick -----Thanks for reposting the truth (the graph) .... Unemployment has been dropping for 10 years and not just Trump years .. It has just continued what was already happening. . It went to hell in 2008... and which party controlled Congress and the White House then.?? --- note the sourse ---- the BBC (British) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics .... not some political site.
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