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  1. As for Abbott .... i do respect him and think he is trying to make good decisions and is not afraid to change his opinion as conditions change ..... As for Trump ..Go to Hell ..... Life is all about him plus getting re-elected and most of his comments are stupid. He appears to me to very dumb as well.. if you don't think so .. go listen his 2019 4th July speech if you doubt me.... He mentioning taking airfields in Revolutionary War (true), Cornwallis at Battle of Trenton (try Yorktown) , and Fort McHenry which was in War of 1812.... not in the revolution ..... Damn ... most middle schoolers
  2. ---Huge schools need to think twice about opening but small districts especially with no or almost no cases in the area should be allowed to be wide open. Each area/district need to make their own decisions without a state wide mandate to be open or closed. Pictures of that Georgia school are crazy .... no way that could be safe and they will pay for it .
  3. Public schools and libraries fit the definition of socialism..... Public taxes pay for them for the benefit of the public in general ... even if you don't use them. ...
  4. -----I don't trust him ... not about which party he is ... I don't trust anything the says.. before getting elected he PROMISED to get Mexico to build a wall on their side of the border and they would pay for it .... nope didn't happen...... he PROMISED to release his taxes if elected .... nope didn't happen... He has complete control of that ... so he lied. ....What is he hiding. Christian?? ... the church he has claimed to be a member claims that they no memory of him ever attending....Smart??... well if you think he is very educated and smart ....then listen to this speech and especia
  5. I hope Washington keeps some Native America term as a name.... and keeps the symbol ... I see nothing offensive about it, in fact the opposite. ... The name... I get that.
  6. ----The term liberals bothers me .... Progressives ... ok ... Liberals to me means free sex, drugs, hippy-types and doing whatever you want ... Progressives is about changing things that need changing .[ie. progress] ... like integration, rights for minorities and that includes women which could not even serve on Juries in Texas until about 1970 or conduct business ( my mother tried at times and they said they had to check with her husband, my father first) ... I believe in progress ... and not making America great again like in the 1950's when women and minorities had limited rights and oppor
  7. Sending them is bad ..... Staying at home is bad... Maybe the answer is dividing a room up into 2-3 groups and sending them every other day or whatever is the answer.... helps keep them apart more (smaller groups) but still face to face some but more work at home ... ... No easy answers. -- but many have no access to computers to learn even . Having taught public school (30 years) and college classes (41 years) I can tell you students that took online classes in Math/science are not near as good as those those that were in a classroom. Maybe English or History... don't know ..
  8. All monuments and statues seem to offend someone .... I see that a Jimmy Hendricks statue was painted over ... Guess some religious extremist that opposes Rock and Roll did it . --- Even the Viet Nam memorial was vandalized ( war protester?) ---Where does it end..??
  9. --I am in my 70's ( age 76) .... It did not work n the 60's or at least in 1964 and did not look like it had worked in a while... Maybe what he said is true .... but I have my doubts..... the version I heard from my history prof at UNT in 1965 seems to make more sense and is even worse.. I grew up in Central Texas which was not near as racist as that part of the state [my HS integrated about 1955 ] and I know our court house had a rest room for blacks that was accessed from the outside only and was below ground level. In the 1950's traveling into east Texas I saw things there that was no
  10. How old is Hudspeth .?... It was not even working in the mid 1960's. NO ONE then could drink out of it ...... .that was . 55+ years ago.
  11. ----THIS ONE WAS VERY EXPECTED........ especially if you know the history of it .... At the base is/was a water fountain (no longer worked) and that is where blacks had to use to drink water.... They were not permitted to use any fountains in the Court-House.... Now think more about that ... They had to bow to get a drink and it looked like they were bowing to the CSA soldier at the top of the arch... I never saw it used that way but a history teacher in my UNT class (1965) told us that and it made sense. I am surprised it was still there... I suppose younger people never thought about how
  12. Deceased ... Was a UNT alum and Denton HS grad... She was one of two Miss Americas (1971) from North Texas Univ. ... She was also known for her work in television and the NFL today. She is well known by those of us who attended UNT during the 60's and 70's appeared on TV until the mid 80's. . https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/05/16/phyllis-george-north-texas-native-trailblazer-female-sportscasting-dies/?fbclid=IwAR2ORl02_fy8ZTO2aqkVGdYCAwn1-uN2Y4oCx5QHO6bbz6563apUoq93sfQ
  13. Exactly ... plus Nafta was creating jobs in Mexico which helped keep them there.... History show most immigrants leave their country for one of two reasons ... safety or lack of job opportunities. .. The central American ones fleeing for their lives would likely stay in Mexico if they could earn a living there... I suppose people who have never been near the border don't realize some walls or fences have existed for a long time and also don't realize how remote much of the Texas border is and how impossible it is to build an effective one beside a river that is rather large at times
  14. He won the national junior college championship at Midland College.
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