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  1. ----With the appearance of Fox and these radio guys like Rush Limbaugh talking 24-7, things has gotten much more divided...especially along party lines. I am old enough to remember the Nixon/ Watergate problems and it was nothing like it is now.... Even Viet Nam wasn't either... not divided on party lines or liberal/conservative views very much... just lots of opposition to war in general... One good thing that happened as a result was dropping voting age to 18 from 21 ... because before then people were being drafted into the military and could not even vote or have any voice in the situation. The average age of a PFC in Nam .. about 19.6, WWII it was about 26 --- but that was a war to survive as a country. . . I was "draft bait" for Nam for three years before I could vote.
  2. Sometimes bad news is good news........ fired at TTU ...then gets a NFL position .... and I assume at more pay.
  3. I have no use for this guy .... Played on the SMU "Death Penality" team... and largely responsible for Mike Leach being let go at TxTech. https://sports.yahoo.com/downfall-craig-james-create-karma-021520234.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_14
  4. ---Which has the best potential to sell newspaper to ...UNT or SMU .?? ... Very stupid of them .... many times more UNT grads. Must be an SMU grad in charge of marketing ... very very dumb ....stupid of them to ignore a huge group of possible and present customers... . or to tick them off. SMU endowment size doesn't buy newspapers.
  5. They didn't but they are now catching on..... My sons (engineers) has been there (China and Asia) and the pollution is awful... The air some places is terrible and now they have began to figure it out .... Can't correct the problem over night. Corporations don't want to cut it back lots of time because it can be expensive and their competition isn't so they continue to stay competitive. . It can only be stopped by government regulations ... pick any country . Third world countries ... they use a lot a lot of polluting materials due to poverty including coal to stay warm or cook. Got an answer for that one ?? .. I don't. . . .Likely some of the change is just natural but a lot is due to man's activities. Those who deny it should notice ice at the poles is less and smaller, Glacier Nat. Park almost has none now, and many high elevation places (mountain tops) that were once covered by ice/snow year around aren't now. .One problem is so much increased population.... This Earth can only support some finite number... Some countries and areas that once had trees don't now .... they were burned to cook and stay warm... It will all "hit the fan" someday.
  6. --- Just because those countries are messing it up .. doesn't mean we should too... like it or not it exists... and appears to be a lot due to man and our pollution.. Hopefully the others will get better... China is the big bad one of the list .. the others... not so much. ( India is not that industrial) ..and China is finally catching on they now have a mess.... bad water and nearly unbreathable air in many places. Can't correct it over night and companies don't like to spend money to stop it especially when their competitors doesn't. They will have to be forced to do something by their government. . Who denies it here... mostly big companies (not all) that don't want to spend money to stop polluting.
  7. --- I have posted similar in the past .. and have been called socialist, liberal, crazy, and everything else... I am not anti-gun (semi-rural person) ... but some controls need in place for these military style rapid -fire guns.. They are not toys.... 20+ years ago this type of thing (mass shootings) happened EXTREMELY rarely but have become commonplace.. People should have a NEED to buy these rapid-fire military type ones. ..not just want one. We have controls on dynamite/explosives and many other things but not these guns ... crazy.. I can't even buy many types of fertilizer that I purchased for many years ( and sold when in college). ---The damned NRA kept claiming Obama was coming after your guns and sales of guns in general exploded .... it was a lie....[ that bogus claim sold a lot of guns and increased membership for them.] No effort was made at all or was even suggested .... just better controls of who buys them .... not mental cases and not people who have a bad history .... it may too late because so many now exist .... but some controls might stop a few of these crazy events.... yes I will get to collect of down votes in the corner ... but I don't care... I am not some "city-type" that hates guns... --For those of you oppose better control of who buys guns ..... do you support removing all controls over explosives such as nitro and dynamite... They can be fun too. Just big firecrackers. I wish I could still buy some of the fertilizer I once could but can't ...due to more control..... Very few people used it for "bad" things. ....... a lot less than these extreme guns. .Not opposing guns in general ...own them... just these military rapid-fire types (sometimes called assault weapons) I am not even saying ban them .... just demonstrate a NEED for one. ( example: security company) .. also these "extended" magazines. I would not need to shoot a burglar or whoever 25 times.
  8. --- No point in defeating people by a insanely large score.... I would rather play the bench when leading by 28 or so ( very safe lead, less if very late in the game) and get them experience for next year or in case of injuries.... It also helps the morale of bench players. What is the point..... the other team would also notice and not be irate either. .I would make an exception for SMU ... run it up..... They deserve it after all the comments etc they have done through the years about us. . .
  9. Just don't forget how "well" we were just a few years ago .... .Brings to mind the Mora comment .. "Playoffs , Payoffs, we are just trying to win a game." .... we didn't win many.
  10. In Texas .. the system sends out voter cards every two years and they are returned to election officials and removed.. if the person no longer lives at an address.. ... The PO can not forward them... Election offices also keep up with deaths and removes them (deaths) from rolls as they happen.... sounds bogus here in Texas. ... unless they died very very recently. . .Even if sent somehow ... the name is checked against ACTIVE rolls and would be tossed. ... Don't be gullible to "rumors". . .Actually I have received more absentee ballot requests forms from GOP candidates in past years than any Demo one.. none this year from either that I remember...
  11. How....??? ..... members of both parties work the every polling place in the general election ... I am an election judge and wonder how they managed it . --- It is easy to make false claims...
  12. I don't think all rural homes have a STREET address (maybe just country rd number) .... especially if they do not receive any mail there but use a PO. Box. Many people do not like to use a mailbox not near their house because of people "meddling" with them. ..... I own some ranch land and if lived there would not have a clue what the address was except County Road 151 and would not use a mailbox by the property but use a P.O Bx for security reason ....... People who live in cities often do not understand other situations. . To me if they just state their location such as Sioux reservation... that should be accepted... they can be found. Part II .. I am an election judge.... and I have seen a few improvements lately .... One --senior citizens no longer have to have a drivers license or ID form (passport maybe) that is current... some don't drive and Driver's licenses offices can be a long way away [ try west Texas ..may be in another county] ... .
  13. Thanks .... I was on campus then and have wondered if he lived at College Inn where i lived... guess not ... I still have my NTSU directory somewhere.. but don't know where.??? Wanted to check it.
  14. The problem is winning is that fans are never satisfied.. they want more ... Maybe he deserved to be fired .. don't know ... but they think they need to blame someone. They sure gave up a lot of points.
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