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  1. Lol. The fact that you think I’m “slamming the staff” is quite comical. I actually complimented them for realizing very early the potential that Fine has. If I cared to dig, I could probably find the local paper article that described Fine’s recruitment, but I don’t. You can keep on believing that the first thing Littrell did when he got here is say to himself “gee, I gotta go to Oklahoma and get that kid that zero other FBS schools have offered.” I mean, that’s so much more likely, right? Why the dumbest fanbase in college football can’t get that everything Littrell (or any staff) does isn’t perfect never ceases to amaze. Guess what, he isn’t perfect, and his recruiting has been far from it. If that doesn’t get better, this will be Mac 2.0. Now, go ahead, do what the dumbest fanbase in America does and kill the messenger.
  2. When I here kids who went to Baylor tell people they would have been interested in UNT, but were never contacted, and those kids think it’s odd that UNT never came to their school, that catches my attention, no matter how the process works.
  3. It’s not a problem, as he is at Tech as a preferred walk on. The fact that you think this staff couldn’t use a preferred walk on that Tech can just proves your well documented rah rah boy status. Let’s see how this plays out in the next couple of years...
  4. They haven’t been to that campus or several other campuses in that district in a year, according to multiple sources who say every Big 12 staff has been present. If you want to win recruiting battles, you need to show up for the fight. Oh, and the source isn’t that kid or his family, just FYI.
  5. It was absolute luck. Fine was first offered preferred walk on. When he refused (or another target committed somewhere else) was when he got offered. Littrell had zero other options. Fine was easily the top producing QB anywhere without offers. It wasn’t some magical tough call when you had squat on your roster. The tougher call that Littrell should get credit for is starting Fine as a Freshman over an Alabama graduate transfer and sticking with him through SMU and Iowa. Those were where credit was earned. Everyone knows my early criticism of Fine, but we all hoped he would be another Nick Mullens (struggle freshman year and have something click as a soph). That’s exactly what happened. Any true freshman will struggle. Fine’s continued struggles through the SMU and Iowa Games are what concerned me. But the light everyone was hoping for came on, and in a big way. And yes, when the coaching staff receives a call from a coach telling them a third team all-DFW area DT is interested in their program, they should return that call (they should also be making visits to that school’s campus. They haven’t in the last year). Texas Tech did make that call. But, ya, we are so much better than a P5 at DT we couldn’t be bothered to make a call to talk to the kid about a preferred walk on offer... What I’m hearing about recruiting and the lack of presence at local 6A high schools is concerning. And it’s from players at those schools.
  6. And landed no other QB recruit, the TOP priority for that class. Fine got an offer because more highly recruited players said no. And thank god. But it still doesn’t change the fact that Littrell fell into this. Where Littrell should get credit is for sticking with Fine until something clicked after the Iowa game.
  7. Good Lord. Revisionist history much? They didn’t find Fine, Fine’s coaches found them. They were desperately trying to find Fine a FBS scholarship. Littrell was desperate after not being able to find a QB his first class and knowing that he had maybe one QB on the roster that was worth an FBS scholarship. Two desperate parties got together and made a magical match. Glad Littrell took that call. Too bad his staff didn’t take or return a call from another coach. They would have been much deeper at DT, a position of need. Here is Vito’s more sane article on Fine’s offer and immediate acceptance. Notice how late in the recruiting game it was: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2016/01/26/unt-notebook-oklahoma-qb-commits-to-unt I know people on this site love to lie to themselves, but how about knowing little history on your team. Also, chillax. The only offer Littrell would get that he would consider is SMU if Morris got hired by a P5 (yes, he is currently WAY ahead of Littrell in the P5 coach pecking order), which is also unlikely. Although it would be funny to see some of the rah rah boys heads spin if that happened.
  8. Just wait. In a couple of years certain people on this forum and in the program will want to nominate him for the hall of fame. That’s gonna happen. And it shouldn’t. Ever.
  9. Hardly the crowning achievement of my life. But one thing is for sure, it definitely wasn’t any achievement in your life, was it? And that’s why you hate it so much... Nope, just that they were willing to sit on their hands and let the status quo be. Thank God some didn’t.
  10. Support? Benford was allowed to coach out a contract, it took well over 6 months from the time the media reported on the banner (flying it wasn’t important, media coverage was) until RV “resigned.” Dont think because things are going well this fall that’s the terrible culture that is UNT athletics has magically changed. It hasn’t.
  11. Right, because left to folks like you, RV would still be here and we would still suck. Some people decided to do the heavy lifting. Most sat on their hands and criticized. Here’s to the doers, especially the one cat overseas that donated about half the amount. That guy is a freaking hero to this program, and his “character” is spot on. 10 years is more than “a little too long.” UNT is ripe to make the same mistake again.Mainly because it has one of the dumbest fan bases in college athletics. How else do you explain an RV being allowed to hang around for 10 years after he should have been fired.
  12. Ha. This brings back memories. During that same inane speech, he talked about being “personally attacked” because of his open campaigning for Hank. He was referring to me tweeting both he and Smatresk and asking Smatresk not to let George get his friend a job. Guess what, Georgio? You don’t want criticism, don’t attempt to use you’re HUGE local public platform to good ole boy a friend a job. Yes, you can be questioned and should be AT EVERY TURN because it’s clear your personal agenda is more important than UNT athletic success. You talk about sports for a living. You aren’t any better than any other fan. Get over yourself. You shouldn’t have even been allowed inside a fan meeting as it was crystal clear that you would tell Hank everything you remembered from that meeting. Georgio is everything old Denton. He is perfectly OK with UNT sucking as long as he is worshiped as an alum. Challenge him and he would rather ruin your fandom than allow someone so beneath him to submit such a challenge. His response to Austin (who, whether he likes it or not is so Ben Gooding 4 years ago and will eventually follow Ben’s path) is juvenile and indicative of #oldDenton. I️ mean, why even respond at all? Seems the rah rah fan club boys on this one opinion allowed forum have VERY short memories where UNT history is concerned. Here is a very short rehash: Your now idol Georgio did everything in his power to make sure your also now idol Ween Baker didn’t get the job, and then did everything in his power to make sure your now idol Wren Baker was forced to retain a guy that VERY PUBLICLY campaigned for Wren Baker’s job. All because Georgio put his own self interests above UNTs. And using #OldDenton in that tweet is a direct shot a Baker. Seems like you rah-rah fan club boys have idol identification issues to me... Adios mofos.
  13. The Hank thing is because Wren was told he couldn't fire him. Plain and simple. Same old UNT.
  14. This isn't hard. The coaches know his limitation, and they try to Taylor the offense around those weeknesses. Go back and watch the pressed when Littrell announced him as starter. Littrell's comment was "he is a good game manager." What a ringing endorsement
  15. Hey, child, this is football, and since I give at a much larger level than you, I'll say wht I want. Maybe you should wake the F up and demand some accountability
  16. LOL. I wasn't even connect to this crap in 2004. You must have me confused with someone else, pal. And at least I did something. What the F did you do?
  17. And exactly what has improved since RV left? Because all his cronies still work at the AD
  18. This will be lucky to be a 4 win team.
  19. Now, go back and look and see how many of those yards came after the score was 52-17 and SMU's 8th team was in the game. The football intelligence of this board is f'n below zero. At the half he had 105 yards passing. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE!!!! Ever think 10 in the box might affect the running game???? So freaking stupid.
  20. YOU thought way too highly of them. I bet you BillySea didn't. Because he understands what the F is going on in recruiting. You WANTED to lie to yourself. That lie is exposed. Will contact bye to be exposed next weekend. And will possibly be driven like a steak through your heart in the UAB game. But keep on being you.
  21. You do realize that Littrell's recruiting is right where Mac's was his last couple of years, right?
  22. He is a bad recruiter, or hires them. Either way, it's a path to disaster.
  23. It's not that tough on defense. Put 9 or 10 in the box. Easy as pie.
  24. Spoken like a true member of this board. Losing isn't the problem, the fans are.
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