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  1. Wow. I mean, maybe we could get the object of our obsession (SMU) to get together and head back to the Belt with us. That would be great, wouldn’t it?? 🙄 UNT football fans: lowest standards in college football.
  2. Yep. And that’s the point when you are trying to actually build something, which is what the AD should be trying to do. The whole “we are trying to win10 games to say we won 10 games” was 1) stupid and 2) something literally no one cared about. It was stupid because Troy was CLEARLY the better team and there was no chance to win the game. No one cared because it was Troy. Just another mark in the long list of opportunities lost at UNT. I mean, it’s literally what we do. On a side note, I see a poster bullied Ben by posting personal information publicly. It appears he wasn’t disciplined for it. It sad this place has devolved into a shaming mechanism for anyone that dares question UNT athletics. It’s a shame it’s allowed. It’s a shame it’s participated in by those who should certainly know better. But such is the state of this forum these days. Thank God There is alternate place to post.
  3. Ah, taking the “safe” route. Ya, that’s what this program needs...
  4. Yes. Because UNT would have gotten two extra weeks of practice time. Because UNT wouldn’t have gotten their teeth kicked in by an opponent from the Sun Belt, a conference this program spent years ineptly trying to escape from. Because UNT fans (like me) would have actually attended the bowl game. I didn’t even watch the Troy game on TV. Because UNT grads who don’t pay attention to UNT would have had their head turned by a game against a team that they perceived mattered. For almost a full month. Local media would have paid attention to UNT playing FSU. They didn’t for Troy. At all. In the 13 days between the conference championship game and bowl game. You don’t understand our culture, so I get your questions. The sad thing is many fans here think the same way you do, which is why this is the dumbest fanbase in college football. By a long shot.
  5. And it’s the AD’s job to navigate that funny business. That’s my point. USM AD didn’t seem to have a problem.
  6. May not have had a choice? It’s the responsibility of the Athletic Department to make sure that NEVER happens as the West Champs of CUSA. Ever. Last year when we didn’t even deserve a bowl invite? Sure, take what you can get. THis year? The AD got outflanked by a more experienced USM AD. Period. Oh, FSU team speed kills? Well, so did Troy’s. And at least USM gets an opponent worth 2 craps Inc the eyes of their uniformed fans.
  7. Ben is right. This defense gave up 38 or more points to SEVEN G5 OPPONENTS this year. Let that sink in. At any other FBS program, Reffert would be given his walking papers. And he knows it. Good thing he works for the one whose fan base has zero standards, eh? This is Dodgeball with a really good QB. This is a gimmick defense that isn’t working. This is primed for a major step backwards unless defensive line play has a massive level of improvement. And to the poster who actually believes the redshirts will be better than the current DL: IF THEY WERE THEY WOULD HAVE PLAYED THIS YEAR! Good Lord. Dumbest fanbase in America.
  8. Becoming pretty clear that the way to keep this staff from contacting a kid is to contact the staff about a kid. I imagine they think they know better...
  9. Another propaganda thread from a board full of them. Sad, thinking back on what this place used to be. So... Rah rah rah, sis boom bah away. Adios, Mofos.
  10. Is it? They play in a better conference, pay their coach over $1 million more a year than UNT (in fact, it’s the highest paid head coaching position in the G5), have a MUCH better brand, and yes, they have a better football history. I mean, they aren’t P5 better, but they are definitely a rung up from UNT.
  11. Here is the deal. You are going to get a lot of snarky responses from UNT fans because they are terrified of losing this game. Anyone who looks at this honestly will fear Troy’s ability to get to the QB. Hell, Fine was sacked 6 or 7 times by a lesser FAU front 7 just a week ago. Both UNT tackles are very suspect in pass protection. I didn’t want to play you guys because there is zero upside for UNT. Actually, the same zero upside exists for Troy, also. If UNT wins, people shrug their shoulders. If UNT loses to a program from a conference UNT fought for years to leave, it hurts UNT’s already low perception. And from Troy’s view, beating UNT does nothing to help that program. UNT has a terrible brand and a loss to UNT hurts Troy way more than a win helps Troy. Its a lose lose for both schools. But that’s the reason the powers that be put us together. No one really cares about either of us.
  12. Well, you don’t trust a head coach’s denial when he is the subject of better job rumors. Look, I know you rah rah boys are new at this whole coach possibly being hired away thing, but stop being naive about it. Any coach in this situation isn’t going to tell anyone outside his immediate family what his real intentions are. They are going to pledge allegiance to the current school up to the minute that they announce they are leaving, if they say anything at all. That’s the way this dance is done. If you had read the above link, you would realize this. Seth Littrell doesn’t owe UNT anything. He doesn’t love Denton. He came here to go somewhere else. That the way college football go. Whether the rah rah boys like it or not.
  13. He picked UNT to go 11-2 this year in his week to week picks. Half empty? Lol. *May have actually been 12-1 as I don’t recall who he picked in the CUSA Championship game.
  14. Lol. Hardly. But I mean, if Littrell does go to SMU, at least he will be coaching your other favorite team, right? Again, when people lose arguments, they shift to other, 2 year old issues, and then completely mischaracterize those old issues because people don’t remember 2 year old arguments. It’s a loser’s game: But what else would you expect from one of SMU’s biggest fans?
  15. And Morris will never get a P5 job, right Emmitt?
  16. Ah, the basking in the glory of one successful season. I mean, it’s so 2013... And all shills can do (not talking about you in particular) is bring up 2 year old crap when arguing a completely different subject? Ok, I guess.
  17. No rant needed. Just a little common sense. If coaches will lie directly to their players, they will certainly lie to a message board poster. See below: http://es.pn/1MwZTT9
  18. If what the SMU poster says is true about Littrell taking Harrel with him to SMU, this board should recognize the very real possibility that Fine could follow both to SMU. Maybe he doesn’t. But don’t think that won’t be discussed.
  19. Jury is out on both. And try not to end every post with “grow up.” If for nothing else but originality’s sake.
  20. It’s like you are putting your hands over your ears, squeezing your eyes shut, and yelling “nana, nana, nana, nana” as loud as you can. You were wrong about Morris. I hope you aren’t wrong about Littrell.
  21. Unless UNT doesn’t reach expectations next year. Then that P5 job is gone. May I redirect you to the last two years of recruiting. If you think SMU is a “lateral move,” you are just showing your UNT homerness. Any place that can pay a coach $1 million more in salary isn’t a lateral move. At all. Also a better conference, more notable history, much better national brand, and so on and so on. As far as growing up, you are the only one using personal attacks and name calling in our discussion. So maybe heed a little of your own advice?
  22. So let me get this straight. You expect a head coach to tell a very frequent message board poster that said head coach is interviewing with message board poster’s perceived arch rival? Seriously? The head coach is the one source that ABSOLUTELY cannot be trusted to tell the truth in this scenario. Prepare to be disappointed in people throughout your life. A lot.
  23. Thank you for a very detailed account of what you believe to be happening at SMU. If you get insulted, put down, made fun of, realize this fanboard only wants to believe in unicorns and fairy dust these days. Any opposing opinion gets shouted down. Some will tell you that Littrell will coach here for the next two years even if Alabama offered him the head coaching job. We aren’t used to winning, so please forgive the rah rah boys you encounter. They know not what they do.
  24. Leaving this board isn’t leaving UNT athletics, my manipulated friend. I was at every home game. Willie Fritz? That’s all you got? Lol. SMU poster had some very detailed info. You had a “I know a guy” denial. Detailed info should always win the day. Maybe he goes to SMU, maybe he doesn’t. But I’m pretty sure that’s going to be SMU’s decision.
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