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  1. If you think this is a one game problem, you are a football moron. Courtland Sutton was 10 yards behind defenders on one TD because no one covered him. Get that? They just let him go. After last year. After he had scored 3 TDs in this game. But ya, keep telling yourself everything's ok
  2. Nope. RV was cut out of the process. This is a Sematresk and 17 hire. Because they wouldn't can RVs ass when it needed to happen. So UNT.
  3. No offense, but this was certainly no coaching gem tonight. What you don't realize is the majority of people on here are perfectly fine with .300.
  4. The bigger question is can UNT win this game?
  5. No, SMU adjusted. That's what defenses do. There wasn't one route in those first 2 drives over 15 yards.
  6. Next week. I would be surprised if we beat UAB at home.
  7. Be careful. You are asking to be bullied. Harry only allows positive opinions here, and will sick Harry's hit squad onyou in a second's notice if you keep this up. And no, the only one on here who has shadow profiles is a certain moderator who leads the bullying brigade. Why do you think we never went deep until the TD pass? You OC doesn't trust your starting QB. This isn't freaking brain surgery. They are trying to tailor the offense to his strengths
  8. I means a night like tonight requires the jokes, don't you think?
  9. Actually I think they are about the same. Still no snap from under center in short yardage. SMU used it. We don't. Same stubborn mindset
  10. Anyone who paid any attention to recruiting the last 2 years would say no
  11. I would expect this exact post from your blind... self. Fine isn't allowed/can't throw the deep ball, and there obviously isn't another QB on the roster any better. After 2 years, that is a recruiting failure. You do realize Fine is a Littrel recruit, right? But then again, RV would still be here if you had anything to say about it.
  12. Because we are awful. SMU just put a P5 beat down on us. Will any of you wake the F up?
  13. How did that wager work out for you, loser?
  14. Well, my apologies. Thank you for being on the right side of history. Expect Lifer to now stalk you to eternity. Nope. I was back before the game. But feel free to join the bullying. I mean, nothing will be done about it, so pile on. And you said anyone with any type of brain can see that we can't recruit? Well, unless you are calling most people on here stupid, you are more than a little wrong.
  15. There is a reason the coaches have routes all under 20 yards and don't call a deep ball. It's because they don't trust the QB to throw it. But ya, the coaching was pretty crappy, also, You had the opportunity, but like most UNT fans, you were fine with 15 F'n years of losing.
  16. Oh, I'm sorry. I left after the point spread was tripley covered by a team a couple of morons on here thought we would beat.
  17. Let's review Fine's stats at the end of the night. The idiocy in this fan base is stunning. Keep believing in fairy tails, folks.
  18. The ONE deep ball he was allowed to throw all night. How is 54-17 sitting in your mouth? How is another terrible performance by another UNT QB sitting with you? We lose big to Iowa and quite possibly lose to UAB. How is that sitting with you? Recruiting matters. This staff hasn't. That's what you are seeing on the field tonight.
  19. Is at QB. Not one pass over 20 yards the entire 1st half. Not one. 9 and sometimes 10 guys in the box. And the routes most plays don't have a receiver more than 10 yards from the LOS. If anyone is expecting more than 4 or 5 wins outta this thing, you are delusional. Put in the kid from Ok St if you don't think Fine can throw deep. He can't be worse.
  20. Just proof to the delusional UNT fan base that SMU doesn't give two craps about any game with UNT. Thank you for that. But... rivalry!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!1!1!1!!1 Hey there Dulcolax. Keep dreaming for the stars and insulting anyone who doesn't. Thank you for making my point.
  21. If they do, they beat UNT by a substantial amount.
  22. I will, thanks. It'll be great to watch a basketball program that the it's university gives a crap about.
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