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  1. See, you consider Houston and Memphis “marque” games. I consider them no better than a La Tech game. Because they aren’t. Not to the potential fans this program should be trying to reach. Tech is in 20 freaking 27. Great chance that game never happens. California is a good scheduling get, something that should be the norm, not something that proves Baker is some kind of scheduling genius. Every other team in our own conference has these types of games scheduled, but because standards have been so GD low here for so long, it’s considered some type of grand get. A lot of changes are coming to college football. It appears UNT is content to just accept their lot. Some things never change.
  2. Nice. Run to the defense of someone that is currently contributing nothing to this program over someone that is active. Its very UNT of you.
  3. But you aren’t currently, are you? No you aren’t. I am. So maybe you should stop demanding things from people that are currently doing more for UNT athletics than you are. You can demand answers when I comment about your family’s scholarship fund... Some people are doers, others are watchers.
  4. Here is a thought: Before you demand one damn thing from an active member of the mean green club and a contributor to the stadium fund, why don’t you first contribute one red cent to UNT athletics. Hypocrisy knows no bounds, I guess.
  5. Fixed. FAU has open spots on the OOC schedule in 2019 and 2020. FIU has an open spot NEXT YEAR, two open spots in 2019 and 2020, three open spots in 2021, and only one game scheduled (Indiana in 2024) after that. La Tech has 2 games open in 2020, one game open in 2021, two games open in 2022 and 2023, and nothing scheduled after that. UTSA has one game open in 2019, 2020, and 2021. They have two games open in 2022, 2023, and 2024. They have only one game scheduled in 2026 and nothing after. I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point that UNT isn’t the norm when it comes to scheduling football games. Then again, when have they ever been? UNT? Full schedules through 2026 with the exception of one game open in both 2023 and 2024. Talk about a lack of flexibility. It’s like the AD thinks college football will never change, and in particular that UNT’s place in college football will never change. That should be disheartening to all fans.
  6. You are one to talk about positive impact, having never done one damn thing to improve this program. Ever. Are you even a Mean Green Club member? Wouldn’t surprise me if you never have been. All you do is accept whatever the status quo is at the time while attacking anyone who dares to question your pitifully low standards for anthing UNT athletics. Maybe if people like you had gotten off your lazy, losing accepting rear, people like me and others on here would have never had to fly a banner. But you didn’t then and never will. Just rah rah rah sis boom bah while telling those that question a historically terrible program to leave. i mean, that makes sense.
  7. Outside of UNT’s very small fan base, No one cared what kind of draw Troy was, and no one cared about this game. Until they saw UNT got blown out by Sun Belt team. Then they just shook their head and said “same old UNT.”
  8. Ah, the old “accept it or leave” statement that has led to this program being crap for decades. if you don’t like it, leave! UNT’s recruiting sucks? How dare you bring it up! Just leave!! UNT’s presence in local high schools is terrible? Don’t bring it up! Just leave! And the rah rah board wonders why there are over 100,000 alumni in the area and less than 10% give to UNT athletics. Im not picking on you specifically, but it’s unfortunate that the UNT good ole boy pattern of only wanting one narrative seems to be filtering down to younger fans. It’s a losing culture and a losing culture only that allows this. .
  9. Like one poster said in wishing him well: "He was a good guy." Being a good guy is still FAR more important at UNT than recruiting/winning/doing your actual job.
  10. Getting blown out by a Sun Belt team in a bowl game and finishing seasons poorly is what is keeping Littrell here longer...
  11. Sadly, this part of your post appears to be the only part far too many UNT fans care about.
  12. You think this is turned around. I think this is one injury to Mason Fine away form being 2013 all over again. Because recruiting. And UNT doesn't have a basketball program, so...
  13. Zach Orr was a pro bowler year 3. Size may cost you to drop from a 3rd to a 5th rounder at other schools. At UNT, it drops you out of the draft completely. Because that is UNT's reputation at work. With any job done by humans, it will be influenced by human nature. Human nature tells one that when a school perpetually sucks at football and hasn't produced a draft pick in 15 some odd years, its not going to produce one this year. Human perceptions are VERY hard to change. If you believe anything else, you are naïve. And no, computers don't solve anything, because they are programmed in what to look for by humans.
  14. I mean, parking passes are important... No doubt Reffert will be returning... Unfortunately...
  15. Actually having a relationship with high schools within a 100 mile radius of UNT would be a good place to start. That woul be an improvement over the last guy. Although if the pattern holds, expect this board to make excuses for the new guy because of the adversity the last guy left him, even though those same people supported the last guy until he wasn't at UNT anymore. And a round and round we go...
  16. I mean, with sourcing like this, who would dare argue? 😏
  17. Zach Orr gets drafted if he plays for any other FBS program in America. Dunbar probably does, also. It cost both a lot of cash. And this is used against UNT regularly in recruiting. If you don’t think it isn’t, well, rah rah rah, sis boom bah.
  18. Typical UNT. Relationships are far more important than performance. Scooty’s Such a good ole boy we just gotta keep him around till he gets retirement, don’t ya know. Performance be damned. And make no mistake, his performance sucked. Maybe now UNT will at least have as good a presence in local high schools as La Tech and UTSA... Same old good old boy culture.
  19. Standards have gotten so low around here that now Dodge is considered not so bad? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not surprising with this “we will accept anything” rah rah board.
  20. Neither drafted, which was the point of Austin’s post. But I guess the propaganda machine never stops around here.
  21. It’s his choice, not yours. Period.
  22. Right, because it’s not like coaches screw over players and leave for a better job before the bowl game, right? And every school refuses to pull scholarships if the player turns out to be a bust, right? Good for these kids. They are making smart decisions to protect their future earnings FOR THE REST OF THEIR VERY SHORT NFL CAREER. What this poster really means is “I want them to do what’s best for me because, dangummit, I like me some college football and I could give a crap about any kid actually playing it!” Tough titty. Good for the kids. Hope they get paid as much as possible and have a successful NFL career.
  23. No, I was actually at a loved one’s college graduation. Probably like a bunch of other Alumni. Wouldn’t have watched, anyway, though. Playing a perceived crap team from a crap conference. And you don’t have to worry about my fandom. It, along with my money, is slowly fading away from UNT athletics. This is the point where you say “good riddance! Who needs you!!!!!11!!1!.” Hey, maybe you are right. But realize there ain’t any line to take my place. It’s why UNT is what it is and what it always will be: a bottom of the barrel G5 program.
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