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  1. I'm the one with the agenda? Bahahahahaha. Did you call the AD first to clear that post? Its a conflict of interest. Period. Hand it off. Its great that they have all those things. How many prostitution or human trafficking cases have they done? This isn't what they do and isn't their expertise. You trust the administration (and always will, no matter how many times you are lied to and used). I don't. That is the crux of the matter. Na, that's just you trying to pigeonhole me as usual. Get back to that circle.
  2. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/17963936/penn-state-fined-record-24-million-handling-jerry-sandusky-case Read this and see what a great job Penn St PD did with Sandusky. Also see how they under-reported sexual assaults on campus. University PDs are FAR more susceptible to political pressure because non-police essentially run the department. Hand it off.
  3. They aren't geared for a major criminal investigation. It's just not what they do. Add on top of that having to answer to people who may have a major stake in the investigative findings and it makes for a very bad situation. Hand it over. Here is something for the mouthpieces to consider (that's assuming they are capable of an independant thought). What happens if the law firm comes across a piece of information that the police do not have but need for the criminal investigation? And what if that piece of information also opens up the university to liability? Who makes the decision to let the PD know? The university does. And if that PD is UNT PD, you could potentially have a very very dirty situation inside UNT.
  4. That was directed at the AD mouthpiece 23. Again, do you consider UNT PD on the same investigative level as the Texas Rangers? First, training and experience doing are two very different things. Secondly, you basically agreed with me by saying they would "bring in additional resources." Those "resources" would be experienced investigators from other agencies. And if they are going to do that, just hand it over and get UNT's name off the investigation completely. That's what should happen, anyway.
  5. Just to be clear, you believe UNT PD is the equivalent of the Rangers? On traffic stops and disturbance calls, yes. On investigating any major crime? No. Quite the difference that your all day pro UNT narrative can't get past.
  6. Right? I mean, if he knew about the prostitution ring and did nothing to stop it, he certainly isn't accountable, is he? Rah rah rah, sis Boom bag. I wonder if any clients are on this site. Lol. He will never blame UNT for anything. If RV himself had led this prostitution ring, Machine would give him a pass because, dagnamit, he is just such a good guy other than a little whorin'. Wait... RV... Whorin'... This can't be a coincidence! Maybe their business model was based off of RV's OOC scheduling! Examples mater!!!
  7. Every serious crime that presents a publicity problem and a possible liability to UNT, yes. Do you seriously think UNT PD would work a murder that occurred on campus? No. They aren't equipped to do so. I'm sure UNT has fine officers, but they don't deal with major crimes and I would bet no one at the PD has ever worked a human trafficking case or a prostitution case. Its not what a university PD does.
  8. Except for not firing the coach 3 or 4 years earlier. You know, the coach that brought these people to campus. The coach whose team played undisciplined ball. The coach that ANY OTHER UNIVERSITY would have fired several years sooner. But hey, the consequences was only one rape and a little prostitution organization, so we should praise UNT. Right?
  9. Shocked that you can't see a conflict of interest between a PD that answers to a university president conducting an investigation into something that could give the university a black eye. Shocked, I tell ya. Chancres are the UNT PD is doing what they should be doing in this thing. If they were going to bury it, it never hits the news. BUT, you need to avoid ANY appearance of impropriety. Hand the investigation over. Lifer apparently doesn't understand that UNT is inside the Denton city limits and inside Denton County, giving both Denton PD and Denton SO jurisdiction. He also doesn't realize that UNT is located inside the state of Texas, giving the Rangers jurisdiction. UNT isn't its own city nor is it it's own state, just be be clear.
  10. The fact that it said it the article very specifically that UNT PD was handling the investigation? Did you miss that? Too busy in that circle? As to the rest, rah rah rah sis Boom bah. Will UNT ever be anything other than where people "learn lessons?"
  11. You guys can all get together (again) for a circle... function. Army of Dad went to every game. I doubt if he got to see a second of real basketball.
  12. Bahahahahaha. They are paid by UNT, which means attorney-client protection attaches. Whatever the law firm finds out, they can NEVER publicly comment about. That is left up to... wait for it... the university. Apparently you also missed that this is an ONGOING INVESTIGATION. Also, is it the current AD party line to use the death of a 15 year old in another county as a distraction technique from this issue? I mean, the fact that you issued that insane statement makes that possibility extremely viable.
  13. No, I said it's a sign of covering your ass for liability purposes. Of course, facts never matter to you. Rah rah rah, sis book ba. Nothing to see here, folks. Maybe you would like to reissue the AD party line of what a clean program Benford ran.
  14. Part of the Ranger's job is assisting agencies in matters just like this. Its also Denton PD's jurisdiction. As well as DCSO's jurisdiction. Lots of options. The worst option is having a university PD investigate a matter in which the university could have liability. Avoid any appearance of impropriety and let another agency take over. It's the proper thing to do. Not the law,
  15. You are right. I haven't read many articles about UNT basketball lately and won't in the future. i also consider Vito's words more reliable than anything the current President of the university says publicly about UNT athletics (remember that vote of confidence for RV shortly before the ax fell?). Dont get the big head, Vito. It ain't saying much. 😏
  16. Lol. The "current staff" I was clearly talking about was the AD and those in the athletic department. Aint pimpin' fun?
  17. I think the fans have lost respect for a lot of the players, so... Even?
  18. Now, now. Wren CLEARLY meant no off the court incidents that had been made public. Come on, now. How can you expect a guy to be held accountable who received multiple, direct warnings about his basketball coach and yet did nothing? Thats just asking way too much, especially at UNT. I mean, maybe Austin College, but not UNT. As a bonus, I wouldn't be surprised to see NCAA violations come from Benford's tenure...
  19. Does anyone not see the conflict of interest of UNT PD investigating a criminal case in which UNT may have civil liability? Maybe the civil law firm will run the criminal investigation after all. What a GD mess. UNT Police need to recuse themselves and hand the investigation off to Denton PD or some other agency. Ask the Rangers to take it over if Denton PD feels too close to take it.
  20. Come on now, they were just sad that Benford left so they decided to pimp just once and were caught the very first time. Lol. Right. Ass covering. Just like I said.
  21. I think you just posted this so you could defend all your "Benford ran a clean, family oriented program" posts. Lol. If UNT fired Benford when every other university would have, these players aren't on campus. Get it?
  22. "When something like this occurs, we take it seriously," Smatresk told the Record-Chronicle. "We take action and we do what we need to do to preserve the safety and security of the campus." Too bad UNT is reactionary and did nothing to prevent it. This statement by the Prez encapsulizes the dysfunction inside UNT athletics. I wonder if anyone gets fired now? Doubtful.
  23. Right? The mods should pull it, shouldn't they? knowing how the prostitution game works is a little uncomfortable for you? Tough Ts. At least you didn't have to live it. Criminal conspiracy charges and promoting prostitution charges are nothing to sneeze at. That is a real possibility and the article tends to support that is what is coming. But hey, UNT will make Sports Center. Any pub is good pub, right?
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