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  1. Riiiiggt, and the horses mouth would never use you to get the info out they wanted, would they? Because, gosh darn it, y’all are friends. You do realize this hurts the credibility of your info on things like this, right? Multiple sources from different entities. Learn it, live it, know it.
  2. Ah, by the insults and personal attacks I see I wasn’t. Pardon me if I value the info of the SMU poster over yours on this subject...
  3. Na, I feel so attacked because it’s been encouraged and participated in by management. So it be. But I am glad to see someone else who recognizes the obvious.
  4. I could be wrong, but didn’t you also say Chad Morris wouldn’t get a P5 gig?
  5. Lol. Nothing better than to say this to people. It’s called marketing a brand. Color me extremely skeptical. And the source you quoted might as well have been an AD rep, so...
  6. Wow, Seth isn’t even worthy of one of the worst jobs in FBS (according to Chad Morris and pushed by GMG24)?...
  7. UNT fans will go to great lengths to convince themselves of certain things. This is a fine example. If High School was an equivalent to college experience, why aren’t more high school head coaches hired straight in to be head coach at major universities? Hell, members of this fan base, maybe even you, bitch and moan constantly about high school Todd Dodge being allowed to take over here. How many head coaches that went straight from high school to head coaching at the FBS level have been successful? I mean, only a handful have been given the oportunity. If your logic applies, why weren’t there more, and why weren’t they succcessful? Again, you are thinking with your mean green heart and not your brain. But that’s what this board does nowadays. Oh, and the student vote? So so so so UNT.
  8. Ya, ok. Guess what. I got P5 offers, also. If I say it, it must be true, right?
  9. High school and college aren’t the same sport. You think our fans would have learned that with Dodge. Take away Morris’s high school coaching years, and Littrell may even have more experience. Morris does have a better P5 assistant resume than Littrell, but he has also done less at SMU, so those kinda balance out. Fine figured it out in his second year like some of us prayed that he would. Something clicked after the Iowa game, and that’s awesome. I don’t think anyone predicted Fine as 1st team or POTY this year beside that relative that posts. Littrell showed guts by staying with Fine in the Iowa game, and he was proven right. SMU is just a more respected, higher profile program than UNT, and UNT fans just can’t stand to hear that truth because they falsely perceive some rivalry with SMU exists. You can hate them, but realize that hate flows only one way. They just rarely even think about UNT. The facts are what the facts are. This board just NEVER wants to hear them, and actively discourages decenting opinions.
  10. Potential? Heard that in 2008. Heard that in 2011. Words are easy. Work isn’t. Potential means you haven’t done squat. So... we agree?
  11. If SMU is a “lateral move,” why is Morris coaching at Arkansas while Littrell didn’t get a sniff of that job? SMU is a higher profile file program in a better, higher profile file conference. If you were Littrell, would you rather coach the players Morris recruited the last 2 years or the players that Littrell recruited the last 2 years? For a million dollars plus more a year. No brainer. If Littrell gets the offer.
  12. And still haven’t told us about these supposed P5 offers.
  13. Lol. Ok. Care to name names where these opportunities occurred? And if SMU is such a terrible program, and Morris only got it to 6-6 in the same time span that Littrell turned UNT from 1-11 to 9-4, yet Arkansas picks Morris over Littrell (never even considered), what does that say about where UNT is as opposed to SMU? One of “the worst programs in America” yet better than UNT? Or are you telling us Littrell turned down Arkansas to stay at UNT? Cause that ain’t ever happening.
  14. A video that shows Chad Morris coaching a P5 team? Before Seth Littrell? As I predicted? You’re right. Haven’t watched it... If UNT were sports smart (history says they aren’t), they would be proactive in this instance. Is it a HUGE gamble considering the inability of this staff to prove it’s recruiting chops? You betcha! But guess what, being a college football big boy, even on the G5 level, means a willingness to pay off a contract when needed (something UNT proved with Benford they are still reluctant to do). This could get really interesting...
  15. Rah rah boy fanboard: “Oh my god, every P5 in the universe is coming after Seth Littrell!!!!!!!1!1! UNT90: Uh, Chad Morris is much more marketable. Better P5 resume. Coaches a more high profile program. Rah rah boys: You are stupid, you are an ass, you hate UNT, why don’t you just leave this program and go away. UNT90: But what’s even more funny will be the reaction on this rah rah boy board when SMU looks at Littrell to replace Morris. Rah rah boys: Littrell loves UNT so much he’d never leave. EVER!!!!!!1!!11! He’d probably even coach here for free. UNT90: Well, SMU is the highest paying G5 job and a step up from UNT. So could you imagine the rah rah boy head explosion with Seth Littrell on the SMU sideline opening day next year? rah rah fan boy: Group laughter. Well, Mofos, so far I’ve been directly on point. Now you have AD moles telling you Littrell will never leave for SMU. Ya, because who wants to make $1 million more a year while coaching for a higher profile program, right? Maybe y’all should be prepared, because the only reason Littrell won’t leave for SMU is if SMU chooses someone else. That’s just a college sports fact. Perhaps the rah rah fan boys need to consider that Fine has a redshirt year to burn. Might he follow Littrell to SMU? Now, go ahead and name call me without any consequences. Adios, Mofos!
  16. F Number one, I never complain about any preferred walk on. Number two, I surely wouldn’t complain about a preferred walk on that was an all-dfw area 3rd teamer, one of the most talent rich areas in the United States. I mean, they aren’t costing a scholarship, remember? But yet you apparently don’t want that kid as a walk on option? Lol. Just a shill for this regime.
  17. Lol. Ok mister “depends on what the definition of is is”. I think even the intellectually challenged on this forum can read our convo and see who meant what. Good to know you don’t want a kid that Texas Tech does...
  18. You haven’t been here long. Maybe you are unfamiliar with board history and maybe program history? I don’t know. But here is the thing, on this board, if you have a legitimate question about anything having to do with this program, you are immediately and viciously attacked. I mean just about MFed, and without consequences from any moderator. Just look at the beating poor Ben has taken since my departure. Simply for expressing an alternate opinion. This board, it’s mods and owner only want one opinion expressed. And that opinion better not question anything about the current regime. That’s the same position this board held for the previous regime for a very long time. And look at the consequences. Diverse opinion is good. Too bad it’s not allowed here. Oh, and just because I question recruiting, and I do, doesn’t mean I’m unhappy about this year’s performance. Obviously I’m not. But this performance is not sustainable going forward without better recruiting. It’s a single issue argument. And Adios Mofo is a permanent sign off, just a way to poke the mofo bears.
  19. Ya, PREFERRED WALK ON OFFER!!! You know, that thing we were talking about until you changed the narrative to suit your argument because you know there is no defense for what happened. Alternate opinions aren’t allowed on thIs forum. Why I post on the other one now-a-days. Adios, Mofos!
  20. No, but when they are told by multiple sources that a 3rd team all-DFW area, unanimous all district DT with FBS measurable WANTS to come to their school AND CAN BE HAD FOR A PREFERRED WALK ON OFFER, they should return the call. They didn’t have to look, they were TOLD. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Can you get that through that thick Littrell loving skull of yours? I read Billy’s recruiting evals because he is honest, if at times a bit too PC for my liking. Yours I find unrealiable because you find zero fault in anything this staff does. Hell, you have an excuse for every decomitt ever. I have no doubt whatever Littrell’s staff produces; you will grade it an A. I get it. You get close to people and lose objectivity. The fact that you can’t simply admit this was a mistake by this staff says a lot. Adios, Mofos!!
  21. You have no idea the backstory on the kid, and you wouldn’t care if I told you because you will shill for this staff on every subject. Just the way it be. But go ahead and berate a 18 year old kid at a P5 because the great you believes in this staff and EVERY decision they make.. Here is a little future telling for you. If recruiting doesn’t pick up in the next two years, this board will turn viciously on this staff the year after Fine graduates. Why the year after Fine graduates? Because with Fine as QB, this team will contend in CUSA every year. Without Fine or a comparable QB, UNT is sitting at maybe 3 wins right now. That’s how important QBs are in this conference.
  22. And you keep that head firmly n the sand. I mean, that’s what we do around here, right? Im as happy as anyone about this season, but it’s unsustainable unless recruiting improves dramatically. And that recruiting is what will keep Seth from P5 offers. Abd hey, that may change this February. But until it does, it hasn’t. If it does, much like Fine, I’ll change my tune. My days of being a rah rah boy and ignoring warning bells ended in 2015. Keep your eyes open,
  23. Like I said, we will see in a couple of years. But ya, UNT should never extend a preferred walkon offer to someone Tech deems valuable is the same, right? No one is talking about a scholly but you, because you are on the wrong end of this argument and know it. If this kid had played for you, you would have called UNT and you would have been pissed that they didn’t return your call. But go ahead and score internet points by downgrading an 18 year old at a P5 program. I mean... you win?
  24. UNT refused to make a phone call to him to make an offer. Even after being contacted by his coaches. 3rd team all-area. 6’4” 285lbs of rock solid muscle. But, ya. Who needs that?
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