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  1. I could not answer the poll and kinda felt dirty for being asked, This board gets to me so much sometimes I wonder why I read it. I do like the news about the team even the bad news but the "End of the world Fox News" stuff is getting to me.
  2. Bad behavior fueled by alcohol? Sometimes you get what you ask for. I guess we have to lock stuff up. I forget what it is like to get loaded and run a muck.
  3. It was a great homecoming. We won and played well with good enthusiasm. No police officers were rude to me and all went well.
  4. Come on. Use the time to work on getting it right. Game to game. It is kinda like golf. When I blow a round then I play hole to hole. Dang it some days I have to play shot by shot. Mr McCarney is commanding and I would suit up if he asked me to. Plow on.
  5. My expectations are low these days witch equals some wins. We play best as underdogs and i see a resurgence from a Dan McCarney team. I post timidly on here cause some folks are just brutal. Go Mean Green.
  6. I too am glad Rally House stepped up in FloMo. The first time I went in there it was a joke but the next time they made up for it with the best selection of stuff in southern Denton County.
  7. I met Dajon's father in the Kroger by my house. It was a couple weeks before the Texas game. He had a Texas tee shirt on and I with my Mean Green, I said to watch out for us because we could sneak up on the horns. Well it turns out his son play for North Texas. The point being. He is still a Texas fan but I am sure he roots for his son when he plays for us. I did what to give him my shirt though.
  8. Thank you Eagle D you beat me to it. I wonder if having a game like that is good for us or not.
  9. Oh my. We will have to rise to this challenge. Go Mean Green. Whoa.
  10. I use the Chrome looking one I got sometime. Says Mean Green Club. Looks good on my black truck trimmed with Chrome. To the Bitches, we really do not need a gift that we toss out. Keep the money at home. I do need the stickers for my cooler so I know which ones mine. Go Mean Green.
  11. At my age I stagger without any help at all. But the cop said he saw me earlier and I was on the other side of the stadium. Oh well, I guess that comes with beer sales. Maybe I need a mean green polo instead of my tee shirt.
  12. OK on the way out, I walked over to the student side to exit. I talked to two policemen and one of them was a young guy who asked it I had too much to drink. I was taken back as I did pay for a 6 dollar beer because I could. I said no and he then replied that he saw me earlier staggering around. Anyway. It made me feel like shit and very uncomfortable around the Denton Police. Anybody? I do not know what to say.
  13. I thought it was worth the TV coverage. I am 55 and the heat on the alumni side surprised me. I drank water and all but totally soaked my shirt and a sweat towel. Folks were looking at me with worried looks. I wanted to see the game so I drove home and found it on TV. I know it looks bad as a fan but I will be back on Thursday.
  14. I took so much sun that I had to leave at half. I could not stay hydrated got the pounding headache and could not take it. I saw many SMU fans leaving at the half as well.
  15. I cooked and my family cooked. Totally unprepared for the heat and humidity. I had to leave at the half after getting so hot the head hurt. I was much more better since we were winning. I really missed the alumni shade.
  16. You all WTF. You are getting beer BEER in the stadium. Those who want some swallow it up. Buuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.
  17. Not me. I am a 10 year season ticket holder and Mean Green Club member but I really do not need a call to be there on Saturday. Go Mean Green. I know they knew I was coming and just skipped me. What efficiency.
  18. Greer looked intimidated to me. I think I could see him shaking. Anyway let us get back home next week and see what happens.
  19. This is why I like Fly Like an Eagle. When I heard it I knew it was our band and our school. So much fun. I even heard the "go mean green chant in the background".
  20. I see no problem letting both QBs having playing time in a big time stadium. Let them test themselves and show what they have. I am ready for the season. Come SMU though I hope we have a winner. Go Mean Green.
  21. Children, it will all be OK. No really, our coach has this going and I really think his coaching team are at task come what may. I like where we are these days. Lets get some folks to the games and press on.
  22. I got my tickets and parking all package nicely. I am ready to go.
  23. We are in no place to be cocky. Just beat then in hard nosed football.
  24. Welcome aboard. Grandpa Fritz would come through the drive through at chick quick on Eagle drive and order with the "Iron Claw". It never got old. He would even say "Do you know who I am?".
  25. I will still donate to a new Scrappy if it catches on.
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