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  1. meangreenfreak

    Bowl Eligible - but not celebrating......yet

    Yeah baby. As it should be.
  2. meangreenfreak

    This team deserved better

    These are the days that separate the dedicated from the delicate. Go Mean Green.
  3. meangreenfreak

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    Yes please! I have been looking for UNT kicks forever.
  4. meangreenfreak

    The Jeffery Wilson Block

    The last 1:07 was the most important part of the game. If anyone left early, they missed one of the finest moments in Mean Green history. In 27 years of following the Mean Green, I’ve never left a game early. Tonight it paid off. I got to witness pure Mean Green magic.
  5. meangreenfreak

    City of Champions

    Woo Hoo! DeSoto High School class of 1991. Of course, in 1991 our only state champions were the marching band. My how things have changed.
  6. meangreenfreak

    Dallas Mayor pushing for SMU to B12

    F SMU. Let them burn.
  7. meangreenfreak

    Littrell: "Home sweet home"

    UNT uses the Wildwood Inn for dignitaries and special guests. I bet he is staying in the Wildwood until he closes on a house.
  8. meangreenfreak

    I hope we get Meacham...

    I hope you're right. I really think Meachum is the right hire. I can't take anymore of the run first offense. We need someone who can convince Texas kids to come to Denton. We also need someone who can produce a draftable prospect at North Texas. Not having a player drafted in over 10 years really hurts us in recruiting. Good HS players want to go where they can get noticed by NFL scouts.
  9. meangreenfreak


    Anyone get the official attendance number for tonight's game?
  10. meangreenfreak

    Sweet UNT Hat

    2,000...thats not very many hats for a stadium that seats 42K. Guess you have to get there pretty darn early to get one.
  11. meangreenfreak

    UNT's schedule is out... We will not rest

    AMEN. What are the big time opponents that have come to Apogee? We were told that Fouts was the reason we couldn't get Big Time programs to travel to Denton. So what is it now? Too small, too far, not enough money?
  12. meangreenfreak

    UNT's schedule is out... We will not rest

    Anyone else notice that there is one month gap between our fourth home game against UTSA and our fifth (and final) home game against UTEP? There is also a large gap of 20 days between the Rice and Portland State games. Not good for building momentum at home or energizing the fan base. I guess this frees up most of my weekends this fall. I really cherish those games at Apogee each fall. This schedule makes me feel like I'm getting short-changed on season tickets. I'm just disappointed. No worries. I've gotten used to the felling.
  13. meangreenfreak

    UNT's schedule is out... We will not rest

    This sucks. I just don't understand why we can't get 6 home games a season. What is your fan base supposed to think? Don't tell me that SMU is the 6th home game. That's a poor excuse for bad schedule management.
  14. meangreenfreak

    Where Was Boomer The Cannon?

    It's a different time. Apparently today's Talons don't like to be wet or cold.
  15. meangreenfreak

    Where Was Boomer The Cannon?

    I'm pretty sure cannons were used during the rain while fighting wars in the past. Rain is no excuse to not have Boomer at the game. Wipe it down after the game and it will be fine.