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Ready For Some Football: UH Update


Good to hear from you and look forward to the game as well. How do you expect your Coogs to look this year? I'll be honest, getting your QB back scares the hell out of me. He was really really good! This will be a tall order for us but I can tell you the emotion going on for us that day will be unlike any other I've ever seen in following this program for awhile!! Should be an amazing backdrop!! GMG!

The offense will put up crazy numbers again as usual. Looking forward to getting Keenum back. He hasn't played as all world since that horrendous bowl game in 2009 where he threw all the interceptions, but at a minimum he'll be solid. Hopefully he'll be great again. I think he's been trying to do too much which leads to bad passes. Hopefully he'll trust his teammates more to make the plays and play within himself. If he does that he'll be amazing. We're worried about his knee. One of his biggest strengths is the ability to create on the move. He's not the fastest QB but he has an AMAZING pocket presence that keeps him out of trouble. Hopefully his knee will allow him to still do that.

The WRs will be deep as usual, but a little less experienced than in the past. Patrick Edwards will be great again this year as the primary receiver. If you want to lose your lunch, watch the youtube video of him breaking his leg 2 years ago. It's worse than watching the Theisman video. I don't know he came back and still seems to be as fast as ever.

One of the surprising bright spots will be the RBs. We'll be getting Sims back who was CUSA freshman of the year in 2009. He's very explosive. The main workhorse back Beall was CUSA freshman of the year before that. And we have an all around back that got a lot of time last year.

The OLine we don't know much about yet. We lost plenty there but hopefully they'll at least be average. If they can do that, it should give Keenum enough time because he is such a fast decision maker. A new Center is scary is this offense because the snaps have to be on.

The defense will determine whether UH is good or great. If the defense is even average, UH will be great this year. If they're anywhere near as bad as they've been the last couple of years, we'll be good. We can score with anyone even with a bad defense, but if we have a decent defense, no one can keep up with our offense. Run defense has been the Achilles heel. And even worse, running QBs really hurt UH. I'm curious how Dunbar will do against the UH D. I'm sure he'll get his yards. He's too good not to. But if that's all UNT has, UH will be able to outscore them.

I can't wait to see Carrier returning kicks again. You don't want to miss him if he touches the ball on kickoffs. He's returned 6 kicks for TDs in his career including 4 in 2009 and is looking to break the record. He runs track for the UH track team and is one of the fastest guys in Track, not just football. He's a solid receiver too.

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