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  1. 12/8 official visit thread

    Brown just posted an offer from Memphis.
  2. Wilson gets CUSA Offensive Player of the Week

    Well deserved!!
  3. I think that he was referencing Westlake's win over Allen this year.......
  4. And the there were two: Meacham and Littrell

    Fedora? I thought Fuente took the VT job........
  5. Rank Your Top Coaching Choices

    1) Kendal Briles 2) Kendal Briles 3) Kendal Briles
  6. Who Should Be The Next Head Coach @UNT

    Sonny Cumbie Scott Frost Kendall Briles
  7. Add Chris Campbell to that list. He died before his senior year but he was one of the reasons that Miami upset UCLA his junior year. He was the best player that I've ever seen.
  8. Who's in playoff ?

    If it's TCU, I expect Art Briles to tell Gary Patterson to have his team meet him in the HEB parking lot.....
  9. If UAB leaves who replaces them?

    Does UAB have a QB and a couple of D-linemen on their roster that we can use?
  10. MGB: Looks like UNT bus in fender-bender

    Derek Thompson??
  11. TMacs Lone Star Top 10

    So SMU & Rice are 11 &12...... I think Rice would beat UTEP & Texas State
  12. Just talked to RV.

    What did Mac say in the post game interview?
  13. Sheldon Wade's INT

    Was #3 on SportsCenter's top 10
  14. Why DW

    Best post of the night!
  15. Mac the savior has failed us