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  1. The fake handoff to Adaway (going left where the receivers were stacked) as Bean went right was beautiful.
  2. Rice played two games, including a win against SoMiss since NT had last played 5 weeks ago. That could partially explain our slow start.
  3. What happened to Adaway and his almost 9 yards per carry?
  4. Congrove Rankings are in same range with some flips: UTSA 73rd, Rice 64th, UNT 70th, UTEP 77th. Others on our schedule include SMU 35th, Houston 47th, SoMiss 67th, Charlotte 63rd, MTSU 74th, LaTech 68th, and UAB 55th. By the way, they have Kansas at 71st.
  5. Had to pick play versus no play first.
  6. Right now the most important game left on the schedule is Saturday at home against LaTech. I am not concerned with anything else until after 5:00 Saturday.
  7. I do not think the UTSA game was on ESPN+.
  8. The basketball version of the coaches radio show starts the season at noon, Monday, January 6 at Rudy's. Dave Barnett announced this on December 3 broadcast and some folks in loge seats confirmed last night.
  9. Five o'clock starts are OK IF decent concessions were available. Rudy's will be at some games, but last I asked they did not know when.
  10. If you are within 15 miles or so on a 7:00 weeknight game or 30 miles on a Saturday afternoon game, the best way to watch is in the Super Pit.
  11. Agree with "Little" Joe Hamilton from the Dan Spika era.
  12. First, my season ticket banners were missing the last two games. I had no idea those were intended for policing seat usage. Second, UNT has been selling $20 tickets through various promotions. Why would anyone pay that if $15 lets you sit anywhere.
  13. When you lose the last three games scoring 21 or fewer in each, it is clear the offensive is not going in the right direction. That alone justifies changing OC.
  14. I absolutely love the America the Beautiful into into the National Anthem, and the halftime space theme performance is great. I still wish we would show the same respect that the UT band showed us in Austin a few years ago by playing the alma mater of our opponents who come in without their band. If our opponents bring their band, give them time to play their alma mater. It saddens me when we take the band to SMU and other locations and are not given a chance to play ours. Let's set a good example by showing respect to our opponents. That said, my only complaint is the Green Brigade
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