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  1. No longer taking possible bowl game into account for holiday plans.
  2. If that semi-pro team from University Park wants to wear Dallas uniforms, then we should call them the Dallas Ponies. Alas last night was a night that Eagles would be more appropriate for us than Mean Green.
  3. Several pages toward the back have headers for 2021 but contain 2022 data.
  4. The creation of the Power 5 was a step in the wrong direction and the NIL explosion not helping. This idea of a NCFL would be even worse.
  5. I agree that WKU is a tough read right now. We'll know more by the time that game is played two months from today. Let's hope it merits better TV than Stadium as currently scheduled.
  6. The win in El Paso was encouraging enough to hold my expectations for a winning season. Concerns include continuing injuries (especially among receivers) and dumb penalties. Depth will remain an issue against teams in the AAC such as SMU and Memphis. On the plus side, Littrell has delegated all game coaching to his coordinators. We had good consistency on offense with greater reliance on the tight end and plenty of fresh legs at running back. The defense forced UTEP into six fourth down situations and held on four of those. The second half shutout was especially encouraging. In addition to UTEP, we should win against Texas Southern, LaTech, FIU, Rice, and UNLV, with all except UNLV at home. Most would expect road losses against WKU, UAB, UTSA, and Memphis. So that's six and four plus a bowl game. A win at home against SMU and/or FAU gets us to 7-5 or 8-4 plus a bowl game. I predicted 7-6 and hope we beat that.
  7. I'd rather we NOT copy anything SMU does except win.
  8. Highland Park JV or that Dallas semi-pro team?
  9. I never went home for Labor Day, but back then classes didn't start until after Labor Day.
  10. Games at UTSA, WKU, and UAB scheduled to be on Stadium. I had to turn audio down last night - very annoying.
  11. This time last year close followers of NT football saw a schedule that was going to be difficult in the first half of the season and a bit easier in the second half. Folks should keep that in mind when they see reports of how much the team improved during the season. I don't doubt the team improved, but don't overlook how the schedule played into that.
  12. CBS has the same six at the bottom, with LaTech next to last above FIU. They have top five as UTSA, UAB, WKU, UTEP, and UNT. Of non-conference opponents, SMU is just behind UAB, Memphis is three notches above UTEP, and UNLV falls about halfway between LaTech and FIU. If results followed all that (they never do), NT ends up 6-6 plus a bowl game. Anything better would have to include win at Memphis or UTEP plus taking care of business at home conference games plus Texas Southern.
  13. We have four of those on the schedule - all at home. That means we get the other four of the top five on the road. Need to take care of business at home and win some of those road games to have a decent conference record.
  14. Unless the NCAA puts a reasonable cap on this soon, college football as we know it may not survive.
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