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Found 20 results

  1. http://www.culturesonar.com/vegas-zz-top-tale-of-two-brothers/ Rick
  2. Much to my chagrin, I'll have to work in town tomorrow during the game. Fearing a potential local blackout like the UTSA game had, are there any trusted mobile VPNs that are your go-tos?
  3. ...I thought it worth pointing out that Norah Jones is returning to Denton for the first time since she was here at school. We seem to always want to advertise the fact that she was here like twenty years ago, and her face is perpetually on the MeanGreenSports home page. She'll be playing the Pettyfest (a tribute to Tom Petty) on Thursday, and then will take the main stage on Friday. This is the weekend of the away-game at Rice, and the fest will be centered in and around E Oak St. this year primarily on the Travelstead lot. Also East Side will be having their food truck fest that we
  4. Hello everybody, UNT alumni here. I'm helping build a video platform which promotes all things Denton (food, activities, businesses, people). I was curious to whether or not you could help out by LIKING our DentonLocal.tv Facebook page? Even 1 LIKE will help out. Thanks so much everybody...and GO MEAN GREEN!
  5. John Williams is the man. http://ntdaily.com/local-bar-owner-offers-football-fans-ticket-package/
  6. A writer for Making Music magazine wrote that in Denton “Every other person you meet is a musician, and those that aren’t, have a love and respect for music that borders on obsession.” With a population just over 110,000, Denton has over 100 active bands, and because of its small size, musicians here have less ego and more soul. In 2008, Paste Magazine named the city’s music scene the best in the country and according to Citylab, the town’s growing music scene has led to a citywide boom. But unlike other towns, Denton has intentionally built its music scene collaboratively, through projects li
  7. The end of summer and beginning of the school year means major setbacks for drivers in Denton. In the past week motorists report significant increases in traffic triggered by the return of school and big end-of-the-summer events to town. "It is horrible everywhere you go," said University of North Texas student Charles Atchinson. The biggest problem spots seem to be around the UNT and Texas Woman's University, where the return of students significantly adds to the city's population each year and to the traffic flow on the streets. "6,000 folks in the housing," said UNT Transportation Director
  8. "People recognize this is a mainstream issue," said Adam Briggle, 37, vice president of the group behind the ban, Frack Free Denton. Briggle, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of North Texas, said the ban was a last resort. He and other organizers had worked for years to strengthen industry regulations, but the industry found ways to work around them, he said. Texas produced about a third of the country's natural gas last year, the greatest share of any state, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Denton sits atop the Barnett Shale, one of the larges
  9. At first glance, the Denton town square is near-saccharine 1950s Americana – complete with baroque courthouse and ice-cream parlour. A closer look reveals a strange mix of the hip and the stodgy in and around the square. Among the brightly-lit burger joints and craft-beer bars, there’s a secondhand bookshop with an extensive collection of vinyl, a junk store with suits of armour in the window, and a vacuum cleaner repair shop. Look beyond the fashionably attired students and you’ll notice a parade of more ragged dressers, many bearing guitar cases. The adjective “dive” doesn’t quite co
  10. I have a challenge for you all. You've probably seen the Keep Austin Weird shirts: You've probably also seen the Keep Denton Beard shirts: As a showing of solidarity and focus on beating UT on August 30th, I challenge you to put down that razor and let those beards grow until game day. I mean really, who has time for shaving when our focus should be preparing for the kickoff to the 2014 season. I propose we get our beards started no later than May 30th. 3 months of growth should look pretty dang good. When people ask you about your change in facial follicles, use the
  11. So besides Cool Beans....where else can a MG fan watch the game in Denton...(for sure, unlike my experience with Hooters and the Tulane game.
  12. A man posing as a firefighter, wearing a stolen fireman's uniform, was arrested in Irving on Sunday just four months after he was arrested on similar charges in Plano. Trrance King, 21, was arrested Sunday at an Irving hospital after he claimed to be a Denton firefighter, according to a law enforcement source. King was wearing a stolen Denton firemans shirt and carrying a stolen portable two-way radio. Firefighters in Denton believe he stole the items when they allowed him to tag along with a fire crew one day last week after he told them he was a paramedic, said Denton Battalion Chief Bri
  13. While spending last summer in Denton, TX, one thing was made clear to me quickly – I was in a college town. Surely enough, the University of North Texas resides in the heart of the relatively small, but well-populated Denton, which is located just north of its new conference’s headquarters in Irving, TX. During their thirteen-year history in the Sunbelt Conference, the Mean Green made large contributions to the league, and appear to have all of the tools to continue doing so in Conference USA. But despite playing in four separate bowl games and two NCAA basketball tournaments since 2001,
  14. Took a little piece of my favorite things up a mountain this weekend. Rahr Brewery and some Mean Green, from Pike's Peak Summit: 14,115 feet. Had so much fun!
  15. I brought some Mean Green and Rahr with me on the way up Pike's Peak Ascent, Colorado. Hello from 14,115 feet!
  16. DENTON, Texas- The North Texas athletics department will begin a four-city tour to help celebrate the historical announcement that the Mean Green will compete as a member of Conference USA in all sports beginning in 2013. This event will be held in conjunction with the previously-scheduled Coaches Caravan which was already scheduled to make stops in Dallas, Plano and Ft. Worth in addition to the kickoff event in Denton Tuesday, May 8. In addition to the Conference USA news, this will be the first time that fans, alumni and the general public will have a chance to meet the newest members o
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