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  1. Go Amarillo Sod Poodles! ...its relevant, we are in the same league.
  2. According to the website, they only let residents and ride share cars into the neighborhood. We are thinking of just doing Uber but it may suck getting a car after the tournament is over on Sunday. We'll see.
  3. This will be my first time to go to the Colonial this weekend (Charles Schwab Challenge). I know official parking at Farrington Field and then they bus you over but does anyone have a better option? Someone said to eat at the Ole South Pancake House then Uber over from there. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Haha! Theres gotta be a raccoon-loving soul out there that is so upset about this name. From some of the comments, they may just be a member of this board. I'll keep checking the news for a protest.
  5. So I'm reading through these comments and just laughing at them. Should have posted the video? No. But I'm with @peanuts104. Also, I'm waiting for one of you to stand up for Raccoon Rights and protest the issue that a Minor League baseball team has chosen the name "Trash Pandas" as their team name (https://www.milb.com/rocket-city). How dare they mock their dignity like that! Don't "eye-roll" me either. You know its true, someone out there is just beside themselves for a pro sports team calling themselves the Trash Pandas!
  6. Yes and it suggested turning all the taps on to try and flush the air out. No luck yet.
  7. I drained my hot water heater yesterday. As it drained, I had the hot water taps open on all faucets, including the bathtub. After it refilled, all were flowing fine so I shut them off and went on my way. Last night, my wife noticed the hot water just barely coming out on the master bathtub and I could see what looked like smoke coming out but assume it was puffs of air in the line. Hot water pressure is fine every where expect the master bathtub. Do I just need to let the hot water tap run on it until it flows with pressure? Not sure how to fix this. Thanks in advance!
  8. That's got nothing to do with G5, that's just lazy. They can't check their work before its published? I guess they confused UNT with UAB, letters are tough.
  9. "Fine said during an interview ahead of Saturday night’s New Mexico Bowl against Northern Illinois. " Uhh, what?
  10. They said between 60-70. I've actually got a weather station in my backyard and have recorded 41 as the high so far.
  11. I posted last night about the wind...its definitely here this morning. If you're driving through Amarillo today, be careful around high profile vehicles. This wind is stupid.
  12. I live in Amarillo and we are expecting tropical storm force winds tomorrow (Thursday). Sustained at 30-40mph with possible gusts to 70. Friday through the weekend will be nice so no travel concerns at that point. If anyone needs anything or recommendations once you are in Amarillo, shoot me a DM, I’d be happy help. In addition to Chillicothe, slow down in Estelline as well. There’s always a cop or two hanging out.
  13. Fake Fair Catch coming in at # 6 https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/12/college-football-highlights-2018-oregon-ucf-saban-kyler-murray
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