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  1. Any highlights anywhere? We've been spoiled by the football highlights now I want the same for basketball.
  2. We were there on Saturday after the game. Cool little place.
  3. MeanGreengdub

    Rice vs UNT 2018 Highlights

    Ha, I thought the exact same thing. I gotta say, this was my first game in 5 years and I got to bring my wife and 5 year old, and we had a B-L-A-S-T! I told my wife we should move closer so we can go to every home game and she agreed. The production quality (not to mention the football) has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. I was explaining to my son that I had to watch games at Fouts (where we parked) and he said "That's not a stadium". The whole day in Denton was great. We had a great time at LSA Burger, despite the longg wait.
  4. MeanGreengdub


    Do they have youth UNT t shirts at Walmart on 380? My son only has a long sleeve t shirt and it’s a little warm.
  5. Do they walk through the Hill for the Mean Green March? About what time would that be?
  6. I've heard good things about Barley and Board. I've got a 5 year old with me though so I'll probably go more casual. Is Tex Tapas fairly casual Mexican food?
  7. Haha, will do. Where are you at in the Panhandle?
  8. I’m coming back for homecoming this weekend with some folks from Amarillo who haven’t been to Denton. What’s the best place around/off the square for dinner after the game? I’m not familiar with Hoochies, is it any good?
  9. MeanGreengdub

    Game Day Parking Observation

    Ya, we are in section 108 (northwest side) so you may very well be right.
  10. MeanGreengdub

    Rice Game Attendance

    I'll be there with 8 other people coming from Amarillo. It's been a while, I'm looking forward to it. Also, my almost 5 year old is pumped for his first UNT game so hopefully the crowd is large and the atmosphere is exciting.
  11. MeanGreengdub

    Game Day Parking Observation

    So game is at 3...I figured we'd try to get there about 2 or 2:15. Is that early enough to be ok? What time does gate open? The more I think about it, I might just splurge and go Blue lot. I've got a 4 year old who may not be great walking back over the bridge. Sounds like it sucks getting out of Blue lot but if I'm at least in the car, he won't whine. Blue lot seems to be the preferred choice on the board after reading this thread (despite past issues).
  12. MeanGreengdub

    Game Day Parking Observation

    Need some advice: Its been 5 years since I've been able to get to a game (out of towner, babies born, etc.) but we are going this weekend. I'm cheap so I'm thinking I'll park in the Orange lot (Fouts) Is this a good/bad idea?
  13. MeanGreengdub

    More blue lot woes

    So what is the recommendation on parking? Do I buy a parking pass ahead of time? Which lot? I haven't been to a game in a few years (out-of-towner) and will be coming in from the south on 35W. Thanks!
  14. MeanGreengdub

    On field presentation video question

    Should we start a GoFundMe to buy Mr. Gibson a UNT polo? On another note, I could only make Tony Dorsett and Franco Harris. Who were the other HOF's supporting Mean Joe?
  15. MeanGreengdub

    Tonight's Game TV Broadcast

    I wonder if its any better on Sling? Any Sling users able to stream Bein right now?