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  1. UTSA looks good. Taking Houston to a 3rd overtime. Frank Harris is legit.
  2. I watched the game last night on CBS sports. The actual number of fans in the 2nd half in the stand was less than 500. It looked bad.
  3. You can also watch ESPN+ on Hulu
  4. If you have AT&T Uverse is on 1643. Can't wait to watch it
  5. Disappointing. I would like to think that if we had the same W/L record as SMU or Memphis that Fine would have been on this list, but I am not so sure. Only two G5 quarterbacks on the list.
  6. Agree. Rice will be a really tough game
  7. Is Buechele back next year? If I remember correctly, he only played two years at Texas. How many of their rental players are one and done?
  8. Watching the SMU/TCU game. SMU is legit, scoring 31 points in the first half against a pretty solid TCU defense. Buechele is the real deal- don't forget he STARTED at UT as a TRUE freshman. If SMU gets to 4-0, they may crack the top 25. Unbelievable what a bunch of P5 transfers can do...
  9. With this offense and in a weak CUSA, if we do not win at least 6 games and win a bowl game (or at the least be very competitive) then I think Littrel should be gone.
  10. Exactly and this is what every team will do to us for the rest of the year.
  11. Agree. Those two plays baffled me as well. Play calling was horrendous.
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