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Found 3 results

  1. I'd just like to say to any brave Alumni Association members lurking on GMG... Thank you for the tailgate you put on prior to the UNLV game! I have complained frequently in the past about a lack of organization at away games for our fans. The event today was exactly the sort of camaraderie and organization that our fanbase needs to attract people to away gamedays. Great food, great drinks (based on my current headache I probably over did it on them), and it was great to shake hands and speak with other Mean Green faithful. IMHO the price of entry was a bargain for 2.5hrs of food and drinks. Don't let our Athletic and University leadership failures in regards to football kill what you're attempting to start in regards to the events! Keep it up, you won today for most of us fans who spent their time and money to meet the team in Las Vegas. Thank you!
  2. In my old age (or maybe it was youthful irresponsibility?) I forgot to register for the Alumni Association night at the Frisco Roughriders game this evening. Anyone ever tried to walk up to this and get tix? They left the website up, but took down the links for signup, and didn't say if it was 100% hopeless for all who didn't pre-register. I sent an email and separate FB message this morning. It appears no one is manning those forms of communication on a Saturday. https://www.untalumni.com/roughriders2019
  3. "In 2012-2013, there were 347 Division I programs in basketball. FIU ranked 317 in attendance, which was last in the Sun Belt Conference. In 2013-2014, four programs were added to Division 1. Yet, FIU ranked 265th with an average attendance of 1,474. In comparison to other Conference USA programs, after joining the conference, FIU was number 10 of 12 programs in terms of attendance. All of this is an embarrassment for our beloved university. As members of the Board of Directors for the FIU Alumni Association, we all know the great things FIU does every day for our community. We truly are Worlds Ahead in many areas, but the Athletic Department under the leadership of the current Athletic Director is a big blemish on our record. University leadership has set the precedent for generations to come on how to truly be Worlds Ahead. Earlier I spoke of the wonderful work Dr. Pehlman is doing and how the College of Law is leading the state in important barometers. We all know the eye-opening accomplishments of our College of Hospitality Management, the College of Business and the College of Medicine. Our fellow alumni are an integral part of the South Florida community and the students we are educating, many of which are or will be our children, will be starting business, being elected to public office, or even leading our future academic institutions of higher learning. As President Rosenberg says at each commencement ceremony, we need to encourage all of them to be proud of their institution, to tell their FIU story and to give back to our university. However, it becomes extremely difficult when the most public and visible department has been a failure. I, Frank Pena, strongly recommend that a major change happens in the leadership of our Department of Athletics. The sooner these changes would happen, the better. Thank you for listening patiently. I will now open the floor for comments or questions." Read more: http://collegead.org/case-terminate-fiu-athletic-director-pete-garcia/
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