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  1. MeanGreen_MBA's post in IPF is happening was marked as the answer   
    They have most of the money needed for the University to match. I saw 2 possible specs for the IPF. One,a dome type which is the most expensive. The other is an apex type roof. Both looked good. The IPF will be built where the closest practic field is right now which will allow a build out of the existing building to meet up with it. The 2nd outdoor practice field will be modified for 1 full field and 2 partial fields. 
    Tue soccer/to ack will be build out past the tennis courts. Nice drawing for that as well. They are going to update the tennis facility as well with a few covered/indoor courts. 
    I am am not even going to talk about the new basketball arena they showed me. Up on the hill passing the tailgating where the hotel used to be. 7,500 seats. They is a discussion for another time. 
  2. MeanGreen_MBA's post in Report on the Alumni Pavillion? was marked as the answer   
    Band was nice, not too loud....fajitas for food offering, local craft beers....place was packed, more tables than I remember before.....Hope it stays this way all year!!!!  This is they way it should be.....may have to increase the size if this keeps up....
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