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  1. This has always been one of my favorite desk items and holds my phone while charging.
  2. Oh wow. All these years here on campus and I never realized Bain Hall and Practice North/South were all originally dorms. Makes sense.
  3. Because I'm not sure if you're serious or not...
  4. Every NIT broadcast I watched tonight, either in the Pit or in Frisco, media announcers called Wren out by name citing him as the master organizer of the NIT being executed this year. Dear god, we need to hold on to this guy.
  5. Ah, so I guess the Truth doesn't always Win, huh? 😉 Really glad to move ahead with this kind of deep TXHS-ties hire.
  6. This is my favorite Denton-related iteration:
  7. So many Baylor scandals to go around, who can keep up? 🙂
  8. Pruitt and at least two other coaches fired for cause. Buyout voided.
  9. There is still going to be a halftime show, though, and UNT has a major presence in it: https://halftimemag.com/web-exclusives/cbdna-intercollegiate-marching-band-combines-200-ensembles.html Members of the Green Brigade are joining other members from more than 200 collegiate marching ensembles to form a virtual Intercollegiate Marching Band. They’re doing an arrangement of Beyoncé’s “End of Time” that will be broadcast in the stadium for halftime Monday night as well as simulcast on one of the ESPN feeds and YouTube. Extra UNT bonus: alum, Denton HS band director, and voice of the Green Brigade Jesse Woolery has contributed recordings as one of the announcers for the show.
  10. We need a Marcus Freeman type for this defensive rebuild.
  11. Is Mainord already gone? What's with these receivers dropping things in stride?
  12. Pro Football Focus - an outside analytics firm comprised of coaches and reporters all across the U.S. and Canada. Their measures and reporting have begun to be incorporated into the storylines from the major sports newscasters as well. We've been a darling favorite of theirs for offensive stats the past few years.
  13. Funny thing when in Berkeley last year... a few of us are walking the Memorial Stadium promenade when a Cal megadonor thanks us for making the trip and whisks us onto the field with passes for pregame. Funny, gregarious dude, was generally wielding a lot of clout. We mentioned at one point the return trip in 2023. He seemed surprised it was even a home-and-home, and laughed, “ha, no. I’m definitely buying that one out. Hahaha.” 🤷🏼‍♂️ At least we got this cool moment.
  14. Seriously. Then saw it was his 39th year as a head coach and all I could think was, "he sounds tirrrrrrrred."
  15. From watching a bit of this source interview, it doesn't sound like he's a complete denier. It does however seem like he doesn't have the capacity for nuance and cascading decision making to understand the consequences of his planning, even when he knew about Rice's mandate for testing upon arrival months in advance.
  16. Uhhhhhhhhh, yeah. I don't want our players anywhere near this guy and his program. Straight up idiocracy.
  17. It's included with the regional FoxSports add-ons. It was just flatly included period up until a month or so ago when Sinclair pulled some BS.
  18. Higher Education... Suburban growth and sprawl... Heightened user choice vs weakening user capacity to pay... Finance sector... Something something something late stage capitalism.
  19. I mean, if we had the right kinds of shots in rapid deployability and coverage right now...
  20. They indicated there was family history or familiarity there between Dinucci and McCarthy, so you know – good ol' boy stuff.
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