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  1. I will never regret how badly sunburnt I was after being there that day. Rolled up and down Dickson Street like we owned the place thereafter.
  2. Well speak it into existence, why don't ya: LINK: https://offer.fevo.com/football-vs-north-texas-9xmyped-e1f368c?fevoUri=football-vs-north-texas-9xmyped-e1f368c%2F
  3. I'm absolutely loathe to admit SMU doing anything well, but Chris Vannini's recent Athletic article on the Bronco's COVID protocols has caught my attention, particularly this bit: To go about their season with that few personnel is surprising.
  4. So um, UTSA looks... competent? This is a surprising development.
  5. The real and likely answer is that Willis' successor will be someone we're likely not aware of or off our radar. Bringing up the past cast of characters in our orbit because that's all we know is inherently limiting.
  6. Saw Shanbour a lot in the huddles last week counseling the offense. I absolutely agree he's got the acumen to do it, but there's got to be some awkwardness of being roughly the same age as one of the players you coach. Or hell, that may actually be more of an advantage.
  7. Ashton was on the sidelines geared out and shooting last Saturday.
  8. I mean hell, they’re really blurring the lines by proxy of The Stars: They’re trying really hard, ya’ll.
  9. Referred to as our Census date, which was this past Saturday. We’ll soon have validated numbers not only for enrollment headcount, but more importantly total registered credit hours, the latter of which is crucial in solidifying budget outlooks.
  10. Sounds like there was a lot of AD internal incompatibility, particularly after trying to sneak in a transfer accused of violent sexual assault and then attempting to hire Art Briles as OC.
  11. I blanked out on the rest of that. I’m just here to affirm that Mean Bean™️ is in and String Bean™️ is out.
  12. Interesting. Okay. I think there’s value in both statistics, then. I dig.
  13. Weird that listing doesn’t include INTs. Can someone explain the difference between raw and cumulative QBR to me? I’ve always trusted CFBstats.com more anyway: http://www.cfbstats.com/2020/leader/national/player/split01/category02/sort02.html
  14. If your phone has contactless payment capabilities, note that the ticket will have the “tap” gesture animation and the words “hold near reader” beneath it. This is a wireless way for the reader to scan tickets by Bluetooth. The QR barcode is the backup method on the same ticket.
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