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  1. My biggest long-term question mark about this roster is the future of the offensive line. The caliber of commits really hasn’t picked up the last two classes like it has at other positions, and there really are only two non-seniors on this roster who have made any noise since being on campus. Who is going to start on the line in 2020 besides Brammer and Mose? I get we’re still a year out but our 2020 class seems full on linemen, and none of those guys are very heralded recruits that seem like immediate contributor types.
  2. Mason has a lot in his favor. He has started a lot of games, his production will get him more than a seriously look, and the height of the last two Heisman winners/#1 overall picks helps as well. It also helps with the way QB contracts are that if a team can get someone in the third or fourth round to be a starter, they can allocate their money everywhere else. So teams may feel impulsed to role the dice on Fine fairly early in the draft instead of writing him off as an UDFA. Mason just needs to keep doing what he does.
  3. The main stipulation I see is that they can’t have gone on an official visit. I would think being officially announced would preclude them from being able to blueshirt but as long as they didn’t go on an official visit then it might be permissible.
  4. In the event that Lincoln Riley goes to the NFL and OU offers the job to Littrell after we go undefeated, Mike Yurcich is one of my top candidates. At least if that happens he would likely be able to keep Renfro
  5. Interesting that if Roberts and Lee sign we have signed 3 high school tight ends in the last two classes. After not signing any in Littrell’s first three classes. In fact I don’t think Littrell offered any tight ends in the 16, 17, or 18 classes
  6. I think this move was a long time coming. It will hurt three-point shooting percentage but likely not by much, and it will help space the court, which is something that needed to happen. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that it was lengthened to the international length, as international basketball is increasingly becoming an alternative to the NCAA for the top high school prospects.
  7. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2019-06-05/mens-college-basketball-3-point-line-extended-international?amp&__twitter_impression=true Farther shot, but should add court spacing.
  8. Class of 2019, so looks like he’s a walkon
  9. Yes, I’m not saying Grant doesn’t care about how he is viewed in the high school coaching community. Just saying most of the scouting and offering he has done of high school players has seemed to come on the AAU scene as opposed to at UIL-sanctioned high school games.
  10. Mccasland doesn’t seem to be that interested in working the high school scene. Obviously he has brought in a lot of JUCO recruits as a former JUCO HC himself, but even with the high school offers he has made they have primarily come after watching those players on the AAU scene. Which doesn’t matter as long as he is bringing in quality players imo.
  11. Very disappointing. At least by keeping the older players on the roster we will have those scholarships open up sooner and have a contributing player. With Tikhonenko there was a possibility of him sitting on that scholarship for another four years and not really being a contributor. Also could have been something. Oh well.
  12. Jackson, Hamlet, and Reese are all very highly rated. Players who are rated similarly to them are High Major signees. Bell picked up about 15 offers and we beat out NC-Greensboro (29-7 last year) for Geu. The quality of these recruits is as impressive as we’ve seen probably since the 2011 class.
  13. It’s very possible that you will never like the construction of a Mccasland UNT roster
  14. Looks like we will play all three of those teams in Jamaica, and also host two other games against the other four participants in this tournament. Good stuff.
  15. Well if anything does it’s a good thing we can just make new replies to update it. They’re posts on a message board.
  16. Ah, but this is what forums are for. Also, the only thing left before this roster is set is seeing which player not currently in the mix to start is asked to move on (or transfer to academic scholarship, in which case the roster would be set). But yeah, you’re more than welcome to wait until the roster is set to join in the discussion.
  17. PG - JR Javion Hamlet G - SR Roosevelt Smart G - JR James Reese F - SR Deng Geu F - JR Zachary Simmons bench PG - FR Jalen Jackson G - SO Umoja Gibson G/F - JR Thomas Bell G/F - JR Abdul Mohamed F - SO Shakeem Alcindor F - RS FR Mark Tikhonenko G/F - RS FR Larry Wise F - JR Jahmiah Simmons G - SR DJ Draper What do you guys think? One more roster cut left to make. Very upperclassmen heavy roster (6 juniors and 3 seniors at the moment). I think the biggest competition will be at the four spot, with maybe a competition between Reese and Gibson for that last starting guard spot, but I’m feeling pretty confident it will go to Reese. I think Geu is really helpful because he can start at the four and also provide backup minutes to Simmons, allowing for guys like Bell and Mohamed to play more minutes. With only Draper left from the Benford era (technically Simmons never played in the Benford era), we are starting to see the type of roster that Mccasland wants to construct.
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