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  1. North Texas 54——Rice 41 14:20 left in the 2nd half Long stretch of sloppy play there for a bit
  2. UNT 44——Rice 36 Halftime
  3. He did have a lot offers already though. He had 8 other offers at the time of the alleged commitment attempt. But yeah, you’re right. Who knows how many offers some of the guys who we have been able to lock up early would’ve finished with.
  4. Rice put up a lot of points against us in both meetings last year. We’ve done a decent job defending them so far. Mccasland doesn’t like to switch defensively and they have made us pay for that a few times already.
  5. EMU has not done us any favors. They have terrible
  6. When we joined CUSA I hoped that we’d recruit Memphis in football and basketball. La Tech, UAB, USM, MTSU, and WKU are all less than 5 hour drives away for family to go see games, and Denton is only 7 hours away itself. Glad to hear his family taking advantage of that proximity.
  7. Gonna be tough with the amount of losses. Not much margin for error but hey, MTSU was a 15 seed in 2015 then got a 12 seed the next year. Just need to focus on getting that 1 spot come pool play.
  8. Same here. Even without the injuries he always had a really strong case for a 6th year because of the terms of him transferring here (his dad’s health). When you grow up playing a sport and play it all the way through college, that becomes who you are and if they have eligibility it’s much harder for some of these guys to forego that eligibility than it is to keep playing.
  9. Last night was pretty obviously a huge win for us, and what the metrics show is certainly congruent with that feeling. According to Bart Torvik’s website, our chances of having at least a share of 1st place heading into pool play jumped from about 58% to 86% with the win, and our chances of going into pool play as the outright 1st place team jumped from I believe about 33% to 66%. http://www.barttorvik.com/conodds.php?conf=CUSA We are also now 1st in CUSA in NET (jumped La Tech with the win), 2nd in CUSA in KenPom behind La Tech, and 2nd in RPI begins WKU according to RealTimeRPI. We have put ourselves in a great position to be in the thick of things. Now time to take care of some games we should win.
  10. Correct. Because not only did he not sign with those teams, but none of those offers have come in the last 6 months (except WVU technically, which came in July).
  11. Our start has come against WKU, Marshall, FIU, FAU, USM, and La Tech. Those teams are a combined 20-10 in CUSA play against teams not named North Texas, but just 1-5 against us. Not to mention 4 of our 6 games have been on the road.
  12. We do, but this is a stretch of 5 games in 10 days. Hope we can utilize our bench and not wear down our top guys in the process.
  13. Really happy to see them pull this one out
  14. Tied with WKU for 1st in CUSA now
  15. Hamlet is the hero! 18 points in the second half was enough today
  16. UNT 43 La Tech 44 7:58 left Terrible offensive play this half. 10 points in 12 minutes this half.
  17. Three 3s in a row cuts our lead to 3. Mccasland can’t let this turn into WKU part II
  18. UNT 33 La Tech 24 Halftime We are playing great on the defensive end. We’re getting decent looks offensively. Convert a little better in the second half, play the same defensively, and that’s going to put them in a position of very little room for error.
  19. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/2020?&sort=position No real surprises that I noticed. Rico Bussey no longer listed, while Bryce English still is. Looks like UNT expects him to get a waiver for a 6th season this year.
  20. There are two reasons I don’t want a senior grad transfer. One is because I want as much playing time as possible this season to go to guys who will be back in future years. The other reason is that you only get 25 scholarships per class. Assuming you’re using all 25 spots either way, using a spot in 2020 on a senior just means one less scholarship player on the 2021 roster. That is why Littrell going so JUCO heavy early on has made it tough to get close to a full 85 scholarship players
  21. I don’t fault Littrell at all for not trying to build a “pipeline.” Typically, when UNT coaches try to build a pipeline at any local school, there becomes an impasse when the high school coach wants his top guys to go to the most high profile school that they can (usually) and the UNT coach wants the best players from that school. Then the high school coach is trying to convince the UNT coach to offer his second/third tier players who the UNT coach does not want to offer. Then the High School coach gets upset that UNT won’t offer those guys and the UNT coach gets frustrated that the coach is only trying to work with him on the players he doesn’t want. Cobbs seems to be a good fit as a prospect here, but Coach Littrell seemingly doesn’t think so. If not offering Cobbs comes back to bite him, it will be because Cobbs is a good player who we could’ve used. Not because offering him would’ve led to more Guyer recruits, imo.
  22. I don’t want any 1-year guys. Likely going to have a sophomore QB as well as a lot of other underclassmen starting and playing significant snaps. Let’s keep building the roster instead of use scholarships on guys who we will need to replace in a year.
  23. Wise redshirted last year
  24. Last time we had back to back 20+ point wins in conference was February 16/20 back in 2008.
  25. We have won 3 Conference games by 20+ points since joining CUSA. 2 of those have been in these last 2 games.
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