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  1. Back in March when the pandemic really kicked into gear here, I felt like the end goal was always the fall. Do what we can as a society to get the virus under control, relieve hospital capacity, and hopefully be ready to get things mostly back to normal when the next school year and football season started. Regardless of how one might view or attribute the causes or legitimacy of the concern, we have failed in this, especially compared to other countries. I hope we see us a country band together and take this opportunity as a do-over for those who maybe did not pull their weight in terms of attempting to flatten the curve. Because if we all start taking this seriously as a collective, there is time to get a real football season back in the fall. But if we keep on our current trajectory, who knows when we will get football back? And at that point, the problems will likely be much bigger than just getting football back.
  2. This is huge, particularly with recruiting. Very real chance we see signing periods altered.
  3. #18 is taken on both sides of the ball. Austin Ogunmakin on offense and Upton Stout on defense.
  4. I think I actually like his film better as a wide receiver. Really fluid.
  5. Whether or not there is a fall season doesn’t change if they can transfer where they want, when they want. If they are full qualifiers then they can transfer to any D1 school whenever they want. If they are not then they have to fulfill meeting the junior college schooling requirements.
  6. Maybe I missed it, but I hadn’t seen an official announcement on pod play being discontinued. And we will get UTEP twice. If UTEP’s schedule is an indication, we will probably play Rice, UTEP, UTSA, La Tech, and Southern Miss twice each, then each of the other 8 teams in the conference once each. Would make sense that the conference is looking to cut down on travel as much as possible.
  7. Him saying he seriously doubts they can pull off moving it to the spring is troubling.
  8. Looks like P5 ADs are thinking a delayed fall start playing only conference games. Not the majority, but most common choice.
  9. Last one I remember is Jordan Murray in 2015. Don’t think it has happened under Littrell.
  10. Your comment was “Aune has been away from the game for a LONG time.” Not that he hasn’t started a game in a long time.
  11. I have heard that likely being the case in NFL camps (sorry, Mason). Not sure about college.
  12. Aune has been in a college program since January 2018, which is longer than any other quarterback on our roster. Reading this board you might think he hasn’t touched a football since he graduated high school 8 years ago.
  13. It’s not, but the thought is having a bus directly pick up your players is safer than going through an airport.
  14. It’s going to be tough a decision and, like you said, will vary by program. I’ve seen some people suggest if the season were moved to the spring we would possibly only have conference games so that teams could have adequate time off to start the next season in the fall. If you’re UNT, would you rather have an 8-game schedule with fans or a 12-game schedule with limited fans or no fans at all? Could we fit in any of the non-conference games? We could really use that A&M paycheck. And for the big conferences, yeah they get good TV money but would it be more beneficial to wait if it meant significantly more ticket revenue? So much to get decided here in the next 30-45 days
  15. Feeling like football is going to get pushed to the spring
  16. I like that venue. Would be happy with that.
  17. With the offensive line, I keep coming back to wondering if Erik Williams could have a chance to break the starting lineup. A lot of our guys competing for spots are between 270 and 280, so if he comes in around that weight I could see him having a shot.
  18. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-basketball-adds-multiple-elite-teams-to-loaded-schedule-Oklahoma-State-148610923/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true Reporting it to be a neutral site game in DFW.
  19. NCAA just approved 0 being a legal number in football.
  20. This dude’s basketball recruiting is blowing up like crazy. It had been lagging behind his football recruiting but he’s a legit P5 recruit for both.
  21. In college basketball the Big East, which no longer hosts football, is considered a Power Conference. So there are 6 Power Conferences (P6) for basketball.
  22. 2016 and 2017 we typically had traditional slot receivers at both inside spots, but coaches started to transition to this look in 2018 and really started the full-on shift in 2019. That’s why we have seen so many tight ends recruited the last few years after we didn’t recruit any from the 2016 through the 2018 classes. Unfortunately last year this shift was derailed by Kelvin Smith’s injury, but this should be the norm going forward. Like you said, matchup nightmares like Lyles and Christian Lee (and hopefully Gumms) in one slot with shifty speedsters like Darden and Kealon Jackson at the other. And some blocking ability at the position from guys like Jake Roberts to keep things well rounded.
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