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  1. What is this based on. What true freshmen would he be behind? What have any of our true freshmen backs done that would cause the coaches to put them ahead of a back who just ran for 120 in our last game?
  2. He’s a badass. He was an all-CUSA caliber back before a dude at Southern Miss gator rolled his ankle and put him out for a few games, then he came back and was all-CUSA caliber again, then had a major knee injury last game of the season( never fully disclosed what it was). He wasn’t the same guy at the start of this season since it had still only been 9 months from the injury, but by the end of the season he was our best back again. He had 120 yards on 17 carries in the bowl game against App State, showing he was fully back IMO. Someone said he runs scared which couldn’t be further from t
  3. Following in Cade Pearson’s footsteps. Also, it’s funny how when kids commit to P5s over us we have people saying things along the lines of “good luck riding the bench,” and when our bench guys transfer we have people saying “what’s wrong with being a backup?” Different folks prioritize different things in their decisions. It is head scratching though.
  4. Yes, RB is the easiest position to replace, and I didn’t think he was freshman year Jamario. Just thought a Siggers/Adaway 1-2 punch would’ve been the best in CUSA (unless you count McCormick and QB Frank Harris). We can’t build an offense around Siggers but I don’t know if can build one around Adaway for the same reasons. Which is why it would’ve been nice to have them in tandem, so we wouldn’t have to over-rely on only one of them staying healthy. Luckily a duo of Adaway and Torrey is nothing to be worried about, compared to the rest of the roster. Also, not sure it’s fair to paint
  5. We’re at 83 scholarship guys by my count. If we add 7-10 more guys like JD mentioned, that’s 90-93 scholarship guys. We were sitting around 77 scholarship guys last season, which is pretty close to where we sit most seasons. So we could lose about another 12-15 of our current scholarship guys and still have more players on scholarship in 2021 than we did in 2020. It’s easy to see all of these transfers and get concerned about our depth, but we are almost assuredly still going to have a handful more scholarship players in 2021 than we did in 2020.
  6. Agreed. I would think Rucker is gone but holding out hope until announcement is official. Also, the sit-out free transfer is a one-time deal. Since Rucker was given a waiver and allowed to play immediately this season, that may preclude him from being able to play immediately again should he want to transfer to another FBS school.
  7. Along these lines the connections thing also gives HS coaches too much credit in influencing their players decisions. Much more often than not it’s more important on convincing their parents than their HS coaches.
  8. Loved the amount of guys contributing today. Hopefully that pays off come tomorrow. Good win
  9. Cut the turnovers down and be more decisive offensively. Otherwise pretty good stuff.
  10. I don’t think so. Would imagine those probably all go to the defensive side of the ball.
  11. No. We get 25 per class. Defections doesn’t change that.
  12. Agree with everything except Siggers. The only RB we can legitimately make an argument is better is Adaway. Siggers looked like the Siggers of old at the end of the season and that’s a legit all-CUSA caliber guy. We can’t judge the situation on the current roster. What do we look like come August? That’s what matters.
  13. I sure hope so. Jordan Rucker (Purdue transfer) started the season, then opted out a few games in. Seems like the other opt out guys have been among the ones hitting the portal this week. Hope Rucker comes back.
  14. By my count we’re now at 83 scholarships for next season. We have at least 7 spots left in our class.
  15. Right before the season started. John Davis, originally out of Euless Trinity. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/john-davis-jr-/4953
  16. These awesome 2019, 2020, and 2021 classes are still almost fully intact. Excited to see what we look like as these guys start to make up the meat of the roster, not just the backend depth and redshirts.
  17. I could absolutely see us getting some JUCO guys. Imagine a JUCO freshman, currently under the radar, having a solid freshman season and being a full qualifier. We could bring him in and get 4 more years of him. Even JUCO sophomores we get them for 3 more years. There’s definitely benefit to looking their way when a lot of schools might be full from HS and D1 transfers.
  18. Wish we had utilized him more, thought he had some moves with the ball in his hands. He was behind RS SO Rod Burns (a former walkon) and with our two most high profile recruits coming in to play his position (Bryson Jackson and Caleb Johnson) it looked like we had recruited over Kealon Jackson. Best of luck to him. Seemed like a team player, and was even listed as our emergency deep snapper.
  19. Yes. He had 343 yards and averaged 7 yards a carry in his last 4 games he played. Looked like he just needed time to get back. Also looked like our coaches were sort of semi-redshirting him at times, saving him for next year and ensuring he wouldn’t go into the offseason injured again. He looked great towards the end. Sucks to lose that.
  20. This hurts. I thought he, being back at full strength, and Adaway would make for a dynamic 1-2 punch in the backfield that could give us a leg up on most CUSA opponents. Still confident in our running back group but he was a CUSA stud and we aren’t sure how many of those are on his roster. Good on him for getting his degree.
  21. His father also had cancer, which he applied for a hardship waiver which allowed an extra year for him. Think that’s part of why he technically had two years of eligibility left heading into this year. Crazy.
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