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  1. I'd like RV to surprise the heck out of me and actually schedule a *gasp* 7-game home schedule in 2019 or 2020. And if I'm greedy, I'm even asking for a lowly P5 like Indiana, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Oregon State, Colorado, Virginia. Make it a home game in '19 and an away game in '20...or an away game in '19 with a home game in '20 and a bought opponent in '20 like Lamar. 2019 season Home – Abilene Christian, Army, Virginia Away – SMU 2020 season Home – SMU, Lamar Away – Army, Virginia -or- 2019 season Home – Abilene Christian, Army Away – SMU, Oregon State 2020 season Home – SMU, Oregon State, Lamar Away – Army I'd also like my own private island too, though, and I don't think that's happening, either
  2. If history is either 1) an indicator for future results or 2) repeats itself, then scheduling 3-6 years out might set us up for success in terms of besting a big name program at home. In Coach Mac's 12 years at Iowa State, his best year was year 6 and his other non-losing seasons were years 7, 8, 10, and 11. In 16 years as a head coach, Mac has #hit6 six times...
  3. courtesy of Brett Vito: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2015/02/monday-afternoon-notes-unt-football-schedule-hoops-notes.html/
  4. perhaps you can truly show penance by giving us the three names we so desire. 2016: 2017: 2019: if you won't give us the names, how about some helpful hints? You can even make them as obscure as you'd like - we have some pretty talented sleuths around here...
  5. It's been a week, and we still haven't heard a peep about these secured home games. to the posters who are buddies with RV...can you snap a quick photo of this poster on one of your visits to his office? to any current students: can you take a few minutes to go by the AC and take a quick photo? Brett Vito, will you have a blog post with this valuable information?
  6. Similar to women's basketball coach Mike Petersen's proclamations that he had never lost a first round conference tournament game upon arriving in Denton (and then promptly going 0-2 in such games), Dan McCarney has long held up the consecutive winning seasons in Apogee mantle as a point of pride for our program. My question for you is this: will we #hit5 in 2015? With only 5 home games, there's no chance for a push... as a bonus exercise, I ask you to rank the home games in terms of winnability. My take: 1. Portland State - Money games should always be won by the school forking over the dough. 2. UTSA - a fifth year program replacing a boatload of starters. Until that Southern Miss debacle, Danny Mac had been undefeated at home in October and is still undefeated at home on Halloween - so there's that. Although we are 0-2 against Coker and his boys... 3. UTEP - the Mean Green is 3-1 in home finales under Mac. UTEP's strength is toting the rock. Will the front seven step up and stifle the Miner rushing attack or will we be too beat up after a bruising three game road tour? 4. WKU - I thought about putting Rice here since WKU is returning most of their squad and is the early favorite to win the East crown, but that's a long trip and the 'toppers will be coming off of Rice and MUTS while the Eagles will be rested after a, hopefully, easy win against Portland State. Plus that October home record thing listed earlier... 5. Rice - could possibly win the West. Plus that win in Houston last year was pretty thorough. I could easily flip this one with WKU. 2011 home record: 4-2 2012 home record: 3-2 2013 home record: 5-1 2014 home record: 4-2
  7. I, likewise, commit to providing a +1 on the next 10 posts of the GMG denizen who provides photographic evidence of said poster.
  8. This. Per the article, RV said : "we have secured six home games for the next four years already" announced home games for the next four years are (not including the unannounced 4 conference home games per year): 2016: SMU 2017: Army 2018: SMU, Incarnate Word 2019: Army So who are these secured home games in 2016, 2017, and 2019? if they're secured then announce them
  9. Rice has a pretty crappy home schedule ( at least they have six games), but wow! what a dream road schedule for Owl fans: Austin Denton Waco Boca Raton El Paso San Antonio 5 Texas trips and the beach, with four easy driving distance trips
  10. looks like our schedule will be announced this afternoon. Time to plan our tailgates and road trips Exciting #CUSAFB news coming this afternoon. Get ready to make some fall plans! — Conference USA (@Conference_USA) February 2, 2015
  11. wardly, these were written in May of 2012...before the Kuehne practice facility was built
  12. - C-USA is obligated to release its schedule for next season to TV networks on Sunday (February 1). The 2015 schedule is expected to be released to the public early next week. - the schedules weren’t discussed during this week’s meetings, but "it was a subject in hallway meetings and over dinner." - The 2015 season is problematic because there are only 13 weeks in which to play 12 games – one less than usual. One model C-USA officials appear to favor would have conference schools play the same schedule as last season, with the sites reversed. In that scenario, Charlotte would play UAB’s schedule. - C-USA’s bowl lineup will shift slightly. C-USA teams will meet a Mid-American Conference team in the Bahamas Bowl, a Big 12 team in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, a Mountain West team in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, a Sun Belt team in the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl and an American Athletic Conference team in the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl. C-USA teams went to bowls in Boca Raton and Hawaii in 2014. Those bowls shift off the conference schedule this season but will return in the future. http://hamptonroads.com/2015/01/odu-officials-lobbied-play-unc-charlotte-2015
  13. 1. womp womp womp 2. womp womp womp. We haven't even hit 28k in that time...26k for UTEP on homecoming. 3. womp womp womp 4. done, but what little did I know about the inhabitant who was coming to reside there 5. womp womp womp. 6. would like to add soccer facility upgrade for our ladies. We should add brick seating for both softball and soccer to let that area become more aesthetically pleasing. Also, permanent restrooms...
  14. bump how is your wish list looking almost three years later? Would you make any changes or adjustments?
  15. 1) How have the in house visits been going this week? 2) Does anyone know which coaches will be where for the remainder of the week?
  16. just pencil whip the numbers. but in all seriousness, giving free tuition to all top 5% students would pay for itself in the long run.
  17. I once saw a graphic indicating that there are more Texas-produced NFL players born east of I45 than there are from the rest of the state combined. I 100% agree with you, Billy, that east Texas is where we should be signing a minimum of 5-7 kids per year.
  18. I don't know. If we use up 2 of our 4 conference home games on the 5th and 17th, then we only have two total left for October and November. It's definitely possible, however I think it's more likely that we get a home game on either/or regarding those two dates. Speaking of our newest tradition (weeknight games), what if our weeknight game is for the season opener, say Sept 3? I might actually like that idea
  19. Last year, CUSA posted the league schedule on Feb. 3. I realize that there's no way to actually know yet which date will be the open date, but with the doldrums between the end of bowl season and signing date, I thought it might be a useful exercise to see if anyone can correctly guess which weekend will be our BYE in 2015. Winner gets a free 2014 souvenir cup, slightly used. Sept. 5 Sept. 12 @ SMU Sept. 19 Sept. 26 @ Iowa Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Portland State Oct. 17 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 Nov. 14 @ Tennessee Nov. 21 Nov. 28 Dec. 5 CUSA Championship Game 9 Open Dates, 8 games. Guaranteed games with Rice, UTSA, UTEP, LA Tech, Southern Miss. The remaining three will be from the pool of MUTS, F_U twins, Charlotte, Old Dominion, Marshall, WKU. My personal top three contenders for open date winner are Oct. 3, Oct. 17, and Sept. 5. Disclaimer: I love college football in October (especially home games), so I don't really want an open date on either of the first two, but that tends to be the time frame where opening dates occur. Also, I absolutely do NOT want to be sitting at home with no game on the first weekend of the season, but being a tried and true "that's just our luck" Mean Greener, I could certainly envision a scenario where it happens to us. Any takers?
  20. This list HAS to be WRONG... there's no Ben Gooding. I'm fairly certain a guy that continuously exhorts us all to demand more is leading the way by giving at least $125 annually to the MGC. No Ben Gooding = fabricated list. Nice try, King. You almost had me
  21. Speaking of the HoD Bowl, our conference mates already forgot that we were even in it last year, let alone won it... http://csnbbs.com/thread-717801-page-2.html I don't have an account on those boards or I'd correct the mistake. If anyone else does have an account, feel free to do so...
  22. This conversation just keeps getting better. Count me in regarding your movement
  23. Ineligible due to "FCS to FBS" transition rule: 1. Georgia Southern 2. Appalachian State 3. Old Dominion Sun Belt only has 3 bowl tie-ins and 4 eligible teams (6, but we removed 2 above): 4. South Alabama MAC has 5 tie-ins but 6 eligible teams: 5. Ohio -or- 6. Central Michigan CUSA has 6 tie-ins and 7 eligible teams (7, but we removed 1 above): 7. MUTS There are still two teams (Temple and Oklahoma State) that could potentially become bowl eligible this weekend. My guess is that at least one does so I added a bonus 7th team
  24. so you're willing to pay $25/ticket? I seriously doubt RV could be tempted to open up the precious club level for so little
  25. I'm not advocating any of these teams, but based on what I've seen from CUSA, the top teams are probably: 1. Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns - best overall program in the Sun Belt, located in the current "West" footprint 2. Georgia Southern - the best football team in the Sun Belt. If either Southern or State (see below), look for MUTS to move west. 3. Georgia State/Texas State - the two largest budgets in the Sun Belt. The former is in media market Atlanta, the latter is considered to be in media market Austin. The Bobcats seem less likely since there are already four teams in the Lone Star State. 4. New Mexico State - seems highly unlikely, but the Aggies would be a traveling partner with UTEP for Olympic sports purposes. Also, the basketball program is generally decent and the overall program is currently tops in what is left of the WAC. 5. South Alabama - if, and only if, CUSA wants to retain Alabama as a current member state. Outside shot. Third largest athletic budget. See Georgia State/Texas State
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