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  1. The 2014-2015 athletic year has come to a close. This is a list of official conference championships recognized by CUSA including both regular season (RS) and tournament (T) championships; Cross Country, Swimming/Diving, Tennis, Gold, Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor) only crown postseason champions. 8 Western Kentucky 3 Rice North Texas UTSA 2 MTSU Marshall FIU Louisiana Tech 1 UTEP Charlotte Old Dominion UAB 0 Southern Miss Florida Atlantic http://www.conferenceusa.com/championships/1415-c-usa-championships.html
  2. FIFY. Texas Tech is not a "bodybag" game. That's the very definition of an "opportunity". If going to Lubbock is a "bodybag" then I welcome our ad to schedule a visit asap
  3. Thanks for the updates! Do you know if soccer and softball are each getting new bathroom facilities or if they will continue o be shared? And also, do you know when the sports facilities are scheduled to start and be completed (softball, soccer, volleyball)?
  4. Louisiana Tech had 3 SEC West games scheduled for 2016 and their AD decided that might be a little too tough so they dropped two to add UMass and Texas Tech. http://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/sports/college/la-tech/2015/05/20/la-tech-shuffles-schedule-get-sec-west/27694417/ Wish we could land a competitive game with Tech. The way I read the release on their website seemed to indicate that Texas Tech might be making the trip to Ruston... http://www.latechsports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/052115aaa.html
  5. Kram, It's interesting that you use Oklahoma state as an example since much of their current success can be attributed to getting rid of Harry birdwell and bringing in mike holder; this coming after terry don Phillips was poached by Clemson. Many on this board feel like it's time for RV to go so we can bring in our "mike holder". Since unfortunately it doesn't look like RV will ever get poached or resign on his own, we need pres S to do it for us. It also wouldn't hurt if we bring in someone who "gets" North Texas, just like double alum Mike Holder "gets" Oklahoma State
  6. official championships, both regular season and tournament, recognized by the conference. http://www.conferenceusa.com/championships/1415-c-usa-championships.html 1. Men's Cross Country 2. Women's Cross Country 3. Women's Soccer - Regular Season 4. Women's Soccer - Tournament 5. Men's Soccer - Regular Season 6. Men's Soccer - Tournament 7T. Volleyball - Regular Season: (co-regular season champions in '14-'15) 7T. Volleyball - Regular Season: (co-regular season champions in '14-'15) 9. Volleyball - Tournament 10. Football - West Division Champ 11. Football - East Division Champ 12. Football - Conference Champ 13. Women's Swimming and Diving 14. Men's Indoor Track & Field 15. Women's Indoor Track & Field 16. Women's Basketball - Regular Season 17. Women's Basketball - Tournament 17. Men's Basketball - Regular Season 19. Men's Basketball - Tournament 20. Women's Tennis 21. Men's Tennis 22. Women's Golf 23. Men's Golf 24. Softball - East Divison Champ 25. Softball - West Division Champ 26. Softball - Tournament 27. Men's Outdoor Track & Field 28. Women's Outdoor Track & Field 29. Baseball - Regular Season 30. Baseball - Tournament *Baseball is played as one division; teams play ten three-game series. Softball is split into two divisions (Rice [W] & ODU [E] do not field teams); teams play eight three-game series - everyone in their division plus three cross-division games, like football.
  7. Congratulations to the men's golf team on our 3rd Conference USA championship of 2014-2015!! Tip of the hat to all who were actively following the match play on this thread: We're currently the lead story on the conference website: http://www.conferenceusa.com http://www.conferenceusa.com/sports/m-golf/spec-rel/042915aae.html < for when we're not the lead story anymore current tally of championships for the athletic/school year (with track (M/W), baseball (RS/T), and softball (RS/T) still to be decided - 6 total): WKU - 5 North Texas - 3 Rice - 2 Marshall - 2 LA Tech - 2 MUTS - 2 UTSA - 2 UTEP - 1 Charlotte - 1 ODU - 1 FIU - 1 UAB - 1 no conference titles to date: Southern Miss, FAU
  8. What percentage chance do you give us of having our first 7 game home schedule in Apogee? Since we don't have a bodybag/"opportunity"/"whore" game scheduled for 2019 yet, the chances seem to be 0... but what if RV is gone before this hole gets filled? or what if Mac is gone, and we get a coach who embraces a chance to slay a "giant" (ie P5) on our home turf? There are a lot of variables to consider, but what we do know is that six home games are already penciled in and the possibility exists, however great or slight, that the final OOC game could be a home one - it doesn't even necessarily have to be a P5. my answer: 4% replies without a percentage need not post
  9. Allow me to start off by expressing my appreciation to you and your wife for your generous support of our university and its athletic programs. You really are one of my three favorite posters on gmg to read, and I'm always grateful that a BME (big money eagle) is willing to come down here to our favorite message board to mix it up with the rest of us. This sure seems like a failure. I can't imagine still having my job three years later if I were anywhere near as bad as ol' Benny boy. However, you did warn us that he would be here for at least three years... You mentioned this in two separate posts. I disagree. However, isn't 3 years more than enough? And there it is, in all it's glory. It "falls squarely on Ricks shoulders." This has been an enormous blunder, the weight of which even Atlas would have an extremely difficult time holding on his shoulders. Rick is no Titan - this failure should have been his undoing; you even put it in print. I left the last seven words because it's been over 2 years and still no movement on that front... That right there isn't 8 reasons to keep Benford. If anything, those are the 8 most unambiguous reasons to cut our losses and give the next guy a great starting point...unlike the next women's coach, who was left with almost nothing to rebuild
  10. I need a popcorn-eating emoticon. fly knows stuff
  11. RV should look at Kim Mulkey assistants if Bill Brock is interested in being a head coach again. Maybe Toyelle Wilson or Robin Harmony from Lamar maybe the recently released Bonnie Henrickson of Kansas
  12. any Mean Green fans in attendance to admire Coach Aston? I bet there's at least one who made the trip to the AAC...
  13. if Petersen loses to UTSA at Kitty Magee then the women will be one of two teams that don't make the CUSA tournament. How pathetic! I guess he's tired of losing in the first round... UNT needs to cut out the cancer. If the problem continues to persist, it will only kill off the rest of the body
  14. I hate to break it to you, Ben, but you most definitely will NOT be seeing a P5 in Apogee in 2017, or even 2018 for that matter. The non-conference schedules for 2017 and 2018 have already been announced... http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2015/02/thoughts-on-unts-future-nonconference-schedule.html/ http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa/conf-usa/north-texas-mean-green.php
  15. Baylor football has scheduled a three-game series with Louisiana Tech from 2020 to 2022; 2020 & 2022 at Baylor; 2021 at LT. Granted it's a 2-for-1 and there are many on here who don't want us playing 2fers, but you gotta admit a 2 for 1 is better than 3 bodybag games or *gasp* a 2-for-0 like we have with Iowa http://collegesportsblog.dallasnews.com/2015/02/baylor-football-schedules-matchups-with-louisiana-tech-abilene-christian.html/
  16. The problem with not firing or extending him after year 4 is that you go into year 5 with a lame duck coach. A lame duck coach has an extremely difficult time recruiting between years 4 and 5 (and during year 5) because every recruit knows that he doesn't even have a contract for the next season. Only coaches like Mike Petersen (at Wake Forest) don't get fired or extended. His contract just ran out, and that program is now dead last in the ACC three years later because of it
  17. Agreed. If he had stayed at guard, Cyril might have had a real chance. As of right now, however, he is the #34 rated guard. For reference, there were only 45 total offensive linemen drafted in 2014 and only 14 guards. Pro day on March 26th is going to be huge for him. Here is the number of guards taken in each of the last five NFL drafts: 2014: 14 2013: 14 2012: 19 2011: 12 2010: 15
  18. Since we'll be playing an FCS team regularly now, I'd really like to see RV use these games as an annual super family-friendly "cheap" option to get folks out. Give some people an affordable event to watch the Mean Green win and hopefully want to come back for some more and pay the regular price and potentially even become season ticket holders. I propose the AD use FCS games as a Mean Green Preview of sorts. Get em in the gate, give em a taste of victory, and grow the customer base
  19. Thanks, Brett. really appreciate you getting the schedules for us
  20. it's all just a pipe dream, however. cause a whore's gotta whore. We'll probably be announcing a body bag game at Ohio State in 2019 any day now...
  21. I'd like RV to surprise the heck out of me and actually schedule a *gasp* 7-game home schedule in 2019 or 2020. And if I'm greedy, I'm even asking for a lowly P5 like Indiana, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Oregon State, Colorado, Virginia. Make it a home game in '19 and an away game in '20...or an away game in '19 with a home game in '20 and a bought opponent in '20 like Lamar. 2019 season Home – Abilene Christian, Army, Virginia Away – SMU 2020 season Home – SMU, Lamar Away – Army, Virginia -or- 2019 season Home – Abilene Christian, Army Away – SMU, Oregon State 2020 season Home – SMU, Oregon State, Lamar Away – Army I'd also like my own private island too, though, and I don't think that's happening, either
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