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  1. Also beginning in 2017, UAB will play in the C-USA West Division with Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Rice, Southern Miss, UTEP, and UTSA.
  2. UAB football will return next season - 2017. They have already completed their non-conference schedule. UAB will open the 2017 season at home on Sept. 2 against the Alabama A&M Bulldogs of the FCS. On September 9, the UAB Blazers will hit the road to take on the Ball State Cardinals. UAB returns home on September 16 to host the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers; CCU will be playing the 2017 season as a new member of the Sun Belt Conference. UAB’s final non-conference game of the 2017 season is a trip to face the Florida Gators on Nov. 18.
  3. I also have an extra for section 205 if anyone is looking. I'll probably try to give it away at gate 4 around 5-5:15
  4. Tech wants Houston politicians to back their vet school that recently got shot down. Agree with these. There is no way that Texas wants to extend their GOR under the current contract. Perhaps they might extend for substantially more money, but that's a pretty big risk on their part.
  5. I think UTEP is going to be tougher than some on this board are giving them credit for. This is Coach Sean Kugler's 5th year, and he has recruited decently well for his systems, especially considering the location. The miners 2-deep offensive line has an average weight of almost 320 and most have pretty good footwork to go along with it. In addition, there are a couple of salty RBs in that backfield. The 2016 UTEP team is built like our 2013 squad but with better coaching and better depth. I would be surprised to see them miss a bowl this season. If we beat UTEP, I think we have a really good chance to go bowling. Games on our schedule that are more winnable than UTEP, not necessarily in order: Bethune-Cookman, UTSA, SMU, Army, Louisiana Tech, Rice. Since UTEP is on the road (our road woes) and Marshall is at Apogee (look up Marshall, and West Virginia for that matter, in Texas road games) - I actually see those two games about par with one another.
  6. Can someone post the pics of the actual tickets - not just the cover? someone who ordered too late and thus received generic stock would like to envy you. TIA
  7. Well, to be completely honest -- I just got done working out at the basketball practice facility, and I really need a shower...
  8. Is he still living in Denton? Or has he already put his house up and moved back to Hattiesburg (or somewhere else)? If I remember correctly, a poster on here is a neighbor...I would look up the house, but I actually have no idea where he lived
  9. Does anyone have some 2016 schedule wallpapers for computer and phone backgrounds? I've spent about 5-6 hours trying to make stuff, but to be honest I'm really bad at this graphic design stuff. Thanks in advance
  10. Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.
  11. There also needs to be a focus on rebuilding trust within the North Texas former athletes. There are very few in that group that have anything nice to say about the hustler. It's always amazed me that the 17 believe in a man that's never had a single offer from another D1 athletic program. Think about your own profession...if someone else isn't trying to hire you away, what does that say about your body of work?
  12. This person makes a lot of money to do so little. He's also set up to receive a pretty nifty pension for the rest of his life too...
  13. I've also gotta go with 90 on this. Sidway did say he would be posting the transcript, and he hasn't. Many of you arguing with 90 have valid points regarding the delay, but enough time has passed that Mr. Sidway should at least be able to take the 45 seconds needed to respond to an inquiry regarding it's release. For comparison, this post has taken me about 25 seconds so far. Possible responses that wouldn't take him very long: 1) I decided not to release it 2) I still plan to release it but I've been backlogged...should see it by early February 3) I'm authoring a book to be released on X date; advanced copies selling for $29.99 4) I "lost" the recording If option 4, let the conspiracy theories fly. My point is, Sidway should respond to a request for information regarding a previous claim that he himself made. There's nothing wrong with expecting someone to follow through on their word.
  14. Mean Green finish ahead of only 7 teams. just in case anybody else is interested in such numbers
  15. Always better to let others point out your achievements. But congrats, all the same.
  16. I doubt his family HAS to move if his office location moves from Fort Worth to Denton. However, I agree with the rest of this post.
  17. 48 x 2 = 96 This year it's only 40 bowl games, so 80 teams. Kram is right...75 bowl eligible teams with 3 more possibilities (Kansas State, Georgia State, South Alabama). Kansas State is in either way since they're #2 on the APR list. It's super doubtful that South Alabama beats Appy State, and I only give Georgia State slightly better odds against GA Southern...so it looks like at least four 5-7 teams will be bowling. The NCAA Bowl Oversight Committee, led by Bowlsby, have stated that they will most likely place a freeze on any new bowl games and in future years may have bowl games go dark if there are not enough bowl eligible teams vs. having sub-.500 teams fill those vacancies.
  18. This is hopefully the last time we're in these rankings. Looking forward to new beginnings... CBS Bottom 25: 3. North Texas: 1-10 (3) Best Win: 30-23 vs. UTSA | Worst Loss: 66-7 vs. Portland State Average Score: 15.0-43.2 | This Week: vs. UTEP I'll just say this: North Texas is close enough to Kansas and UCF that if both of them were to win this week, and North Texas lose, there's a very good chance the Mean Green could reclaim the top spot. http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/25387879/the-bottom-25----week-12-its-now-or-never ESPN Bottom 10: 7. North Texas Forty (1-10) The SMU Musdangs won over Tulane, their second victory of the season. Here at Bottom 10 headquarters, located in the same portable storage unit where Rece Davis stores his puns, we were panicked that the state of Texas might not be represented for the first time in forever. Then the Mean Green was rolled by the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee in the Primary Colors Classic. Then the Bottom 10 staff got mad at me because I actually wrote "first time in forever" and we all got the "Frozen" soundtrack stuck in our heads. http://espn.go.com/ncf/story/_/page/bottom10112415/bottom-10-sec-east-week-weakness
  19. North Texas vs Marshall women's soccer. Conference USA championship - NCAA auto bid on the line Fox Sports Southwest from 10-12. note: mods, feel free to move this. Wanted to put it on the most visited forum for mean green nation
  20. Since he didn't make the trip to Ruston, I'm thinking that my initial query was valid. I think the answer was more than just dancing since he's been doing that the entire time he's been here. There's more...
  21. Beaty isn't leaving his gig as a head coach at a Big 12 school to become an HC at a C-USA school. I was surprised to see that he only makes $800k base: http://www.kansas.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article16392773.html
  22. LINK - Read here edit: coding error
  23. Allow me to paint a plausible scenario, especially since JJ is RV's only decent hire on his record. When NT hired RV, he had been an admin in the Southern Miss AD. Isn't it possible that Louisiana native and former Memphis interim head coach, Johnny Jones name came out during that time as a possible future candidate at Southern Miss as James Green continued to hover around .500, but then Southern Miss actually made the NIT in 2001 and so James Green bought himself some more time. RV gets the job at North Texas, needs to hire a new coach, and knew that a more competent AD had been thinking about Alabama assistant, Johnny Jones. RV then hires Johnny Jones and for the next 15 years, some Mean Green fans hold the hire up as a shining beacon for ol' Rick when in actuality sneaky sneaky Ricky actually didn't even have the original idea to hire JJ. Isn't it possible? Especially when one considers all of his other major hires
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