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  1. will be there +4. I'm hoping we cram it in and create a solid atmosphere. Like you said, maybe some of the football folks will be in town early. I've noticed a good number of students at UH and TSU, i would bet they'll be there tomorrow night in force
  2. I will also be there opening night, or maybe the next day/night if Friday night ends up being sold out (i think Melissa-Celina are scheduled to play there). I'm just a football fan, though. Including JH, JV, HS, NCAA, and NFL, BUT NOT any of that peewee or naia crap but back to the real info lying in emmitt's post: do you agree after seeing this "wonder" of texas high school football that we MUST build an indoor facility?? the best baseball/soccer/tennis/golf kids are going straight to the pros. The best football kids go straight to Division I football. This just makes me feel even more strongly that we gotta take care of the cash cow
  3. +1 UNT90 indoor facility should come first, before baseball. We gotta finish up the cash cow first
  4. Way to pull out the W in sloppy conditions! Should've been another shutout if we had cleared that ball outta the box appropriately. Definitely a good crowd. I would've liked to see more energy from the crowd, but can't complain about the number of people that showed up. Keep em coming! Next up: Texas Southern on Friday (Aug 31) @ 7PM 4-0
  5. wasn't the Baylor-ULM a 2-for-1? plus, its Baylor. Outside of last year's year of the bear, they're not typically a BIG name team. They haven't filled their stadium in 40 years and they don't travel well at all. the home schedule this year sucks, but on the bright side i'm hoping for a 5-0 run at home. and yes, i know, that U-LaLa and Arkansas State will be tough, but i think we can protect our house. My hope for this year is to see at least one sellout game thats just crazy electric, hoping that this will encourage more fans to attend. I think tuesday night on tv would be the perfect opportunity to put our brand out there for the nation to see and maybe foster some new fan growth. must have 10k+ students.... on a scheduling note, i've mentioned before that I think our goal should be bringing in some pac, b1g, etc teams that are wanting to recruit our fertile DFW area. they can then guarantee recruits that they'll get to play in front of momma and daddy. we need to play this to our advantage and grab some home-and homes with the arizona's, washington state's, kentucky's, ole miss's, iowa's, minnesota's, pitt panthers, indiana's, virginia's, etc
  6. rw, i think you can call up the ticket office and pay a deposit for tickets right now. i don't know when they're opening up the actual sales, but the deposit at least gives you a chance to pick seats when that time comes. Right now it appears to be renewals only (ie the envelopes in 11-12 ticket holders football packets).
  7. I'll be there. We need to figure out a way to get all of the students who are already on campus to come over for their first Mean Green soccer action OSU is in Stillwater, Long Beach is in College Station?
  8. anyone care to share pics of their tix? just cover up the account info
  9. i called the ticket office and was told by a nice young lady that tickets were being sent out yesterday...i'm on the lookout for my tix. Post here if/when you get yours
  10. Does anyone know when we'll be getting our tickets? I'm excited for 2012!!
  11. While I understand your premise, here are a few thoughts as to why the free giveaway is a BAD idea... if you can wait for the freebies, why even buy season tickets (or single games, for that matter) at all? <-- this is the well-documented reason that those folks in waco have never been able to sell out. They are known to give away free tickets, thus upsetting their season ticket holders and as a result, reducing their paying-base. $$ is what builds a program. Adults should never be given free tickets (outside of a possible military/FF/police appreciation day). However, the idea of having a Denton ISD night is really good and should be pursued. Giving away concessions and 2 free tickets because your free ticket was sold out is also a BAD idea. The idea to give free tickets away was supposed to bring in money and your remedy suggested hemorrhaging money by giving away concessions
  12. I've seen the posters at the ticket office recently
  13. There might be a few schools that recruit Texas and recently lost Texas (ie MWC...tcu) that might be willing to come here twice (just so they can tell a recruit that they'll get to play twice in their home state). However, I'm with you GL2G, I doubt there are many, if any, that would be willing to go 2-for-1 with us right now. I do believe that we should try landing some home and homes with a few bigger schools that want to recruit in TX (Pac12, B1G, ACC)
  14. very misleading since Utah, TCU, BYU (and even Boise from 11-12) aren't being counted towards MWC; also misleading because the Big12 has been given West Virginia's #s
  15. 1. Indoor practice facility - football (this will only serve to bring in better recruits for the cash cow sport) 2. 28,000+ at all home games; 3,000+ at all away games within 5 hours (the $ that comes in from near-to-sellout crowds at Apogee would be used for all of these suggestions I'm reading; highly desirable and upwardly mobile teams travel well...) 3. Baseball 4. Basketball indoor practice facilities (addtl upgrades to the Super Pit) 5. enhance/upgrade track&field facilities
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