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  1. That’s the way I understand it but I wouldn’t take my word for it.
  2. I would also say you need to mention Michaell Lawerence and Jaelon Darden.
  3. I could be wrong but I believe the DMV is responsible for position allotment. Once my number is called I’ll let you know.
  4. Ekeler does bring a ton of energy. I would be on board with this. Side note it would be great to hear a conversation between Ekeler and Harrell.
  5. So all these players went through 2 days etc... Is there no one on this team that has any pride to hold his teammates accountable? I know when I was a senior I wouldn’t put up with this xxxx. I’m not calling out Davis or Addaway to be the ones accountable for this but I would like them to lead this team since ther doesn’t seem to be any leadership.
  6. I’m a guy that loves defensive but I’m ok with the as long as the offensive scores more but regardless our guys have no grit there is no accountability from anybody! I see no guys yelling at guys to suck it up I truly see no heart! Evidently we need some leaders to appear but it looks like this ship has sunk. KDavis needs to step up an lead. North Little Rock half back/ QB needs to stand up and lead. This team needs some leaders else they will except piss poor performance.
  7. When we were so successful was it due to our captains hold plays accountable? Is this team to young and not gelling? I’m starting to believe Seth is well on his way to being the new Benford unless he’s able to right the ship.
  8. Sounds like some Dan McCarney talk just not in front of his players.
  9. So who is going to be the interim and will Seth be the OC :x
  10. You don’t know he hired a new offensive coordinator?
  11. We still had some of Dan’s offensive line here as well as SL original offensive line coach. I think the main issue is SL knew who to grab once he made it to HC but after all his guys got picked off he has no clue who to hire that worth anything.
  12. I would also agree with this but it’s hard to find a young Buddy Ryan. I would love for someone to come in and bring some grit to the D because it looks like a bunch of grab *** arm tacking with no bit of gumption.
  13. So are we going to keep the same formation or is the new D coach going to change it?
  14. I didn’t click on the link thank you UntLifer
  15. Is our Arkansas rb not here anymore? OSCAR ADAWAY
  16. If one was so inclined they could program a bot to gather the info from the site and insert into a database.
  17. I assume that some programs have bots running through recruiting sites and funneling the data down into a database
  18. I would like a buddy Ryan like DC
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