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  1. Interesting listen just after 8am on ESPN radio with Mike and Mike talking about how if USC doesn't trust Pat Hayden to make the HFC hire, he shouldn't be the AD. It reminded me of something, just can't put my finger on it...
  2. Tomorrow at noon is the President's Sack Lunch in the Gateway. I'm just hoping he wants a crowd when he announces Rick is outta here.
  3. That's where I lost faith in this coaching staff this season. The last three games have been tough but when we came out and stood our ground in the first half, I was still thinking...ok, win this, win Homcoming, then we're 4-5 and we'll have a shot. Maybe not a good one but 6-6 is doable and a pie-in-the-sky 7-5 is technically still on the table with bonus Bowl Game! But no, that was not to be. We punted. Yes, I know there is no guarantee that we would have gotten it, and a turnover on downs would have killed us but frankly, I feel getting a TD on the drive was the only way we stay in the game. With six and a half left on the clock, 4th and five or six, you go for it. By punting, Mac was essentially accepting defeat rather than fighting for the win. Maybe he doesn't feel that we would be able to 'game-manage' or McNulty (if your prefer) our way into a quick 2 TDs or perhaps he is comfortable in his new contract and has written off the rest of this year but either way, it was a truly disappointing sight to see.
  4. Just imagine if the weeks were reversed. We go into that game brimming with confidence from whooping SMU, they, reeling from a BYU stomping. Not saying we would have won but I guarantee it would have been a different game.
  5. He was amazing at Guyer. Watched him play the last three years. I look forward to see what he can do at UT.
  6. Update just sent out: Herb crusted prime rib au jus carving station Garlic whipped potatoes Broccoli with garlic butter sauce Macaroni and cheese Quiche Lorraine
  7. Should be there by 8 for first drink and watch my kid march in with the Green Brigade for the first time. Can't wait!
  8. Rib eye steak Quiche Lorraine Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Salad And, as always, Mac & Cheese Too early for steak? Never.
  9. Just renewed ours. See you in the club!
  10. In Housing we've added Traditions, Victory, Legends and Honors Halls. Oh, and the Goolsby Chapel between Crumley and Maple.
  11. The November 19th North Texas Football game vs. Western Kentucky will now start at 6 pm, instead of the 3 pm that was previously stated. It has been selected as the Sun Belt Network Wild Card game and it will be broadcast on TV.
  12. Heard we may move to 6pm kickoff for television opportunity.
  13. Love the idea of everyone doing the NORTH and TEXAS call and response after the fight song but something that got me at Homecoming was how few fans actually sing the fight song. Wish we could all get in on that, show some pride and yell/sing our jubilation but perhaps it's too much to ask. What if, knowing that singing a full song would be asking to much, we all yell (in unison) the FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT part? I think I would be motivated to hear that if I was on the field. Thoughts?
  14. Not to mention how they seem to have trouble with our team name. Struggling to put North and Texas together as well as talking about those Mean Greeners.
  15. They do serve beer, wine, and all sorts of spirits up on the club level. That's partly why the club level looks sparse at times because folks are enjoying the ability to have a drink and watch the game!
  16. My wife and I brought her dad and step-mom to the Indiana game. The following Monday they were season ticket holders and sat with us for the FAU game. I agree, bringing folks from the area to a game is key. Perhaps a contest would be good to see how many season ticket holders you can create from the game day experience.
  17. I know. I was happy to see our name thrown in there but sad to see it framed in such a way.
  18. The Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Gregg Easterbrook, gives UNT a nod for the future in this week's column. (Look down by TCU picture) http://espn.go.com/espn/page2/story/_/id/7084785/is-year-round-football-putting-boys-girls-line-college
  19. A celebration of the senses, the 15th annual North Texas Eagle Fire Chili Cook-off this weekend will be spectacular! With an array of spices, sauces, meats, and peppers, our contestants will battle to find the top chili and delight all who taste their inventive home-grown recipes. Judging is immediately after Mean Green March, so make sure to get your free sample before then! We'll be located on the south side of Victory Hall from 9am until kickoff. If you would like information on how to register a team, please send an e-mail to Christina.herrera@unt.edu.
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