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  1. I was there and I suppose it's just been blurred through time but after four New Orleans Bowls and seeming to have a strong grasp in the Sun Belt with Dickey in his 8th year, how on earth did the bottom drop out and we go 2-9 that year?
  2. Last week on the Ticket some of the guys were trying to find out which was the game of the week based on the amount of wins each team had going in. It ended up being New Orleans vs. Buffalo (not that this game was great). But it got me thinking after trouncing UTEP last week and sure enough, there are only three FBS match-ups this week with the same amount or more wins than Army (8) at UNT (7): Virginia (6) at Miami (9) - 15 Kentucky (7) at Georgia (9) - 16 Michigan (8) at Wisconsin (10) - 18 Pretty danged impressive for us if you ask me. Go Mean Green!
  3. Best: The Stand against Rice, the HOD win in '13 and feeling like we still had a shot last year, the feeling of being so dominant in the beginning of the Sun Belt era, Dunbar's record setting day in 2011 to cap our first Apogee year, the announcement of the SOW and later the adoption of it on the helmet Worst: The Portland St. game, the feeling of being utterly pathetic outside of conference during the Sun Belt run, the realization of losing what felt like an upward trajectory with Dickey and knowing it soon into Dodge's tenure.
  4. Another QB, but Jerrod Heard from Denton Guyer was amazing to watch. So evasive, so many plays where he kept doubling back on himself in the backfield and you're yelling for him to throw it away and more often than not he'd find a seam and gain yards if not take it to the house. Once in the open field it seemed few could catch him at full speed. Shame he went to Texas during Strong's reign. Didn't see much action before transitioning to WR.
  5. Littrell and the crew showed up to my house around noon today. I knew tickets were being delivered, but him doing it shows that they know there is a gulf between the team and fans, and they are willing to do what it takes to get us excited and involved with the Mean Green. Nice work Athletics. Nice work.
  6. Completely agree about the horrible timing. But, they're sticking with what I was told by Dan Johnston when we signed up five years ago so I can't be too mad about a $100 increase. My dilemma is regarding adding tickets. My in-laws have seats in front of us in the wing of the Club Level but will be moving this summer. They have offered us their seats but if we do that we have about $2,000 left on the stadium donation and now will have an additional $600 for MGC, plus the seats. And you KNOW the price will only go up in time. My wife's fear is if we don't grab them now and Seth brings a revolution, there go the seats (I have four sons). However, history suggests we have no cause for concern and they will always be there. I'd rather spend the dough on bowl games for now but we'll see what we end up doing.
  7. Upon asking I was told that they have decided to change the MGC donation from $500 per family to a yet to be decided figure per club seat. Once that number is decided they'll start making contact for renewals.
  8. What kills me about the parking for this game and the UTKFC game is that despite how empty the blue/red/Fouts lots are, they still kick out the Victory, Santa Fe, & Traditions residents for the game or else they get towed.
  9. Going with youth, energy, recruiting, and the hope that we can provide good support with quality, well-paid assistants.
  10. Just kidding! Remember when this was the topic that drew the most ire from the board?
  11. So we've got the banner, now we need billboards, T-shirts, campaign buttons, bumper stickers...what am I missing here? We need our "minority" voice to be powerful and loud!
  12. Perhaps there isn't enough money around to cover two large buyouts back to back? Maybe Smatresk can't wait to get rid of him but financially his hands are tied for the moment.
  13. Man, ain't that one of those movies you find yourself stopping on when you're just flipping through the channels? Fun use of that quote!
  14. I've thought of doing this as well, trading season tix for individual games...just haven't been able to pull the trigger. For the umpteenth time now, I pause because it feels we are sooooo close to turning a corner toward greatness (hell, I'd accept goodness at this point). I suppose it's that sports-paranoia/superstition that tells me the year I give it up, we become great and I can't get back in. Crazy? Yes. But that's the Mean Green in me.
  15. Glad to read that Smatresk is reading them. My intent is not a reflection of my apathy but merely a challenge for everyone to fight theirs!
  16. What day do you think you'll give up the fight to push this administration into a change at AD? We were angry and frustrated going into Portland St. We came out of that game in shock and mad as hell, only to be rewarded with the removal of McCarney. We waited for Monday...nothing. Tuesday...nothing. Western Kentucky comes to town and we're delivered another beat down...and yet RV still stands. Ok, a committee will be involved with the selection of the new HC. (But if RV is still around, what does it matter?) Smatresk doesn't back him publicly but says nothing more than allusions to athletics being important to a strong university. (But what...we expect him to speak bluntly about the performance of an employee?) Now, we enter the weekend. Great college football games on, but no game of ours to rile us up. An away game next week at Marshall but it's not at home in front of our eyes to pull us together in frustration and anger. The world keeps turning, our ship keeps sailing, and RV is at our wheel. So when do you think you're going to start feeling exhausted fighting the good fight for the ol' Mean Green? When will you lay down your sword and fall into apathy? When will the letters stop, the tweets silence, and you accept that this administration, the BOR, and the 17 just won't see the opportunity we have to truly be the best UNT that we can be on the field and on the court in addition to the classroom? What's your date?
  17. Love the teespring.com idea. What a great resource! Designers, get busy!
  18. I would love to see some Fire Rick V t-shirts at the game tomorrow night. Anyone able to make some or know someone who can?
  19. I usually can't stand Mike and Mike but switched over with the Ticket went to commercial.
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