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  1. NT96

    Streaming/Viewing Game Saturday?

    Jack’s will be showing the game! GMG!!!
  2. Watching Party at Jack’s Tavern in Denton. Game will be on the big screen and at least 8 flat screens with sound. Also, FREE hotdogs during the game and UNT door prizes at halftime. https://www.facebook.com/events/690152651355276/?ti=ia
  3. NT96


    We should start this chant every time smuts have the ball!
  4. Most likely the highest rated lineman to ever commit to North Texas.
  5. NT96

    Happy Friday

    8-8 PAT 0-2 FGA 20-29 Yards
  6. NT96

    2018 Early NSD official thread

    Anyone have a list of Blue Shirts that joined the team in the Fall and count towards this class? Also, are there any potential Gray Shirts Coming in next semester? @TheReal_jayD
  7. Gathering at Jack’s Tavern in Denton for the game tomorrow. FREE Breakfast Tacos, $3 Bloody Mary Bar and $3 Mimosas. Link to the FB event below. https://www.facebook.com/events/1762583810709360??ti=ia
  8. NT96

    USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    Agree that Irving got nothing from Texas Stadium, but an outdated stadium in an industrial area doesn’t attract much attention. AT&T Stadium and the new Ameriquist Feild will transform Arlington. Development plans were already under way around the stadiums prior to the new Rangers ballpark anouncenent. Despite Jerry’s inability to build a winning team, he has established a template on how to build a World class stadium and bring events to it. Name another stadium in the US that brings in as many events as Jerry World each year. And in a side note. 👁 hate everything UT associated, but bet your bottom dollar that Jerrry is pushing for a UTA football team and an extra 6 games at AT&T a year. Imagine that nightmare of a startup program.
  9. NT96

    What Happened in 2005?

    Team leaders and some of the best players in team history graduated. Had some good recruits coming up, but without leadership from fellow players sometimes entitlement sets in. Complacency from coaches might have set in as well. My theory anyways.
  10. NT96

    DRC: Wilson to see doctor today

    Didn’t get specifics on Wilson other than a broken bone. Probably because he hadn’t seen a specialist at the time. Did get specifics on Darden and although concusions are a serious matter, it doesn’t seem to be anything that will have a lasting effect.
  11. NT96

    2017 Attendance

    Agree with all three, plus cold weather. There are so many activities going on during the Halloween weekend that it spreads everyone out to different events. During the Army game there were at least double the people in the concourse during the game that I’ve seen all season. Lines at the consesion and restrooms were long most of the game.
  12. NT96

    DRC: Wilson to see doctor today

    Wilson has a broken bone in his foot, don’t know which one. Guyton checked out with a mild concussion. He shouldn’t be out long. Wouldn’t think they would need to play him vs. Rice, even if he is cleared.
  13. NT96

    Injured players

    Guyton has a mild concussion. No information on how long he’ll be out. Assuming he would be ready to go by the C-USA Title game at the latest.
  14. The chain crew were wearing C-USA vests. Looked to see at the beginning of the game because they were using a digital down marker and haven’t seen one used this year.