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  1. madmaxx7

    Ready for football

  2. madmaxx7

    Ready for football

    Do you think you guys will bring at least 500 fans this year?
  3. madmaxx7

    Darn The Ponies...

  4. madmaxx7

    I’m Gonna Say It

    I am an alum who graduated in 1970. Like a number of others here I have had the joys along with the slings and arrows of 50 plus years of UNT/NTSU football. You may not be aware but a lot of alums pushed seat sales so we could get enough people in the stands so we could qualify to get back to D1. That is one of many things done historically for this program which has brought us to the point of where we are today. We are still around, our backs hurt, our knees hurt and it is unfortunate that some of us make you sick and tired. We have given a lifetime of interest and effort to this program. When you are 70 and come back to this forum and have someone, who has a lack of maturity, posting inappropriate comments you will understand why I don't give a rats ass about you being sick and tired. This blog should be about football which is in fact, entertainment. Send your sick and tired comments to
  5. madmaxx7

    Texas Northern Band College

    Camino de termina for you my friend, This guy is the most avid poster against UNT on their board, GMG, and the C USA board. It goes on year round and takes the cheapest of shots. He is a joke and not to be taken seriously. Maybe this game will be the end of the road for Mr ding dong.
  6. madmaxx7

    Texas A&M New Logo

    After last weeks game
  7. madmaxx7

    Program Moniker

    Do you ever see U o fND. The real name is University of Notre Dame. I agree with Ben but sometimes we have to play the hand we are dealt.
  8. madmaxx7

    MGB: UNT-SMU running blog

    Morris stayed on his primary receiver way to long. Every Texas high school linebacker knows how to watch his eyes as that is where he will throw. No qb should expect more than 4 seconds protection. He was sacked well after that and it was not the OL fault. Disappointing night, hope it improves.
  9. madmaxx7

    Student Turnout

    CJKH in addition to CJK5H
  10. madmaxx7

    The Ponies love the GMG website

    We are living in their heads, rent free and its is so vast, and so very empty.
  11. SMU can't fill their own stadium if they gave away tickets. Last time they played here they didn't have a thousand show up in Denton. We had 8-10,000 at their house last year. They won't have any attendance this year. How can you even dream about being in the B12 when your attendance is less than our big high schools.
  12. madmaxx7

    Missing football

    Check out Last U on Netflix. True story of E Mississippi CC. Won National JUCO Championship 3 of 5 years. You see the real struggles of the kids, an over the top Coach, and a Saint of an Academic Advisor. A documentary with real folks playing their part.
  13. madmaxx7

    Coach Bill Michaels

    He was one of my high school coaches, in Sherman, in the early sixties. He later became head coach at UTEP. He was an excellent coach and a fine man. RIP Coach, and thanks for how you turned boys into young men with your tough but positive approach.