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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for being so hospitable here. Had the opportunity to meet some of your fans today (even one from the board) and they we all so nice. I think you guys have a decent, but young football team. Our team is older and have been playing together for several years. Hope to see you guys come to Boone one day.
  2. Had the pleasure of meeting NM_Green a few minutes ago. That dude is passionate about North Texas football and is a good dude. Good luck today fellas!
  3. Wanted to pop in and say good luck today. Hoping for a good competitive game with no injuries. Say hi if you see us.😳 My son and I will be wearing black and gold bibs and he will be carrying a plastic black and gold Christmas penguin.
  4. We are going here before the game tomorrow to eat since there is no tailgating allowed: https://www.gordonbiersch.com Habe been there twice and loved it both times. Food is great and so is their beer selection.
  5. If it’s not yet, it will be. Last time I checked, there were only a handful of tickets left.
  6. They went on sale at 3:00 on the bowl website.
  7. Did everyone who want tickets to the game get them? If not, let me know. I have a few extras I bought for people and now I don’t think they are going.
  8. I just checked Air BnB and there are a bunch of places available. I also checked our team hotel and there are rooms available as well.
  9. If any of you are coming for the game and want to meet up for dinner or something let me know. Our Alumni Association had a get together HERE a few years ago and it was AWESOME! We went back this year when we played Coastal and everything was just as good. App Nation does travel well so the black and gold will be well represented. Hope to see some green down at the beach. You guys have been designated the home team so I assume you will wear green, right? I am almost positive we will wear black helmets, white jerseys, and black pants as the visiting team.
  10. That is a good question... We scored 72 a few years ago, but it was against Gardner-Webb. We scored 52 against South Alabama the same year. Our offense is very streaky. Teams that we have lost to this year have brought a lot of pressure on Thomas (our QB) and have been able to stop our runs up the middle. We have a lot of speed at RB and WR and will be tough to catch if they make it to the second level. I have watched some of your film and your defense does not look that bad. Your D line seems to get pressure on the passer and your LB's can drop back and cover. DB's are quick a
  11. I married into NC; I’m sure my wife is probably related to that dude though.😬
  12. I took the long route to college... Spent 21 years in the Air Force, worked full time and went to college to finish my teaching degree, and graduated in 2014. It’s crazy how the Michigan game is how most people have heard of App State.
  13. Don't judge all App State fans based on what you read there. As a fan base, we are truly spoiled. Some on Yosefs Cabin have called this a lost season, called out players on the team directly, and lastly stated that our entire coaching staff should be fired and replaced. Most fan bases would be happy with a three loss season and five straight bowl game wins, right?
  14. We had a couple of players opt out earlier in the year but as far as I know everyone who played Saturday will play in the game. We have lost three games this year to Marshall, Coastal Carolina, and Lafayette which we should have won in all honesty. Apps fan base is spoiled; many have considered this a down year for our team. It will be interesting because the Sunbelt championship game is going to be played on Saturday in the same stadium. Just hoping we can find a place to stay if we are able to get tickets.
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