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  1. Hopkins is out for the season per DMN website. Ronniger is going to get scoped and out at least two weeks. Ouch.
  2. Dave, I would rather know this ahead of time and it be out in the open then hear about it down the road. She better control her emotions. She's starting from scratch.
  3. I can tell you went to the Sean Johnson school of write-ups.
  4. I admit I usually don't like women's sports. You couldn't pay me to watch a WNBA game. I go to quite a few NT women's basketball games but that's more because Slinker and her team deserve our support more than enjoyment of the game. I have a blast at NT ladies soccer games. They need a better facility but there is something fun about everybody just standing on the sidelines watching the game. Unfortunately I didn't get to many games last year but I'll be at plenty this year. The speed of play is a lot slower and you are right there are no long passes. There's something awesome about a ball just blasted at the goal but that rarely happens in the women's game. We played BYU a couple of years ago at home and lost 4-3 in overtime but they needed a MASH unit to pick up all the players after that game. It really is a physical game.
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