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  1. CUSA gets new deal for Marketing

    If it's anything like the facebook livestream game that had a live comment feed next to the game, we're one **** pic away from it being a bad idea. I get that they want engagement from the fans, but you gotta be careful. Nevermind, completely misinterpreted this. For some reason I thought they were going to be some sort of broadcasting partner for CUSA.
  2. Mason, Quinn, & Chandler Anthony in Cabo

    We're in a henna tattoo catalog in Cabo? We're moving up in the world boys.
  3. Baby Briles going to Houston

    Gr8. We'll see what he's got
  4. Todd Dodge to UT

    No. He was awful and will always be awful...(though part of the problem with the equation was villereal)
  5. This. Was really hoping to see Redfearn's name on the list. Only one early signee for the oline.
  6. FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    FTFY. The losses are more palatable at least.
  7. FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    **** that *******. Go mean green, let's pound their asses into the ******* dirt next season. Twice hopefully. What a ******* showboat.
  8. Honest question

    I'm sorry I'm just angry and lashing out. And I wanted to make the points I made in my post. The compounding past failures are rapidly catching up and it is discomforting. And I do believe in Seth Littrell. I believe in the consistent improvement (on offense) that Seth Littrell has brought us. And I hate the thought that people here are questioning him after the success that we've had with him. Reffett is up in the air as far as I'm concerned (I have mixed feelings), but Seth Littrell hasn't done anything other than fight for his team's success with what he's had.
  9. Honest question

    We were 1-11 two years ago. DMac had one winning season. Todd Dodge is a turd and so was Rick Villarreal. RV didn't even hire SL, they had some 3rd party coach evaluation service do his dadgum job. We have been mismanaged for decades. How dare you blame players for not wanting to take the risk on our school. I love this program but it is a damn hard sale, especially when you have students questioning whether they should shell out a tiny bit more to help fund the athletic department, enough so they postpone the dadgum results. DON'T TELL ME THIS ISN'T A HARD SALE.
  10. Honest question

    It is self evident that it is. The fact that we haven't been able to recruit here consistently for decades makes it self evident.
  11. Honest question

    We have been sitting and ******** about recruiting for the past few coaches. Denton is a hard sale versus other programs. FAU has leftovers from FSU and UF. Texas leftovers? They go to other states. Why stay here when you could go make your name for a top tier program in another state if the top tier of Texas doesn't want you? Not that I agree, but I see the mindset of the potential Texas recruits that don't get picked up by the big Texas schools. What that means is we need coaches that can DEVELOP players that want to develop into top tier talent. So far, with what we've seen from Fine and the receiving core, these coaches can develop players. It will not be an overnight change and it also could be a point of regression if the coaches can't push more from their younger players every year like they did this year(on offense, we regressed defensively). Most agree that we have had historical issues recruiting. Don't fault SL and his staff in their SECOND DADGUM YEAR. Give them a chance to turn the corner. Even if they can't turn the corner in recruiting, give them a chance to develop the talent they get. This school is a tough sale, even with all the improvements. Fact of the matter is our school hasn't afforded the athletic department more than the leftovers of the budget for more than a decade and we have a lot of catching up to do. Our players still use ice baths. A lot of the P5 programs have those dadgum cryo chamber things now. I'm not dissing the ice bath, nor suggesting it as an investment (because we could put the money to better use), but how the **** do you compete with cryo chambers in a recruiting pitch?
  12. 2018 Conference Schedule Predictions

    Third game. We play Incarnate Ward in between. So we have a Div II team and an FCS team on our schedule next year...which we should win, but will lead to questions about strength of schedule.
  13. Despite the crushing loss yesterday and being dominated by FAU twice, we still went 7-2 in conference. I imagine our conference schedule next year will be much more difficult than it was this year. This year we won some of our closest games at home, including UAB and UTSortaAlmost and a regressed ODU team, two of which (UAB and ODU) were not expected to be close. While it's impossible to know what the outcome would have been if we had played them on the road, a touchdown swing in the other way would not be unreasonable. I think getting to 9 wins next year could be a difficult task to replicate, especially considering the fact that SMU is our first game instead of an FCS team and Liberty could definitely be a trap Portland State-esque game. Thoughts?
  14. Repeat after me...

    Pretty hard to hold onto the dadgum ball when linemen and backers go unblocked to sack your QB. Those fumbles are on the line and one pick was a bad bounce. The other pick is a pass he shouldn't have thrown but he was about to get destroyed on that play too and needed to get the ball off. Fine did the best with what was around him yesterday and what he had around him clearly wasn't enough.