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  1. FAU Has Suspended QB Chris Robinson

    Did you upvote your own post?
  2. Tragic Accident at FIU

    The bridge used tech developed by FIU's special civil engineering program (I don't remember the exact program name, but I described it as best I could remember). But as I understand it, they built the bridge with new techniques. I don't think it was about the concrete used, but the idea was behind saving time/man hours/etc. Regardless, this is a tragic accident (as far as we know now anyway).
  3. New CUSA TV Deal

    As someone that only pays for internet and streams everything, I'm all for stadium. ESPN3 blows chunks. The stream qualities are always very inconsistent, which is infuriating. I like the idea behind stadium and that way we're not sharing the same emaciated (relative to the traffic they get) servers as all the other schools on ESPN. I liked BeINs coverage though. The only thing wrong with stadium and BeIN is the commentators. I don't understand why they don't use local media for the sportscasting.
  4. Interesting development. I don't remember Southern Miss's defense being spectacular, but I've slept since then.
  5. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    I don't have the Twitter, but I want to make one now so I can type obscenities at the author. Seriously, screw this guy.
  6. Definitely in need of expansion.
  7. I don't easily see the need for legislation. Tell me why this has to be a codified law. Tell me why this can't easily be handled by common sense parenting and PSAs. Why are people so law happy. Just make a law, that fixes all the problems, right?
  8. This matter should be left for parents to decide, not the state. If kids want to play tackle football, they'll play it whether in a league or in someone's backyard.
  9. UT's Warren Transferring

    No, he was originally a running back at UT. That idiot Herman thought he'd work better as a tight end. Herman can't get a running game going if it ain't his qb, what a tool (yes I am still salty he is UT's head coach, grew up rooting for them because of my mama). If we have the opportunity, we should get him. I doubt there is anyone on the defensive side of the ball that would want to come to us with similar talent, though I doubt we're high on this kids radar.
  10. Great Adam Boedeker story on Kason Martin

    Exactly. Like I said, he's a little light but otherwise hes a good height and he's got the character you want with a winning pedigree. Can't believe he wasn't more heavily recruited.
  11. Great Adam Boedeker story on Kason Martin

    I still don't know how the hell we landed this kid or how he had so few offers. He's a little light but at 6'2" he falls squarely into that capable QB size for college. And he's a coaches son. How were there not more offers? Hopefully he stays even if SL leaves us in a couple years.
  12. Which team in CUSA has the most horses coming back?

    They'll be having flashbacks on the field from the beatings they took last year.
  13. I hope so, but we've never beaten Chad Morris.
  14. FAU loses starting QB to... retirement?

    He's trying to graduate in May...maybe trying to grad transfer?