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  1. GMG.com 2018 March Madness Thread

    I'd love to see their actual tournament history. I feel like they either lose in the 1st round or go to the Final Four. Obviously not true, but it sure seems like they are feast or famine more than any other team.
  2. My son started in 4th grade, which was a year sooner than I planned to let him start. I was a little hesitant about him playing , but as it worked out, there's not a lot of hard hitting going on in 4th/5th grade. That being said, the size difference between kids can be pretty significant at that age. One of my son's friend who weighed about 60lbs was tackled by a kid who weighed about 160 and broke his femur. Freak deal, but just snapped it. I was the first one out to help him and it's a moment I'll never forget...and it probably colors my opinion. Honestly, I would probably be okay with no tackle until 7th grade. To add another level to the discussion, what effect would that have on high school football? I'm thinking the playing field would be leveled somewhat if everyone started in the 7th grade.
  3. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    I said this after the season and the downvote button on my post quit working due to overuse. Haha.
  4. I'm looking at the rankings and I'm seeing many/most teams grade reflects their record vs. expectations. 9 wins from a team that was expected to win about 6 games probably deserves an "A-." I get what your saying about this being a "6-7 win team," but I think that should just temper expectations for next year. I don't think it should degrade from this year because on the scoreboard we won 9 games. The law of averages says we shouldn't have won all the close games that we won, but we did win them this year.
  5. Probably a big reason why they were given an A- instead of a B or B-.
  6. You could obviously make some arguments here and there, but overall very nicely done.
  7. Todd Dodge to UT

    I could be mistaken here, but one of those years he was down to the 3rd string QB fairly early in the season. Very few teams will win with their 3rd string QB.
  8. Barf

    Not a single one out of all 1,000 of them? That's crazy talk.
  9. Barf

    Old or New???
  10. Great question. I wouldn't take him over SL as head coach, but I might take him over GH as OC. I'm all about high character people, but that offense might make me loosen my stance a little bit.
  11. I think he's trying to be a (p)rick and I must say, he's doing a great job.
  12. That's awesome!
  13. Are we rooting for UCF?

    Ok. I thought it you were saying that it needed to continue that these schools go undefeated and not get a chance at the national championship. It seemed as though your two statements were contradictory, thus my confusion. Thanks for clarifying.
  14. Are we rooting for UCF?

    What am I missing here?