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Found 24 results

  1. Last Saturday against UAB was not what we all wanted.. But time to looking forward to rice and good ol' Homecoming. Traditionally Homecoming is the better attended home game. With the weather looking nice, homecoming, and a 6-2 record.. Will we break another attendance record? Perhaps our first sellout?
  2. Only a few blocks away from Rice University... reports of "several" injuries. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2016/09/26/houston-police-gunman-shoots-several-people/91108136/ http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/7-Injured-in-Reported-Active-Shooter-Incident-in-Houston-394792541.html
  3. Time to move on and think about crushing Rice and making some horchata. Rice Defensive Stats 38.3 ppg allowed (#114) 320 passing ypg allowed (#121) 247 rushing ypg allowed (#118) North Texas Defensive Stats 28.7 ppg allowed (#81) 228 rushing ypg allowed (#107) 196.7 passing ypg allowed (#44) Rice Offensive Stats 12.7 ppg (#127) 138 passing ypg (#120) 143.7 rush ypg (#95) North Texas Offensive Stats 20.7 ppg (#106) 166 passing ypg (#107) 133 rush ypg (#101)
  4. Total up to 19 now. Arkansas State is also involved. http://www.fox26houston.com/sports/192263333-story
  5. does this now put them at the top of Cusa? http://www.chron.com/sports/rice/article...660235.php
  6. There’s been a focus in Houston lately around the Houston Cougars, their chances of jumping to the Big 12, one of college football’s power conferences. The Cougars are looking to secure their future in college athletics, and school officials doubt they have a bright future as a member of the American Athletic Conference. But while UH fans, athletes and administrators might feel otherwise, the school is in a good position, no matter what happens. While the American Athletic Conference is relatively new, it’s rather stable when compared to some of the other non-power conferences. The conference provides lots of primetime television exposure on ESPN and its family of networks. The television money, while not as lucrative as in conferences like the Big 10 or the SEC, is decent. This is not the case in the other non-power football conferences. Take for instance Conference USA which once was situated much as the American is now. Many of its major members, UH, Cincinnati, Memphis and Louisville, have been poached by other conferences. That has meant the loss of major television markets, meaning less conference interest and a much lower profile. And while the American has a somewhat high profile deal with ESPN, Conference USA just entered into new media rights deals with four different parties that result in less revenue for member schools than before. This results from C-USA being the first of the minor conferences to renegotiate its media deals during a time of industry belt-tightening. The Big 10 might be entering into new major deals and the NFL and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament might be selling broadcast rights for tons of dollars, but other sports and leagues have been taking major financial hits. read more: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/uh-might-be-looking-to-upgrade-conferences-but-what-about-rice-8509673
  7. Meh, I'm still miffed/bemused over this.
  8. As one example: Bailiff regularly shifts practice times to accommodate players’ class schedules or allows guys to arrive late or leave early for lab sessions. “They have to post high GPAs to get into the medical schools they want or the law schools they want,” he says. “And there’s times they’re just gonna have to miss practice. That’s part of it here.” Darik Dillard, a junior running back from San Antonio, says the Owls’ mindset is different than most of their FBS peers. “You don’t see your only purpose of going to Rice as being an athlete,” says Dillard, who followed his older brother Jarett, an All-America receiver who went on to play in the NFL. “You really take the importance of being a student and doing well in your classes. … You understand you’re not gonna be treated like a celebrity here. You’re just like any student.” To find qualified candidates who can also play, the coaching staff annually holds satellite camps across Texas. The typical attendees are kids who believe they’ll qualify for admission; the camps essentially allow Bailiff and company to quickly narrow their focus. They don’t typically cast a wide net — though freshman receiver Lance Wright, who’s from North Pole, Alaska, and has been making waves early during preseason practices, is a notable exception. There are no hard and fast entrance requirements, but instead a “holistic” admission process that examines an applicant’s academic résumé along with an array of extracurricular activities. “If a young man has a 32 on the ACT, we’re probably good there,” Bailiff says. “If he’s got a 26, he probably needs to be an Eagle Scout.” The overriding principle, according to Bailiff, is this: “The worst thing you can do here is bring in a young man you’re not sure can make it academically, because there’s no place to hide academically here.” To qualified prospects, Bailiff and his coaches pitch the value of a degree from Rice, with its reputation as one of the nation’s best universities. Bailiff tells recruits and their parents that five years after graduation, he expects them to be the boss. Ten years out, he expects them to be successful enough pay back their scholarship in donations. read more: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/08/cusa-rice-football-david-bailiff
  9. North Texas vs. Rice Watching Party October 25th - Event starts at 10:30 am, Kickoff at 11 am Back Room at Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q in Allen 1790 N. Central Expressway, Allen, TX next to Cabela's 214-383-5353 Come early and enjoy some of those awesome Rudy's breakfast tacos!!! door prizes - 50/50 raffle - give aways
  10. http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/ncfrecruitingon-the-trail/post/_/id/54922/letter-to-cat-helps-land-rice-a-qb-commit
  11. Next years road game against UTSA in San Antonio really should be fun. This will be our first time to play there. I think we will bring a great crowd and if this past year is any indication there could be a lot on the line. We have some great alums in San Antonio who I know will be rolling out the red carpet. RV talked about making it a train game which would be awesome for our fans. GMG!
  12. Dead horse officially beaten. I feel sick. http://www.autozonelibertybowl.org/component/content/article/55
  13. It seems that even though Liberty officially invited Rice it doesn't mean they have to accept. Evidently Liberty invited USM a couple of years ago and they did not accept the invitation. It's weird that they would make an invite without knowing that it would be accepted but something to keep in mind.
  14. Anybody watching this one? UAB up 21-17 w/6 minutes in 3rd.
  15. Rice looks good. Also UTEP up 17-7 in 3rd over FIU.
  16. I wanted to get your ideas and feedback regarding a trophy or designation that would be given to the Texas C-USA school that has the most wins among Texas teams in the conference. This would include North Texas, Rice, UTSA, and UTEP. Since all four of these teams would be playing in football every year, it would make it fun to say the one who wins the most games against Texas schools would get some sort of trophy or bragging rights. It could most certainly be applied to other sports but football is king in this state. I'm not sure if this is being done anywhere else with this many teams but similar games that come to mind would be the Bayou Bucket game in Houston that pits Rice against the University of Houston every year for bragging rights in Texas or the SMU/TCU battle for the Iron Skillet game. These are just the first two that come to mind to me; there may be more in other states. We have four great cities in the great state of Texas who are in our conference and I could envision getting the mayors of each respective city and various businesses behind this. Perhaps a Texas media outlet could get involved...or even Dave Campbells... we have some real creative minds on here so let's hear what you got! How much fun could we have with this every year -- I think about a nice trophy sitting in Apogee that shows we were the best in Texas for that particular year. The Texas connection is a big part of what makes this conference special to us (we are tied with the Big 12 at 4 teams in the state now) and we need to emphasize it as much as possible. GMG!
  17. A strange thing happened during the late innings of the C-USA baseball championship game. The Rice fans cheered. Not the polite hand clap saved for a departing pitcher. Not applause for scoring a run. The fans cheered, and they cheered loudly. But not for the reasons you think. Goaded by visiting Southern Miss fans, the Rice crowd broke out in loud cheers. That's what it took during that championship game to get the Rice fans to finally do something besides bellow loudly at the umpires...or worse. The Rice basketball team closed out its season on Saturday, March 13. The team trailed Tulsa by a very large margin, something that was all too familiar during the season. Then, with the game seemingly out of reach, the guys went on a run and with just under a minute left, the Owls had the chance to get the deficit down to one bucket. Then the ball went out of bounds, flying into the stands. Instead of returning the basketball, a Rice fan chose to play hide-and-seek with the referee, bringing the action to a standstill while the fan showed just how much smarter he was than everybody else. Rice fans don't cheer a lot. They do jeer a lot, shouting out not-as-witty-as-they-think commentary on the umpire's calling of the strike zone or a referee's inability to call traveling. It's as if Rice fans, what few there are at the football and basketball games, think they're too cool to actually cheer on their teams but are instead supposed to shout out mindless witticisms in vain attempts to sound smart. Rice is in the process of hiring a new athletic director -- note, I've had the privilege of getting to know the interim AD, Rick Mello, over the past several years, so I'd be pleased if he was given the actual job. And one of the things the new AD is going to have to deal with is a fanbase that really doesn't show up for games, and when it does thinks that jeering officials is more important than cheering the team. Read more: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2013/07/rice_owls_fans.php
  18. http://swchelmets.tripod.com/rice.html Does anyone know if we have something like this out there?
  19. SEASON BREAKDOWN & PREDICTION — In a nutshell: Rice needs to prove itself in two areas before being taken seriously as a challenger to Tulsa, East Carolina, Marshall and Louisiana Tech in Conference USA. The first is in road games: Rice has won four regular-season games away from home over the last three years, with three coming in 2012 against Kansas (1-11), Tulane (2-10) and UTEP (3-9). This year's schedule sends the Owls away from home against Texas A&M, Houston, Tulsa, UTSA, New Mexico State, North Texas and UAB – giving this team only five true home games. Even if the Owls are a stronger team than UTSA, NMSU and UAB, is it safe to predict anything better than 3-4 in this season's road games? In my mind, considering the program's historically weak play on the road, whether Rice makes another postseason run hinges on whether it can defeat Kansas and Louisiana Tech at home. The second area: Rice needs to beat good teams. It'll be hard to view the Owls as anything but a lucky beneficiary of an easy schedule should this team reach six wins against Florida Atlantic, UTSA, New Mexico State, UTEP, North Texas and Tulane. Would that be a successful season? Yes, in many respects – because a bowl trip is a bowl trip, and Rice will take those where, when and however they come. But would that resume make Rice a top-75 team in the FBS? Probably not. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2013/06/10/rice-college-football-countdown-2013-preview/2407811/ 2013 TEAM OVERVIEW — Conference: Conference USA, West — Location: Houston — Nickname: Owls — Returning starters: 17 (7 offense, 10 defense) — Last year's ranking: No. 111 — 2012 record: 7-6 (4-4) — Last year's re-ranking: No. 70 — 2013 schedule: Aug. 31 at Texas A&M Sept. 14 Kansas Sept. 21 Houston (at Reliant Stadium) Sept. 28 Florida Atlantic Oct. 5 at Tulsa Oct. 12 at UTSA Oct. 19 at New Mexico State Oct. 26 UTEP Oct. 31 at North Texas Nov. 16 Louisiana Tech Nov. 21 at UAB Nov. 30 Tulane
  20. Two Conference USA road games on Rice’s 2013 football schedule have been moved to Thursday, the league announced Monday. The Owls will play North Texas on Oct. 31 in Denton and UAB on Nov. 21. Read more: http://blog.chron.com/owls/2013/04/rice-to-play-a-pair-of-thursday-night-football-games/
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