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  1. So a multi-billion dollar industry where we would not be able to exist unless students were forced to pay fees. Sorry, but the "multi-billion" gets spread a little thick when the reality is not that many schools make money.
  2. Harry I'm not questioning that. I'm just trying to get an understanding of how this works. When nil first came out it was supposed to give the athletes the ability to have a job like a quote unquote normal student. However as we all know it quickly turned into pay for play.
  3. Question. Is collective money basically pay for play, or do they have to attach any activities or appearances?
  4. If you are feeling optimistic after tonight's performance, please explain what you are seeing that makes you believe progress was made during the off-week.
  5. Have you noticed when Evens does "traditional" punts, he is outstanding, but when he tries the Aussie style, he sucks. Too bad our "upgraded" Special Teams coach doesn't seem to notice.
  6. I like our radio guys, but boy, are they homers 🤣
  7. Somewhere, Todd Dodge is saying (while laughing) ... And they didn't think it could get worse than my defense.
  8. On another worrisome note, what has happened to Rogers passing in this half?
  9. Their receiver was at least 7 yards behind our DBs
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