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  1. *Bit through tongue. Tongue now gushing blood everywhere*

    I really don't like to speculate on a coaching job when we have a coach in place... no matter how poorly the team is doing, but this scenario would be amazing, and should be the 1st choice for RV.

    As for the other speculative threads on possible coaches, coach Fran is a no-brainer choice if he's willing to join the Mean Green family.

    The guy is a WINNER.

    His departure from Alabama was kinda crappy. I think if I were in his shoes (stuck in sanctions and Texas A&M kicking down my door to get to me) I would have left too. His delivery to the Alabama players was awful, but that does not appear to be chronic behavior like Kiffin or Petrino. His only problem at A&M was that dumb newsletter (which there aren't enough rich donors here to even have an issue like that).

    The guy is a WINNER. He has won everywhere he has gone. Isn't this what we want? An experienced D1 coach who has a proven history of WINNING?

    Bring on Brad too! Perfect! Everyone knows what happened to a school just down 35 when Mr. Franchione left for greener pastures and the D.C. decided to stick around.

    Tulsa Kragthorpe is also intriguing. However, Louisville Kragthorpe is not.

    Major Applewhite is too green. The name would be great for recruiting, but everyone thought Todd Dodge's name was great too. Let's not try this again.

    R.C. Slocum? Too Old. Too Aggie. Not even realistic anyway, isn't he on A&M's payroll?

    Other BCS up-&-coming coordinators or position coaches are pretty risky. They could be a home run, or they could bust. We can't afford this gamble right now. Not after the colossal gamble of hiring coach Dodge.

    Other DIAA, DII coaches are not what we're looking for. Chris Thomsen (offensive mind) may be a great choice for OC under a guy like coach Fran though.

    *Tongue sewed back on. No more comments like this until the situation arises.*

  2. I agree. I predict he will end up at a big program as an offensive assistant if he wants it.

    We'll see Dodge as a HC in the future somewhere in college. He'll be better than he is now. (I know, that shouldn't take much)

    I think he still has some credibility as an offensive brain. He just wasn't ready to lead a D1 program. He'll take lessons learned here and apply them somewhere. Too bad we had to suffer through the learning curve.

    Couldn't agree more. You took the thoughts right out of my head.

    Strumming my pain with your keystrokes. Singing my life with your words. Killing me softly with this post...

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  3. If Dodge left UNT high schools in Texas would be beating down his door to hire him.

    I have sympathy for him and the players, but let's not get carried away. He'd do just fine.

    Actually, I think his carreer as a HS coach is over. His carreer as a college coach will probably continue.

    Probably not as a HC though.

  4. if deloach is going to be the genius that he is with the defense, then i want an offensive minded coach and deloach will take care of the defense.

    Uh... We have that now.

    IMO: If we're talking about a new HC, then they would all need to go (unless a new HC were to interview and keep some). None of this piecemeal stuff. Wipe the slate clean.

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  5. TD stated that once we were down by 14 points, he had to go in a different direction offensively.


    Although Lance's longest run of the game was called back by a holding call...it was a beautiful run. I am fairly confident that Lance Dunbar knows what he is doing, and is very capable.

    So capable that when we are down and need some points, Todd Dodge decides to.....NOT GIVE HIM THE ROCK!!! :angry::angry::angry::(:angry::o:angry::blink::angry::unsure::angry:

    So, anybody still thinks he knows what he is doing??

    Are you sure it wasn't Canales calling those plays?

  6. So at 0-4 and headed on the road this week, is there ANYONE left on this board that really thinks we will win 7 games this season?

    Easy there... We haven't lost the game yet!

    I'm on the boat with most others that you give the team at least the chance to win 7.

  7. True.

    And, beyond being true, it sadly shows the state of our offense for the remainder of the year. Injuries and mistakes at QB put us behind the eight ball in this one, forcing us to give up the run.

    For the remainder of the season, we will not be fielding a QB that opposing defenses will have to fear. Thus, we'll see a bunch of 8 in the box facing Dunbar. Dunbar is going to get some long gains, but there will be fewer than last season.

    So, please, with that reality in mind:

    (1) Don't be upset/surprised when Dunbar doesn't go over 100 yard in games

    (2) Don't be upset/surprised at the offensive coordinator for not running the ball when we are down by two or more touchdowns.

    For some reason though, Riley seems to be the guy that opposing defenses know and fear. I suppose if he gets off to a good start, there is room for optimism, but with so much attention on him, and his inability to throw, that fear should turn into confidence by the 2nd quarter. Remember, last year we gave FAU a heckuva game and almost won. I think they'll have a healthy respect for Riley until the realize that his arm is broken.

  8. Of course...they're probably gonna cut back on track athletes or something, not football rcade.


    Soccer is not a revenue sport by any stretch of the imagination, but those girls are good and they need every dollar they can get/deserve.

    It's great to see the softball ladies out on gamedays selling programs, but they are doing that out of need. Not for fun.

    Coach Lama has put together a darn good tennis team. They also need all the funding they can get/deserve.

    Coach Stracke is putting together a pretty nice golf team....,etc...

    You get the idea. Just don't let coach Dodge get in your way of suppporting these students is all I'm asking.

    rcade, will your witholding of funds help light a fire under RV to fire Dodge and get a new coach? Possibly.

    If I'm RV though, how could I possibly know that your contribution would be guaranteed to come back to where it was, let alone raise? In the middle of that shuffle though, your witholding has definitely affected the other student athletes.

  9. Watch out for Lester Jean and our TE Rob Housler. Jeff Van Camp is really clicking with them. Dunbar was stopped pretty good by MSU's Dline, but he is a very physical back. He's good for 3-4 per carry every time.

    I watched the MichSt. game and this guy was a monster. I hope the LB's are ready for this guy.

  10. Ridiculous. He threw for 5,000 yards in two seasons and decided he didn't want to warm the bench behind Riley Dodge. Looking at the product we've put on the field, who can blame him?

    I think you just made my point for me?

    Riley was already here for a season (redshirted) before Vizza up & quit. If coach Dodge's nepotism was so high, why wouldn't he just insert Riley play 1, year 1?

    Vizza was the starter, saw a threat, didn't want to even attempt to prove himself as superior (even though looking back now, he clearly was), and left at the worst possible time.

    Did coach Dodge or anyone else ever come out and say, "Riley Dodge is going to be the starter for 2009"? No.

    I know the "quitter" tag is kind of a running joke, and I enjoy that joke alot, but Vizza definitely fits that bill.

    Hindsight is 20/20 for sure and now we're seeing a Riley Dodge that no one expected, so it's easy to wish for Vizza to still be here. But the fact is, the guy tucked his tail, quit and he hurt our program big time because 2 years of investments were put in him, for nothing. There's no way around that.

    By the way... to answer the thread question: No way. This is the luck of the draw. Sorry coach Dodge, but you've got to make lemonade out of lemons sir. No more mulligans, just start winning.

  11. Good Morning Mean Green!

    First off, let me say Im shocked by the number of season ending injuries you guys have had. I dont know if there is a reason for it or not but its just crazy. Speedy recovery to your players.

    I've felt that UNT is overdue for a win against FAU now for 2 years but for some reason we seem to manage a win each year, and I felt that way this year too right until last game when you lost your latest batch of players.

    Is the run game now basically your only weapon? I know that Riley Dodge had to be moved to WR from QB becasue his arm strength just wasnt there. I know he knows the offense and obviously his arm has had some rest since he hasnt been playing QB since last year. Will he be effective?

    Dunbar gouged the hell out of us, so Im sure that FAU is prepping to try and shut him down.

    Line is out and its FAU as a 8 point favorite, Do you think thats about right?

    Looking forward to the game and your responses.

    Yes, the run game is our only option now that Riley is QB. You'll see lots of zone-read plays. Riley's arm is still not trustworthy.

    Dunbar may not get as many carries as he should if they run the zone-read... all your guys will need to do is contain his read, and Riley will tuck it and run outside for around 2 yds. Key on Dunbar, and the game is all but over already.

    As for the line, eat the points and bet 'til your hands bleed. :(

    On the bright side, using the eye test, our defense appears to be better now than any other time you've ever faced us.

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  12. I think those who tirelessly defend Dodge are missing one key component of the criticism leveled at him on this board. The criticism is aimed at Dodge's job performance not Todd Dodge the human being. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Coach Dodge myself but many people who post regularly here (and whose opinions I value), have nothing but positive reviews to their interactions with him.

    Coach Dodge carries himself very well with the media, interacts well with fans, and seems like a guy I'd like to have a beer or two with sometime. That being said...

    Todd Dodge is in way over his head coaching at this level and has consistently shown to be ill prepared for the challenges other Division I programs throw at him. We all know his high school record in Texas is that of legends but the "Peter Principle" reared its ugly head and bit Dodge (and the rest of us) in the arse. We can hope for the best and hope for some kind of miracle that will rescue this season but like Linus waiting earnestly for the Great Pumpkin, it's just not gonna happen.

    I hope the best for Todd Dodge and what his future may bring him, but even more, I hope the best for the Mean Green Nation and that RV and whomever he consults with will find a leader for this program that will make 2011 the first of many seasons of glory to the green.

    This is level-headed, good stuff. It's how I feel.

    I'm probably seen as one of those who tirelessly defend him, but I absolutely want what's best for our University more than what's best for coach Dodge.

    I felt the same way about coach Dickey. I defended him until the day he left.

    If Dodge can pull a rabbit out of the hat this season, then great! If he is fired, then OK, we'll move on. Either way, GO MEAN GREEN!

  13. Fine, you can tell me (as a donor) that I have no say in the hiring and firing of coaches, but I can also refuse to donate based on who is the current coach and let it be known that I will not donate until there is a replacement. We'll see who wins in the long run.

    I'm sure a part of your job performance as an Athletic Director you are judged on retaining/expanding your donor base. If you start seeing a decrease in your donor base, you might start to think that maybe all those donors I lost were right when your raise wasn't what you were hoping 'cause your ability to keep your donor numbers up fell a little flat.

    Just understand that I have something you want ... money to pay that coach you for some reason want to keep.


    Regardless of how you feel about Dodge, Villareal, or anyone associated, please understand that when you withold supportive funding to the program (especially the MGC), you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. No one sufferes more when you do that than the student-athletes. They don't deserve to have your frustrations taken out on them by reducing their scholly funds!!

    UNTFan23, you're argument above completely overlooks this. I hope you reconsider.

    Get on here and piss, moan, & complain all you want. Heck call for Dodge's head all you want, but to withold financial support to the students because you're not happy with the coaching situation is awful.

  14. Mean Green Nation,

    The last time I attended a UNT football game, I made a drunken ass of myself. I drew the ire of donors and alumni alike, and I deserved it. Since then I've been listening and watching online away from the fray. UNT now finds itself in a crossroads, and this is where I find myself. I am a student in the #9 ranked program in the nation for graduate accounting in taxation, and they are trying to systematically kill me appropriately. I'm surviving with a good GPA, and I've got a couple really good interviews lined up. I've appreciated what the university has done for me. Really I want to support this university.

    Now I've got to be honest. I stay at home listening to and watching this football program and I say things that would certainly get me thrown out of Fouts. For this reason, and my complete embarrassment for my behavior the last time I attended a game, I cannot attend another game during the Dodge era. For this I somewhat apologize, but I feel the way I feel.

    That said, when I see the criticisms towards Rick, I cringe. I know Rick well, and he has done very well by this university. I will make no apologies for his hire in the football program, but nobody is more dedicated to its success that he is. I would cite this beautiful $68 million stadium that's starting to dominate the Denton skyline.

    When a change in coaching staff is made, I'd like to experience the gameday atmosphere at UNT again. If you'll have me, I'll be there. If not, I understand.



    Are you grovelling to us? Who are we to grant you admittance? Just read the past few days threads. You have no reason to apologize for anything. We're all crazy. Now, get back in the stands ASAP so you can support the guys. Support the coaching staff or not...that's up to you.

  15. For those of us that are MGC Members (or thinking of joining), are you willing to donate more if we get a high profile coach, like a Mike Leach? OR If we hire another coach like a Dodge or Dickey, will you keep your donation the same or less????

    Personally for me, I have reduced my MGC donation based upon the performance of the football team, right or wrong....that is my reasoning. If we hired someone like Leach (high profile), I am willing to make a pledge to increase my MGC donation.

    Honest question here:

    Are coaches salaries determined by the MGC?

    I thought this was solely for student schollies (my impression).

    If No, then you lowered your giving to the scholarship fund for all student-athletes because of the product on the football field? This doesn't make much sense.

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