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  1. I think the Angels lost enough (and didn't add enough) to bring them down to within reach for the Rangers. Unfortunately, the Mariners made some nice moves and will be right in the race as well.

    I think it all hinges on 5 key questions:

    1. Will the Starting Pitching staff improve from last year? - It's almost expected with all of the youth in there. Can Feldman at least duplicate last year's performance? Will Harden stay healthy?

    2. Will the bullpen come together? - A healthy Ray should bolster the bullpen alot. The guys that don't make the rotation will be nice to have in there for long relief as well. I really like Feliz in the bullpen. I hope he stays there.

    3. Will Guererro be effective for the entire season? - No question he has the bat, but does he have the knees/back?

    4. Will Hamilton bounce back to be effective at the plate? - Hopefully moving him over to a corner spot will help alleviate the injuries. He's at the 3 spot now (probably) so that should help.

    5. Will Saltalamachia be able to hold down the catcher spot? - With Pudge gone it's Salty and Teagarden... I think Salty is a decent catcher, but I need to see a little more from Teagarden.

    I agree that they'll need to win the division to get in.

    I love baseball season!

  2. Your guess is as good as mine.

    Why are we unable to +/- the mods?

    You guys are secretly trying to establish your facist rule over us. Well do not, for one second, believe that we are stupid! We see right through your... :huh: Oooh! Is that a thread about Lindsey Vonn's SI swimsuit issue? K thnx bye!

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  3. I think UNT has the inside track to take the top seed and yet not a lot of chatter.

    I think if ULL can beat your guys tonight, the chatter regarding the West division title and possibly the #1 seed will come around. If ASU wins, we're pretty much looking at the 3 seed at best.

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  4. My point is...lets just let the AD do their job and stop with these useless threads.

    The coaches and AD will do their jobs regardless of what we write on this board... I have confidence that they will identify the right guy for the job. However, if we discontinued these 'uselesss threads', there would be nothing to talk about! It's fun to speculate!

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  5. It appears as though the WR coach was retained by Skip Holtz. However, he does have close ties to coach Canales. Maybe he would consider a change of scenery in order to reunite with his mentor?

    From the Bulls website:

    “Phil McGeoghan has a great football mind,” said Leavitt. “He is a first-class coach with a ton of character. He is also very familiar with Coach Canales and the offense we will run. Phil’s passion and expertise will immediately be assets to our program.”

    It will be a reunion for Canales and McGeoghan (pronounced mick-gay-gen), who worked together in the NFL.

    “It is a remarkable opportunity to coach at a BCS and BIG EAST school like USF,” said McGeoghan. “Coach Canales has been my mentor as a coach, player and person since 2003."

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  6. This has been an awesome off-season! It looks as though the final vestige of high school coaching is gone - if Dodge doesn't hire a WR coach from the high school ranks. If he can get a good, experienced WR coach (Clarence James, I'm told by 03 is available), I'll double down on my already otherworldly guarantee that we will win the Sun Belt in 2010!

    I feel like the Christmas Fairy just keeps giving! Along those lines, and just coincidentally, it is my son's 4th birthday today! My son turns four and gets the Chuck E. Cheese pizza party, cake, and gifts - but, dad got the real present.

    I will always remember my son's fourth birthday as the day UNT was 100% liberated from it's high school coach prison hell! Goodbye, 5-31...hello, Sun Belt titles and bowl games!

    We're there!

    Fake, you're optimism is now only rivaled by Kram1!! :lol:

    I sure hope you're correct in your guarantee!

  7. Welp, you tried, Kram. I'll give you all the credit in the world for bringing an idealistic knife to this cannon fight.

    Shuke-D, looks like you raised the Mission Accomplished banner a little too soon, my friend. Maybe next time?

    Is anyone else interested in seeing a Eealy/GreenGuyBass VS. FFR/UNTFlyer wrestling match for the GMG.com Politics Nonsense Tag Team Championship?

    Mods, is this possible? Isn't there a building that hosted wrestling matches off of Ft. Worth Dr. south of 35E?

    All proceeds could go to the Global warming/Global cooling charity of the winner's choice!

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  8. I thought we are back to the full allotment of scholarships now?

    So the players leaving from earlier in Dodge's tenure have been accounted for in previous APR penalties. I hope that Cole will not affect the APR, and if Williams left in good academic standing it doesn't hurt right? Maybe Cole transferred here without a scholarship in hopes of earning one. If so, then would that count against our APR (I have no clue how APR works)? Sounds like Williams left for playing time at ACU.

  9. Other than Dunbar (no reason for him to drop off), do you think there are any Mean Green guys on this year's All-Sunbelt preseason team?

    Last season, Jamaal Jackson & Esteban Santiago were 2nd teamers, and Kelvin Drake & Craig Robertson were honorable mentions.

    I think Jamaal might sneak up and be on the 1st team this spring. I think Drake might move up to the 2nd team OL as well. I think with the departure of the Troy LB's that Robertson has a chance to jump up onto the 1st team. He'll at least make 2nd team. I would like to see Carey in the mix somewhere.

    Any others that y'all think may be on the list?

  10. do we have to have an advertisement with a scantily clad female on the site? some of the avatars used on the site go too far already. the new ad will mean i won't be accessing the site at work because i don't want to look like "that guy" in the office.

    Also, it appears that we lost the "View New Content" option under the pulldown menu on the top right to the new YouTube banner.

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  11. Hell, at this point I'm a bit concerned about being a 16 seed.

    I know this is putting the cart WAY before the horse, but I think if we were to win out and get to the SBC final, our best bet for helping get a higher seed in the NCAA tourney would be to play WKU in the title game. WKU would be the last team (maybe ASU would be worse) I would want to see in the SBC title game though because they've been there every year and perform that way. But, I think that would be the only way any of the selection committee would place higher seed value on us.

    Now, stepping back to reality:

    1st step to the tourney is tonight. Go Mean Green! Take care of business!

  12. I'm not really one to dig on conspiracy theories, but it's fun and the Devil needs advocates.

    Do you think it's possible that the BOR may have sided with Chancellor Jackson because they have so much invested in the move to Dallas and the extensive push for UNT-Dallas that they couldn't afford to abandon the guy who took them there? Even if that means we have to part with $700K+?

    Here's a question to consider that could back up the above conspiracy theory:

    If it was indeed a force-out and Dr. B was in the right, and the BOR knew this or agreed with her, then why wouldn't they force Jackson out instead?

    There is all kinds of money and all kinds of secrecy around the situation that doesn't sit well with any of us. We all liked president B. She is a class-act and promoted the University with tremendous zeal. But, we just don't know enough details to draw any conclusions.

    Our only hope is that the BOR will identify another Pres. that is just as effective and qualified as Pres. B.

    Tough job, but that is the bed they made.

  13. This is all too early to worry about much. But I don't think we'd match up well against Duke in a hypothetical scenerio.

    Does the preseason expectations of us winning the West title, and by some folks the Sun Belt title, possibly move UNT to a higher seed (13-14 range) if we take the SBC title?

    I think we might need upsets in some other conference tournaments in order for this to be realistic, but I would hate to go back as a 15 again.

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