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  1. So what would be considered "reasonable suspicion" in this situation?

    Therein lies the problem.

    I suppose you would also have to ask this of pretty much anyone with an accent(regardless of color)? I'm a honky so I'll be left alone. The issue is evident. If you're here illegally, you're here ILLEGALLY. You need to leave and wait your turn to come here.

    But, what happens when an officer asks a citizen for id but they are hispanic? Will that municipality look forward to lawsuits based on racial profiling?

  2. Right, I definitely know that. And to be perfectly clear, I'm not trying to throw out history, but most athletic media outlets know us as the Mean Green. Going to the well again: not many people refer to Alabama as the "Red Elephants", although they could. They're the Crimson Tide. Just curious...

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  3. Congrats to the Logistics team!

    Just because we are the National Champs for 3 straight years doesn't mean we can slack in recruiting the best supply chain managers out there. What is the payout for this championship? I always knew coach Manuj would take us places. Gonna be tough to replace this Sr. class...

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  4. Some of the older articles are about football recruits including one I have known for years. He is the first one I did.

    I have no relationship with North Texas other than I have known Ricky V and ate at his brothers sub shop in Hattiesburg, Miss.

    I have been to some Eagle games and met some fans.

    I had a website on the Rivals Network, sold it and retired. Found it boring so thought I would tinker around writing as an independent for North Texas.

    Why North Texas? Folks things are about to change for your football program and I want to be some part of it. (I have an article already written about it and the conference changes.)

    Plus, Rivals and Scout have no desire to cover UNT Football. One of them asked me to take over the TCU site, where I would make money. I choose this and it costs me money. In otherwords, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

    As for football recruiting, you have three players that will start or get a majority of playing time as true freshmen. In watching the team several times, there are five or six recruits that are coming in better than some junior and seniors on the team.

    As for basketball, after he signs the two transfer guards, Jones will have a team that will go deeper into the NCAA Tournament. I think he will be gone after that but you do have a coach ready to take over. He is a recruiter and a proven winner. So don't be nervous. You see Jones not only can recruit players he can recruit winning coaches. (Have an article ready about another freshman in junior college he is looking at.)

    No, I do not want to post here and there is a reason, I do not want to lose my objectivity. Plus, what I do may interfere with this board owner and do not want to do that.

    Yes, I will have an RV at the games and you can stop by and share a cool one or maybe watch some of the other games going on that are on TV. I will visit tailgating parties if you ask me by. Almost always have something to give away.

    There is a story on Courmouche up, Pasternack would not tell me if he has asked for his release but book it, he is gone.

    Article on Orr will be up tomorrow.

    Feel free to call 972-968-8845

    Wow. Great to have you aboard...

    However, I've noticed in all of your articles that you refer to us as the "Eagles" and not the "Mean Green". Why is that?

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  5. I'm very excited to see Orr play, and if he works hard, he may be able to play this year... probably on ST. As for getting on the field at LB, with all of the Juco talent we brought in along with Craig/A.J./Jeremy, I'm not holding my breath. If he beats those guys out in fall practice, then by all means, put him in there!

  6. I haven't been around here very long, but for all you crusty GMG.com'ers, does the band get called-out on here often?

    I was not in the GB, but I enjoy them alot. I think they are the best fans in the stadium every week. I watch them every week pre-game on the field cheering, facing the home stands, almost completely ignored. How defeating... My only issue with the GB is that they play/cheer at strange times, like when we need them to be quiet on offense, in the red zone.

    I think if anyone is concerned with the fight song eliciting a response from casual fans, then stand up and clap and sing loud. People recognize passion. People also recognize apathy.

    Losing sucks, but don't take it out on the GB.

    As for the basketball pep band: they're smaller than many other schools, but still better.

    I would rather hear a band playing forte and hitting every note, than a band playing ff - fff, and sounding like garbage. Their repertoire is so much better than the same junk that other bands play.

    As for the Pageantry at the new stadium, I'm sure Rick and the rest of the AD staff are getting that together. Opening a new stadium is pageantry in itself, but I think they'll be able to take it over the top. We will have some extra funds to play with! :D

  7. how about keeping Fouts for use as a track only stadium? The track and facility seems well suited, and UNT could have stadiums on both sides of I-35.

    I don't care if UNT was churning out Olympic-calibur T&F athletes every year, Fouts would never be filled for a T&F competition. Build a T&F-specific stadium (which I believe, as StanR pointed out, is already in the master plan), and build a garage and some other much-needed buildings where Fouts currently stands (also in the Master plan).

  8. I believe Ibleedgreen brought this up last year, here.

    From DeepGreen in the above thread:

    "If you are talking about the athletic figures/reliefs that surround Fouts, yes, they will be preserved. Talking to Rick V in Houston last month, I asked that very question. He said they would be incoporated in the interior walls that surround the playing field of the new stadium."

  9. It starts too slow and takes to long for the tempo to pick up. It should start with a BANG, get people's pulse going, and drown out any non-North Texas sounds while it's playing. In recent years we've had pep bands from our opponents who made bigger sounds in the stand than the Green Brigade.

    Most notably Tulsa and Army.


    I don't mean to pick on you or anything, you are probably a bigger UNT fan than I am, but if the fight song doesn't get your pulse going... I'm not sure what will? :blink:

    I don't recall the Green Brigade EVER being outplayed by anyone.

    Maybe I'm reading into this all wrong?

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  10. Good article, I think it highlights why JJ and others are high on Edwards despite his struggles.

    As an aside does anyone know who is running that website, they are really comming out with some good stuff?

    Just a guess, but Greeneagleone only has 3 posts on gmg.com and all of them are to introduce an "Article on ..." that's linked to this site.

    Good stuff for sure. Greeneagleone, don't be a crop duster... banter with us!

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