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Found 10 results

  1. So here's a far fetched thought but what if we banded donors together and offered the same incentives for N-I-L to our athletes that the SEC is proposing. First just the notoriety of doing it would attract national attention for being the first to get ahead of the trend. Also the level of talent would probably be raised as well. Imagine being the first in the state to formalize the new wild West, but also the attention it would get from potential expanding conferences. It would also be keeping with UNT's tradition of being a leader in innovation.
  2. For simplicity let's look at it like this: UT and OU are going to the SEC period end of story. A&M may not like it but they are one vote. The remaining Big 12 leftovers are going to try their very best to land in a P5 conference. They are all in a disasterous situation but landing in a P5 at least gives them some semblance of hope. Kansas has a great basketball program but their football sucks. Could they be in the Big 10 for hoops sure - they would fit in fine but not in a million years for football. Texas Tech is talking PAC12 but does the PAC12 want their sub par academics? Do Tech fans want to travel out west? Baylor is talking ACC, and the ACC may like an entre into Texas but do Clemson and those types of programs want to travel into Waco? TCU and Baylor may want to be in the PAC 12 with Tech but the PAC 12 in the past has shunned religious programs. Would they make an exception? Iowa State and K-State seem to be on an island as Iowa does not want ISU in the B10. KState is interesting but not sure the B10 is dying to add them. Big 12 could try to get on the offense and add some programs asap to keep alive. Say Houston, UCF, USF Memphis, Cincy, SMU -- all of their top targets would be in the AAC. This is how things look to me now but there are rumblings that the SEC may try to add more like Clemson and FSU... if that happens wow this whole thing could blow up and we would just have one major conference. I tend to doubt that the SEC will go there yet because I think they teeter on monopolistic practices and it would involve a lot of political wrangling but at this point who knows. As is typical for UNT, we have to wait and see what happens with SMU. If SMU were able to convince the Big 12 to take them (don't kid yourself they have money and political power) and the Big 12 was able to survive it could mean that the AAC adds UNT. The problem is what is the AAC after being robbed by the Big 12? Another C-USA?
  3. The Big 12 has two choices. It can re-stock, looking for inventory to replace Oklahoma and Texas, rebuilding to at least 10 schools or it can make a major move and add two, four, six or 8 schools to reach the 16-team super conference level. The Big 12 had a chance to expand a few years ago and chose to maintain the status quo, a ;move which was made from a position of strength. That no longer exists. Sources in the AAC say Aresco has been working the phones and the zoom call network constantly for the past several days, putting together a deal that will be more proactive, rather than reactive. read more: Sources in the AAC say Aresco has been working the phones and the zoom call network constantly for the past several days, putting together a deal that will be more proactive, rather than reactive
  4. IRVING, Texas — The SEC should just dispense with the formalities, move forward with its master plan of world domination and go ahead and bankrupt the Big 12 and ACC by buying FSU, Clemson, Texas and Oklahoma. One of the most powerful men in the SEC — Florida Gators athletics director Jeremy Foley — has a philosophy that he borrowed from Henry Kissinger: "Whatever must happen eventually should happen immediately." And what will happen eventually is that football powerhouses in the Big 12 and ACC will start to lose massive ground to their rivals in the SEC and Big Ten and will have no choice but to bail and bolt. Can't we just fast forward seven or eight years, save ourselves the controversy and consternation, and get on with the process that renowned college football analyst Charles Darwin introduced 150 years ago: ACC commissioner John Swofford told reporters at the league's annual spring meetings that there is no news to report on the potential conference network his league has been pursuing for years. The reason there's no news is because there's no demand. As Boren pointed out, ESPN has lost millions of subscribers in recent years due to cable cord-cutters who now watch TV via online streaming. As a result, the Worldwide Leader is no mood to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into a conference network. What this means is the SEC, Big Ten and possibly the Pac-12 (although its network isn't nearly as successful) will continue to reap additional money from their still-growing networks while the ACC and Big 12's TV money stagnates. Consequently, Big 12 and ACC coaches will soon start sounding as frustrated as the non-Power 5 coaches who currently wonder how they will be able to keep pace in the arms race that is college football. It's like Houston coach Tom Hermann said the other day when he was talking about how the American Athletic Conference needs more TV money so its schools can build the palatial facilities and offer the cool amenities that entice the best recruits. read more: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/florida-gators/os-big-12-meetings-mike-bianchi-0605-20160605-column.html
  5. How trustworthy is the Houston Chronicle? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/college/article/Texas-Oklahoma-reach-out-to-SEC-about-joining-16330080.php https://www.si.com/college/oklahoma/football/report-oklahoma-texas-potentially-headed-to-the-sec
  6. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/20117453/hugh-freeze-ole-miss-rebels-resigns-news-conference-set
  7. The only way now UNT can really compete for talented coaches now with 7 already open at this point is to have a different pitch. We can't money whip a good coach into coming here. We don't have the money now and we don't have an athletic department that knows how to campaign for the money necessary to do that. The team that is well known and available right now is the Spurrier family. You need 5 years from Steve (he is 70 now so longer than would not be wise). The names by themselves would project a stability and commitment to building something great. I think they would be interested because getting UNT to win CUSA will be much easier than trying to win an SEC title. And if South Carolina doesn't want Scott or Steve Jr as head coach. I don't believe they would be a good fit for any other positions open now except UCF. Also I think they would want to steer clear of Miami because it doesn't fit the profile of the Southern Universities they are used to dealing with. I could see Steve Jr coaching here 3 years winning 2 CUSA west division titles and moving on to a SEC school. Steve Sr. hires someone else from his coaching tree and glides off into retirement. It all just a dream and very unlikely here at UNT but that is all I have now. Can you guys think of an AD & Head Coach "Team" you would like to come to UNT. Keep in mind this "team" need to have a family connection or existing working relationship.
  8. Freaking wow. This place has got to be up there with the Alabama and Oregon digs. Anyone want to help donate to get this type of facility? http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/24645734/look-texas-ams-renovated-football-complex-is-shiny
  9. http://sports.yahoo....of7pYk.8Kc5nYcB The Big 12 and the Southeastern conferences have announced a deal that will pit their football regular-season champions against each other in a New Year's Day bowl game for five years beginning in 2014,
  10. With the B1G and PAC 12 claiming squatter's rights to the Rose Bowl and the SEC and B12 eyeing the Sugar Bowl, there might be a simple solution. Here's the issue a four team play off doesn't require four bowl games only three. So who loses out. The Fiesta, The Orange, The Rose or the Sugar. The Rose Bowl has been tied to the PAC 12 and the B1G. The Sugar Bowl has always tied to the SEC champion. There is a simple solution. The Rose Bowl returns to the PAC 12 and B1G. The Sugar Bowl belongs to the SEC and the Big 12. The Cotton Bowl becomes the third playoff bowl and rotates with the Fiesta and the Orange Bowl for the National championship.
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