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    Purchasing Jerseys

    I have one of these that I got a few years ago: They were like half off and got one for myself and my dad. So maybe that was their discount because they were discontinuing? Same with these basketball jerseys:
  2. MEEN2018

    Joe’s Jersey

    I think if anything it would motivate them more. Hamilton has had a great season and a big part of that is because of how good the rest of the dline has played. He was one of the players that helped at the Agnes Greene Scholarship event back in June and seems like a really good guy. On another note it would be awesome to see this become a yearly thing to honor former stars like Dunbar and Cobbs. It’s probably more difficult since guys wear those numbers but it would be cool if they start not giving those out and choosing one former star each year to honor like this.
  4. MEEN2018

    Wilson Signs 3 Year Deal With 49ers

    As an UDFA whoever he signs with will have his rights as an exclusive rights FA for 3 years at the league minimum with no guarantees (unless they cut him or non-tender him then whoever signs him would have his exclusive rights for the remainder of the 3 years). So either way he is forced to get the league minimum for 3 years so this will at least potentially give him a little more if he makes it every year. However even though it is a “3 year contract” it is still basically a year to year contract with no guarantees. So in essence he is signing the same 1 year deal that other UDFA sign for with the potential to make a little more.
  5. MEEN2018

    18' CB Erick Hallett; Cy-Fair 3 * Decommitted from WSU
  6. MEEN2018

    Riley Dodge Update

    Some good UNT football news after yesterday's blowout: I attend Milestone Church in Keller and it was baptism weekend and the first guy up looked familiar. Then they said his name was Riley. Sure enough it was Riley Dodge. It was pretty cool to see. Hope everyone has a good Sunday and week and hope the Mean Green can come back strong next week!
  7. MEEN2018

    '17 WR/CB Justin Cain (Woodrow Wilson HS)
  8. That's exactly what I saw when I watched his tape too! Just needs to add a little more size but if he can play anywhere close to that level it's an amazing add!
  9. Also way more and better offers! Not many times is your "fallback option" basically a better recruit in every evaluation way. Would've loved adding Bradley but definitely don't think that Darden is a "plan b" type player. He looks like he could be special in Denton!
  10. We have offered. He just decommitted from ULM and just started following coach Ekeler and multiple other coaches are following him. Wouldn't be surprised if he flipped to UNT.
  11. Man, hows that for the stealthy recruiting we kept hearing about. If they could add him and Tre Siggers in the last couple of days that'd be something. An offense with Jeffery Wilson, Nic Smith, Rico Bussey, Tyler Wilson, Deion Hair-Griffin, Tre Siggers, (hopefully) Tre'von Bradley, Jalen Guyton, Greg White, Evan Johnson, and Jaelon Darden will be fun to watch! I know I'm probably missing someone which makes that list even better! I love Siggers' physicality in his tape but Darden's elusiveness was fun to watch! Those 2 and Bradley are probably my favorite adds if we can hold onto Bradley and add Darden
  12. Him and Jacob Brammer have started following each other. Hopefully he's giving him one last pitch to stay with UNT. If we could hold on to Bradley this class ends up looking pretty good Also a page that Bradley just started following just tweeted this: Hopefully that in itself is another good recruiting pitch
  14. MEEN2018

    MGB: Monday night recruiting tidbits

    Also the fact that now he is following some sports edits pages. Hopefully he is just interested in doing a UNT one since he didn't when he committed
  15. It'll be interesting to watch if his rating on 247 gets bumped once they add the Houston offer. Currently not showing up and they have him as a .8254 composite
  16. Could potentially add 3 or more of these guys
  17. He has been following Major Applewhite since the day he got the offer from UH.
  18. He just started following Cameron Johnson today. Hopefully these other commits we have can really help sell him on the amazing potential at UNT. If we can hold on to him, add Siggers, and flip someone like Caden McDonald, this class will turn out really good!
  19. MEEN2018


    I saw that Littrell is following him now so trying to make that last push. If we could flip him, add Siggers, and keep Bradley this class will end up shaping the up to be pretty good
  20. MEEN2018

    '17 DT Joshua Croslen (Steele)

    3 new predictions on 247 and they all are to UH. Hopefully they are wrong!
  21. MEEN2018

    '17 DT Joshua Croslen (Steele)

    Not basing this off anything but noticed he started following some Baylor accounts so think it's between Baylor, UH, UTSA, and UNT. The others may be closer but hopefully he chooses to seek that CUSA championship! Would be a huge addition next to English!
  22. MEEN2018

    '17 DT Joshua Croslen (Steele)

    Just decommited from Minnesota. Could this be the DT or the big time target that visited? Would be a HUGE addition, literally and figuratively!
  23. I agree that we should EXPECT to be beating those teams. We should expect to be like TCU was before they joined the Big 12, a mid major power. But the team and athletic department were both horrible before Seth and Wren got here and there is rebuilding to be done. UNT has more to offer than almost all other G5 programs but a lot of times recruits see the win-loss records. I think next year we should definitely be expecting to be one of the best recruiting teams in CUSA as I anticipate a better year than last. I think if after another year we are still getting badly outrecruited then it will be time to start to worry, but not yet.
  24. I know people are going to complain about how he has no offers and isn't a 3 star, but I don't really see why people think we should be winning all these recruiting battles. Obviously as UNT fans we know all the great reasons why they should pick UNT over others but if you're looking head to head with a school like UTSA as an 18 year old which one would you pick? To play at a school that has had way more success in the last few years and now has a head coach that was last Leonard Fournette's position coach at a powerhouse SEC school, or here where they have had 2 "good" seasons in the last decade and 2 years ago was maybe the worst FBS team in history. Im a North Texas homer myself but we have to look at the situation. This is not only a major rebuild but a major culture change happening. One 5 win season won't all of a sudden open recruits' eyes. Seth and company are on the right track and making way more progress than even they probably expected at this point but still more to go until we should be expecting every guy to have multiple FBS offers like we do now. My favorite NFL team is Tampa Bay, and a few years ago they got a TE at the top of the 2nd round that dropped because of injury and off field concerns but had 1st round talent. They also signed a UDFA TE from Harvard that year. The Harvard guy out worked the draft pick and is now one of the star players on the team, while the draft pick got cut. Sometimes it's not about the talent or stars but about the fit and work ethic. These are the guys that help change the culture. These blue shirts have a chip on their shoulders to prove some people on this board wrong and I hope they do. And honestly I'm going to trust Seth and Co. about the guys they are adding because they know their systems and the type of guys they need to fit that. Also there is a reason they are D1 coaches and we are on this board. No one expected UNT to win more than a couple games at best and we almost won a bowl game against a tough Army team. I understand the skepticism but trust the process. GMG!