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  1. Mike Jackson's post in DRC: Apogee five years later Part II (Fans reflect on seat investments 5 years later) was marked as the answer   
    And it not just losing, it is not being competitive.  If go to a conference game and we are in the game until the late in the 4th quarter I am NOT happy but I don't feel ripped off.  I want to stay for the playing of our alma mater.   But when your team looks like it was an amateur team playing a pro team you don't feel like it.  It is impossible and unreasonable to expect to even every home game.  We should have the expectation as fans and alumni of the team that a teenager nearing making a decision to go to college get the impression from the quality of the stadium, the fans and the play the field that UNT is a top notch university.  A university on par with (or better than) any other public university in the state of Texas.  Apogee is a great investment but we need a bigger heart investment by more of our alumni.  Crushing Abilene Christian in Apogee is not much better than in Fouts Field.  The only difference are nicer distractions from a game that should not be a contest.  And I thought the whole purpose of building Apogee was to have fewer games against FCS schools and more against schools you would be proud for your children to attend if they did not choose UNT.   (This is no shot at Abilene Christian because you choose that school for things that large public university can't give you.)  You want to play more teams that are recognizable to your average college football fan.  Nothing cheapens the value of your ticket than offering your ticket to a friend only to have explain who opponent is.  (Even when that friend watches CFB almost every weekend).  I started with 4 season tickets, reduced it to 3, then to 2 and now to none.  It was painful cause I love my school and want support it beyond just donations.  Sorry but amenities only go so far when the team isn't playing an opponent you want to see half the time and losing the other half the time.  We need more fans whose passion is greater than what they spend on season tickets.  That means demanding competitiveness!  That isn't winning the division every year but that mean getting the first Saturday in  November every year with shot at it.
  2. Mike Jackson's post in George Dunham discussed Hank as AD in KTCK was marked as the answer   
    There should be absolutely no promotion from within for this job.  I like Hank and I hope he sticks around in some capacity but this idea is insane.  Seth went out and got a new starting QB that wasn't on our campus last year.  Do you know why?  It makes sense that a 1-12 team probably did not have a really good QB on the bench.  Suffice to say that athletic department probably did not have good leaders right under RV's level ready to take the helm.  Otherwise we would have better service from the ticket office, a better schedule, better media communication and better selection of food for the common folks at the games.  I would estimate that at least 60% of the higher level staff need to be gone.  If you don't out and out fire them, they should be phased out and encouraged to get new jobs.   I hope they achieve a 50% turnoff rate from the day it was announced that RV was stepping down.  Ideally by 2020 about 60%-70% of the people above foot solider level should be gone.   What do you guys think of that?
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